Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Slow Down Movement

More and more people in the US and other hyper-computer societies we are facing a extremely serious problem, the decreasing need for humans in business, government, and even society. This horrible effect is growing faster and faster as new advanced technologies make people increasingly redundant. In many ways, this will be good, in agriculture for example where migrants wont be treated like slave labor and end up peeing in the fields, spreading disease into US grocery chains. Humans are rapidly becoming unneeded in the work force and that's very very bad indeed! Luckily in the United States there is a way around this mess, its called the Slow Down Movement. In France a few years back the people started getting upset at all the rapid changes, especially in the food industry where McDonalds was coming into Europe and decimating local food businesses. The Slow Down Movement began in France and has spread across much of Europe. The result has been it has prevented US fast food chains from dominating the continent, thus slowing down the rapid pace of change and letting people "catch up" to modern ways of doing things. We too in America could do the same thing. I propose the Technology Control Act of 2016 (or the Slow Down law): any technology that removes more than 50,000 jobs within the USA must be voted on by the people! If adopted it would keep more people in the labor force: its cheaper for corporations to get rid of truck drivers, fast food workers, etc. Technology has already helped devastated the middle class here in the USA and will only produce a enormous permanent poor class if we don't change. We have to have jobs for these people, otherwise it will mean either anarchy or bankruptcy for the country. 

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