Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Conflict with Russia

Since the Russian "invasion" of Syria and the encirclement of Turkey, the potential of a serious conflict between the Turks and the Russians cannot be understated! The United States (under the inept Obama administration) has let the situation in the Middle East deteriorated rapidly, putting the Turkish forces in a very bad position. Washington has signaled to Ankara that it will not support any military action against Russia in several ways, including withdrawing US military jets from eastern Turkey, where they are normally situated. Turkey is literally surrounded by its enemies, enemies of its own making: in the recent past the Turks massacred the Greeks, Armenians, Bulgars, Kurds, and many others, cutting off any potential allies for Ankara. The only real hope for support for Turkey comes from the United States; even their NATO allies in Europe aren't interested in going out on a limb for Turkey. To make maters worse, the Turkish president Erdrogan has gutted the Turkish military ranks by sacking many high ranking (and experienced) officers, mainly in a move to prevent a secular military coup against his Islamist administration. Oddly enough, since many poorer Turks are becoming Islamic Fundamentalist, one of the few allies that Ankara can now count on is devious Iran, a traditional enemy. Sadly, Erdrogan has let his Islamist attitude destroy the one vital military alliance that Turkey has gained in recent years, the one with Israel. Overall (and mainly because of Erdrogan's foolish schemes) this has led the Turks into a very serious strategic and tactical nightmare, one that doesn't seem to have a future positive outcome. Russian troops passing through Turkey's largest city of Istanbul (an enormously populated city of over 10 million people) were seen brandishing weapons as they passed through the Straits, inflaming the situation. Without much more provocation by Moscow, Ankara could shut down the straights, causing a serious crisis. Turkish leaders have little recourse when it comes to Russian aggression, with the lack of support from Washington and other European capitals, the Turks may feel they are on their own and have to look out for their own security, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. This mindset is creating a very dangerous situation, one that could spark World War 3 in mere moments. Stay tuned!

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