Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Prediction

No matter what anyone tells you or what you believe, the facts are this: Obama has been the worse President in US history, especially to the jewish citizens of America and of Israel. No President has ever given such a huge amount of money to the enemies that want to kill us (Iran, $100 BILLION + dollars). No President has ever sold more weapons to the muslim world; Obama and twice as much at $200 billion dollars. No American President has gutted the US military like Obama has: he's fired more Admirals and Generals than Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Jr COMBINED! He's allowed the US military to become weak, encouraging our enemies to attack us and our  European allies, Japan, Taiwan, etc. He utterly destroyed our success in Iraq and let ISIS form under his nose. He is a stealth muslim and I believe that within a few years of him leaving the Oval Office, he will suddenly "convert" to islam. I know this will happen. Its coming. Anyone who doesn't see this is incredibly foolish, and the damage done to our country by having muslims in high levels of the US government will never be undone. Look at evil Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma: a muslim who has stockpiled over 650,00 government emails on her home computer. Now why would anyone want to keep that many emails? The Congress told her to give them all the computers and networked devices she had over to them, but she didn't give it all up. Its blackmail, pure and simple. That many emails can only possibly be used for one thing. Blackmail. The Yahoo server I use limits you to just 10,000 emails, so you have to go out of your way to store 650,000 of them. BTW Huma uses Yahoo. When Odummy converts to islam, we will have to go back and look at all the possible ways he has damaged this country, and ways he could in the future. Its clear our alliance with Israel couldn't possibly be worse, a sign of his pro-islam leanings. Overall his Presidency will go down as one of the wost in history, from his ugly involvement in the Clinton/Trump presidential run to stupendous amounts of money being wasted and destroying our economic future. We're so royally screwed, thanks to Obummer!

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