Saturday, April 02, 2016

North Carolina Trans Issues

On the issue of trans stuff happening in North Carolia right now, I say this:

I am a gay man and I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! The totalitarian left insists that people all over this country THINK the same way, and its absurd. If you dont like the rules and laws in North Carolina, dont live there! Californians need to mind their own business and let others live the way they want too. Its this sort of intolerance on the political left that is ruining this country. Diversity is what is needed in this nation, not conformity. If everywhere in the USA was similar to California, it would suck. I dont LIKE California, I dont want to live like California, I dont like California's kooky laws, and California and other states need to mind their own business, period! I like the fact that Idaho (where I am from) and North Carolina (where I have lived, in Charlotte to be precise) are different, that the laws are different, that the lifestyles and ways of thinking are different. Let freedom RING and leave others alone, they dont have to be like all you nutbags!

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