Monday, December 19, 2016

Threatening the Electors

Why isn't DOJ threatening prosecution against those who are threatening our electors??? That is election tampering! That is sedition! Human fecal matter like Michael Moore offering to pay electors to break the law? Democrats assailing electors with emails, phone calls, and snail mail in order to get them to break the law? These contacts can be traced. Where is Obama? Instead of telling these fools to knock it off, he stirs the Russia conspiracy pot and cultivates their activities. And don't get me going about Clinton, that two faced liar who lectured us all after the debate with Trump when he refused to say he would accept the outcome until the dust settles. She who told us that his response would undermine our nation, she of the party of Al Gore who did the very thing she decried, she now is doing the very thing she labeled as unAmerican. There is a reason those people are the party of the ass; there is a reason they are called damnocraps.

In reality if "the people" want to get rid of the Electoral System, then it is utter MOB RULE! Do we really want an uniformed public voting into office someone who has great abs?! People have actually said they voted for Ryan because of his fantastic abs. Or someone with good name recognition only? Like the Bushes or Clintons? Think about it.

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