Friday, January 27, 2017

The left should be scared to death after Trump's first week

The elite left and their propagandists in the media are already in hysterics over President Trump’s first week in office, but for most Americans there are no surprises here.

The president is doing exactly what he has said he would do for the last two years on the campaign – immediately get to work focusing on jobs, immigration and shrinking government. And guess what: He’s going to continue.

President Trump’s order to end Obama’s utterly irrational ban on the Keystone XL Pipeline could mean 20,000 jobs that were going to China could instead come here and provide Houston with 30 to 40 years of work. Completing Keystone, and the Dakota Access Pipeline, will make us less dependent on the Middle East for our energy and create jobs in our energy sector.

Expediting unending environmental reviews for important infrastructure projects will mean bridge and highway builders will be able to hire workers sooner and complete projects more quickly for less money. This is perfectly Trumpian and completely the opposite of business as usual in Washington.

While the media has obsessed over how many people were at the inaugural ceremony, the president has signed orders to shield people, states and businesses from future financial damage wrought by ObamaCare and other pending Obama regulations. This will give people and employers some relief while Congress works to fully fix the country’s hobbled healthcare system and untangle the web of senseless regulations brought on over the last eight years by the Washington bureaucracy.

President Trump has also made good on his promise to immediately begin work securing our border and returning the rule of law to our immigration system – something the left has bitterly opposed.

In a time when heroin and opioid abuse is devastating communities across the nation, and a time when people who want to kill us and destroy our society are trying to infiltrate our county, what reasonable person would say hiring up to 10,000 more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and up to 5,000 more U.S. Border Patrol agents is a bad idea?

The president is immediately working to end the catch-and-release policies of so-called sanctuary cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, where instead of immediately turning criminal aliens who are released from police custody over to immigration officials, the crooks are let back out on the streets.

Leaders in cities granting asylum to such criminals are going to have to explain to their residents why the imagined rights of criminal noncitizens are more important than receiving federal funds to build infrastructure, hospitals, or improve their schools. And I can’t wait to see Mayor Rahm Emanuel explain to the people of Chicago – where 4,000 people were shot last year – why it’s important to put more criminals on the streets of the Windy City.

The left is also understandably alarmed by Trump’s announced investigation into voter fraud in America, a problem for which he has consistently expressed concern as a candidate. President Trump wants to make sure that to vote in this country you must be both alive and a legal citizen. I think those are two reasonable criteria to vote, but they pose real problems for the left.

The president is also taking first steps toward reforming the civil service, which is badly in need of overhaul. The hiring freeze Trump placed on some federal agencies has Washington, D.C.’s unelected policymakers quaking while people outside the Beltway who pay their salaries are sighing with relief.

All of these actions are perfectly in-line with what President Trump campaigned on – and what the American people elected him to do. So, of course his liberal and establishment critics are shocked, baffled and anxious. Actually doing the things you said you would do during a campaign is completely outside liberalism and unthinkable to the traditional Washington establishment.

The last time the country witnessed a president come to office and immediately begin working to enact the will of the American people was in 1981, when President Ronald Reagan took office.

Within weeks of his inauguration, Reagan proposed some of the most aggressive tax and budget reforms Congress had ever seen. He was reacting directly to the country’s concern over a failing economy and a sense of American decline that was felt worldwide.

Reagan started the first great effort to break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model of American government that has engorged the Washington elite and left the rest of the country flailing.

The second effort was the Contract with America in 1994.

President Trump is leading the third – and hopefully ultimate – charge to steer our country in a bold new direction that is guided by the will of the people.

The left and the establishment were scared in 1981, they were scared in 1994, and they are scared today – for good reason.

Newt Gingrich, a Republican, was speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Obama's Jail Break

Last year, 6,000 so-called "non-violent criminals" were released from federal prisons, part of the Obama Administration's efforts to relax sentences for non-violent drug offenders. An additional 8,500 prisoners may be deemed eligible for early release next as well while Obama is still in office. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Administration officials estimate that as many as 46,000 prisoners may have their sentences reduced over the next few years, leading to what one report called "the biggest prisoner release in U.S. history."

Criminal justice reform is all the rage right now. It is a key demand of the Black Lives Matter movement and even some Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon. But it is important to note that we are not talking about adults who were busted smoking marijuana.

According to an analysis by Investor's Business Daily, "Most sold crack cocaine or meth. . . Fewer than 1 in 10 are marijuana offenders." Moreover, 20% of the 6,000 offenders just released were also in jail for illegal firearms possession while committing drug offenses.

President Obama and the left are constantly railing against conservative support for the Second Amendment and demanding that we get guns off the streets. But guns don't kill people by themselves. Criminals use guns to kill people. Obama just released 6,000 thugs who had illegal guns while they were dealing drugs!

And if that wasn't bad enough, consider this from the IBD report: "Internal government documents . . . show that the administration figures as many as 43% may re-offend within five years of release." So we're letting them out early even though we expect nearly half will commit more crimes, injuring more innocent people and ending up back in jail.

From jihadists at Guantanamo to illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities and armed drug pushers, the left always has the same idea -- release them!

How America Could (Literally) Run Out Of Food – And What You Can Do

Written by: Kimberly Sears

Italy’s first McDonald’s was about to open in Rome, and journalist and gastronomist Carlo Petrini was not going to stand idly by. Petrini assembled his friends and community to protest the global industrialization of food and take a stand for “slow food.”

That was in 1986, and Petrini and his fellow foodies didn’t succeed in keeping McDonald’s out of Italy. But three years later under Petrini’s passionate leadership, Slow Food International was officially founded in Paris and delegates from 15 countries signed the Slow Food Manifesto, pledging to “rediscover the rich varieties and aromas of local cuisines … by advocating historical food culture and by defending old-fashioned food traditions.”

December 10 marks 25 years since Slow Food International was founded. Since that time, the organization has grown to include over 150,000 members in 150 countries, including national chapters in Italy, Germany, Japan and the United States. Slow Food USA was founded in 2000 and now has more than 175 chapters across the country.

Slow Food’s most significant contribution is the Ark of Taste. Like Noah’s ark, it is a carefully curated collection of plants and animals that are at risk of extinction. Heirloom seeds and heirloom animal breeds are catalogued, and consumers are linked with distributors to ensure that these foods remain in production and on our plates. The Ark of Taste is a great boon for gardeners and families who want to help preserve biodiversity, save their own seeds, and produce their own food without relying on big-box food corporations.

The Difference Between Trump and Obama

Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama Does It Again

With just one week left before he leaves office, Barack Obama is still attempting to "fundamentally transform" America. Last night, the White House announced another major change to American foreign policy by terminating the "wet foot-dry foot" policy toward Cubans fleeing the repressive Castro communist regime.

For many years, our policy has been that Cubans who make it to America are permitted to stay. Those caught at sea are returned. Now Obama is planning to deport all Cuban refugees no matter where we find them. Now he gets tough on deportations?

Whatever one thinks of the policy itself, I am struck by the many contradictions of the president's actions.

Since Obama began "normalizing" relations with the Castro regime, tens of thousands of Cubans have fled the island: 40,000 left in 2015 and 56,000 left last year. That speaks volumes about Castro's "workers' paradise."

But Obama and the left are big advocates of open borders. Obama has broken our immigration system with his quasi-amnesty orders. He has handcuffed our Border Patrol agents. He has tolerated and encouraged sanctuary cities, where American citizens are murdered by illegal immigrants who shouldn't be here.

But suddenly, just as he is walking out the door, Obama slams the door on Cubans who want to escape tyranny.

There was bi-partisan condemnation for Obama's action. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) said, "This last act of diminishing lifelines to Cubans languishing in totalitarianism is one final despicable betrayal of a people who deserve better from an American president."

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) blasted Obama, saying his policies would "tighten the noose the Castro regime continues to have around the neck of its own people." Menendez added that Obama was "ignoring the present state of torture and oppression" in Cuba.

But the Castro regime is happy. Once again, Obama has given a major concession to an enemy without getting anything in return.

Conditions in Cuba have not improved since Obama began appeasing Havana. A human rights activist was arrested just this week.

Of course, it's exactly the same with Obama's Iranian nuclear deal. Obama gave the ayatollah virtually everything he demanded. We lifted sanctions. We sent Iran billions in gold and cash.

Nothing good has come of it. Nothing has changed in Tehran. Iran still chants "Death to America." Iran still promises a second Holocaust of the Jews. And Iran is still the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chicago Hate Crime

We are all sadly aware of the problem of racism. The trial of Charleston murderer Dylann Roof is making headlines. He stood before jurors yesterday and declared, "There's nothing wrong with me psychologically." I am not a psychologist, but I can say without any hesitation that there is a lot wrong with that young man's heart and it is called sin.

Unfortunately, we are often misled when it comes to race. Not only have many hate crimes turned out to be hoaxes, but the charge of racism is too often exploited by the left to silence normal conservative thought and opinion.

But the evidence is overwhelming. The sin of judging someone by their race knows no racial boundaries and evil comes in all colors.

We are reminded of that fact this morning by an extremely disturbing story breaking out of Chicago. Here are the basic facts:

Chicago police have arrested four black youths -- all adults -- for kidnapping and torturing a mentally disabled 18 year-old white man.

The victim was held against his will for perhaps as long as 48 hours.

One of the attackers live streamed video of the assault on Facebook. During the video another attacker is heard yelling, among other things, "F--- Trump!" and "F--- white people!"

Chicago police described the video as "sickening," and the evidence of what took place is absolutely clear. But at least initially, Chicago authorities and the media establishment hesitated to label the attack as a hate crime. One police commander described the four thugs as "young adults and they make stupid decisions."

I am pleased to report that common sense has prevailed. Prosecutors announced this afternoon that hate crimes charges, in addition to aggravated kidnapping and battery, have been filed against the four attackers.

I'm going to make a guess here: The individuals who tortured this young man didn't spend much time reading policy papers issued by the Trump or Clinton campaigns. I suspect they didn't read the platforms of the two political parties or watch the debates.

Their hatred of both Donald Trump and apparently of whites was, at least in part, hatred absorbed by the popular culture. These "young adults" and millions of other Americans are hearing constant messages of hate and bigotry from hip hop stars, entertainers and left-wing activists.

Their "stupid decisions" are the bitter fruit of the rhetorical excesses of the left, which became more pronounced over the Obama years. We have experienced increased racial discord, not the reconciliation that Obama promised and that the left claimed to be for.

When Donald Trump was told in an interview that some of his supporters harassed Hispanics and others, Trump looked into the camera and condemned such behavior, telling people, "Stop it!" I'll be eagerly listening today for Obama, Clinton or any major liberal media figure to say the same to young leftists in reaction to the growing violence we have experienced in recent years.

Waiting. . . Waiting. . . Waiting. . . 

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Whose at the Table?

In Washington when people say they want to put an idea "on the table" it’s important to ask on whose table will it be.

All too often Republicans win elections only to lose their negotiations in Washington.

When President George W. Bush came to town he had a history of working with conservative Democrats in Austin as governor. He thought he could do the same in Washington. What he didn't realize was that there weren't any conservative Democrats with real power in Washington.

When I was Speaker we made sure that we set the table and defined the agenda. This is how we reformed welfare, achieved the largest capital gains tax cut in history, and balanced four budgets.

After we were elected the first Republican House majority in 40 years, I announced just three days later that as Speaker I would be “very prepared to cooperate with the Clinton Administration," but that I was “not prepared to compromise.” Referring to the Contract with America, I said “We’re going to try and pass all 10 items, period…and we're not going to compromise on that".

A year later, during the budget negotiations, I said again, "We will cooperate with the president to reach an agreement but we will not compromise."

Standing firm by inviting your opponents to negotiate at your table within your parameters while refusing to be lured into allowing them to set the terms of the negotiation is vital if you want real change.

I was reminded of this on Sunday. I was on ABC's "This Week" with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile as she suggested "there are also other Democrats who are saying, look, put something on the table. Let us work together."

Democrats understand that their values, their interest groups and their power structure are all under siege.

Now that they can no longer hide behind President Obama's personal popularity they have begun to realize how badly the Democratic Party has decayed during his Presidency.

Today there are over 4100 Republican State legislators (the most in history), 34 Republican Governors, 52 Republican Senators and 239 Republican House members.

Faced with the fact that the Democratic Party is weaker today than at any time since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the New Deal majority in the 1930s, Democrats are scrambling and finding themselves in three camps.

The ‘Hard Left’ camp is headed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders. This is the true faith, socialist, and big bureaucracy is good for America camp. The muslim Congressman Keith Ellison is a good example of this anti-Israel, pro-government wing. This wing will offer crazy, radical government solutions and hope to build an ideological majority.

The ‘Hard Partisan’ camp is led by Minority Leader (former Speaker) Nancy Pelosi who seems to have learned nothing from her party's collapse under her leadership (from 257 the year President Obama was elected to 196 this year). Pelosi's model will be to fight virtually every day on every issue and try to rebuild the partisan base.

Third, there is a scattering of Democrats who are interested in working with the incoming President. This is a small group so far but as the Trump program develops there might be a real opportunity to grow a Trump wing of the Democratic Party.

The challenge to President-elect Trump and to the congressional Republicans is to insist that the negotiations be defined and built upon the values they have collectively created.

School choice, for example, is central to the Trump vision of hope for poor children. Any Democrat who wants to help think through and improve a school choice initiative should be invited to the table. Those Democrats who insist on trapping poor children in bad schools should not be part of the discussion.

President Reagan attracted Democrats to his positions while convincing the American people that he was right. When we passed his three-year tax cut proposal, the heart of his economic recovery program, one out of every three House Democrats voted with us. We didn't go to them. They came to us because of public pressure and because they thought we were doing the right thing to get the economy growing.

As you watch the next few months, check to see who is setting the table: the new administration or the Democrats. Then you will know if we are making progress or being sweet talked into bad ideas.

Your Friend,

Originally published at Fox News

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