Thursday, October 20, 2016

Third US Presidential Debate

The Second Amendment
When the candidates discussed the Second Amendment, Trump was unambiguous in his support for Second Amendment rights and proudly mentioned his NRA endorsement.

On the other hand, one of the most bizarre things Hillary said all night had to do with the Second Amendment, and especially the 2008 Heller decision.

Just to make sure you understand the context, the Heller case challenged the very strict gun ban imposed by the District of Columbia. The case reached the Supreme Court in 2008. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the 5-to-4 decision that overturned D.C.'s ban on handguns, declaring that the Second Amendment included an individual right to own firearms.

Hillary Clinton said last year that "the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment." When pressed last night, she said that Heller was about "protecting toddlers from guns." But that wasn't the issue at all.

Just to make sure you understand how extreme Clinton is on gun rights, she used the issue in the Democrat primaries in order to run to the left of Bernie Sanders! Among other things, Hillary thinks it is "incomprehensible" that we don't allow gun manufacturers to be sued into bankruptcy.

A final point on the Supreme Court: Donald Trump's strong pledge to appoint pro-life, conservative justices was a reminder that when you vote for a presidential candidate, you are also voting for thousands of political appointees and hundreds of judges.

Whatever flaws you think Trump has, keep in mind the kinds of people each candidate would bring into government. You know what kind of people the Clintons will put into power. Trump's choice of a running mate, Mike Pence, and his outreach to the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups, says a lot about the people he will bring with him.

This is a night-and-day difference that should eviserate the arguments of the #NeverTrumpers. It's like saying #NeverScalia or #NeverThomas. That is the kind of childish nonsense our country simply cannot afford at this critical moment in history.

When the debate shifted to immigration, Trump pointed out that Clinton is promising a massive amnesty, while the nation's Border Patrol agents have endorsed him. He explained that strong border controls, including a wall, would help to keep drugs and criminals out of the country.

(By the way, sexual assault has been in the headlines lately. But did you know that a 2011 government report found that illegal immigrants had committed 70,000 sexual offenses?)

Trump also pointed out that Hillary had privately assured globalists at a foreign bank that her dream was an America with "open borders."

Clinton suggested that she was really talking about energy. (But she opposes the Keystone pipeline.) Then she blamed the leaked speech excerpt on Russia, and attempted to portray Trump as a puppet of Vladimir Putin.

Trump slammed Hillary, saying, "That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders, OK? How did we get on to Putin?"

Respecting The Results
There were many other great points made last night, but I have to address something that came up in the latter half of the debate as it is the only thing the media are talking about today.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump last night if he was willing to state on stage that he would "absolutely accept the result of this election." The question came in response to concerns Trump has expressed recently about voter fraud.

Not surprisingly, Trump did not accept Wallace's invitation to preemptively surrender his right to challenge the vote count in the courts or to demand recounts if there are any irregularities. (By the way, Trump is hardly alone on this -- 72% of Americans say they have concerns "about the security of the electoral system.")

Trump blasted the media's corruption, referred to a Pew study that found major problems with our voter rolls and criticized the fact that Hillary Clinton was even a candidate given how she jeopardized our national security.

Hillary condemned Trump's response as "horrifying." Immediately after the debate and all day today the media have been denouncing Trump for disrespecting our democratic process.

My friends, ignore the left-wing media! All this faux outrage is simply meant to reinforce Hillary's narrative that Trump is unfit to be president.

Where was the media's outrage when Al Gore refused to accept his defeat -- FOR FIVE LONG WEEKS?

Given all that we have seen in recent days -- GOP offices firebombed, voter fraud schemes busted up, emails from Hillary's campaign chairman that appear to encourage illegal voting and videos of left-wing activists plotting political violence -- why on earth would Donald Trump publicly waive his right to fight anything that looks suspicious?

Had he done so last night, he would have given the left a green light to cheat as much as it could.

Instead, Trump put the left and the media on notice. And he demonstrated once again why he is the GOP nominee -- HE IS A FIGHTER!

During the primaries, huge percentages of Republican voters said they felt "betrayed" by their party. Conservatives are sick and tired of establishment politicians who refuse to FIGHT the left.

The media, Democrats and some Republicans have been blasting Trump for suggesting the election may be rigged. But Rush Limbaugh made a great observation today. He noted that Obama and Hillary have spent weeks blasting the Russians for interfering in our elections, attempting to rig them for Trump.

Perhaps someone should ask Hillary if she is prepared to accept the results of the election! Or will she and Obama make the absurd claim that Putin stole the election?

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