Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cops Behaving Badly

There are many dirty little secrets in law enforcement. Many of these have to simply do with screwing the taxpayer. Let me run down a short list for those of you that don't already know this.

1) Many agencies provide take home vehicles to investigators, sergeants, and other high level command staff. Some agencies offer take home vehicles to jail administrators and other people as well. Many of these people will NEVER be called after hours and need to respond. Typically there is only one investigator on-call at any given time yet they all get take home vehicles. There is simply no excuse or need for all these take home vehicles. The taxpayer is paying for this. This is a little perk that many in law enforcement know about and it is a very big perk..... think about it, no car payment, insurance, maintenance or gas. This is all covered. On average, you can easily estimate many thousands of dollars a year. This is money that the rest of us have to pay in order to get to work and home and maintain our vehicles.

2) Early retirement....... this is the biggest scam. Law enforcement and fire fighters have worked this to perfection over the years. They have made the public and politicians think that their jobs are so much more important and stressful than any other job that they deserve to retire at a very young age because of this. So, we retire them anywhere from 50-54 years old on average and pay them a good retirement benefit and then guess what????? Many of them go off and get other public safety jobs and keep working! Huh? I thought they had to retire early because of the stress. If they are going off and getting other jobs in the same field then we shouldn't be retiring them so early. This is a big scam.

In my current job, I work with many retired cops that are now investigators in my agency. They are pulling down big retirement money along with a big salary and tons of overtime. Most are making in the mid to high 6 figures.

3) Along with the early retirement, the actual retirement income is often based on what they call the "High 5". This means that their retirement is based on the 5 highest earning years they had while on the job. So, guess what? Towards the end of their career most look to get into positions where they can accrue a ton of overtime which is calculated into their retirement income. Yep, one of the most ridiculous things ever but the taxpayer is on the hook for this. So, many are pulling down around 6 figures with the overtime for 5 years and then they are getting a huge retirement income....... even if every other year they worked was half that. These retirement systems are not based on what the employee contributes, they are simply based on what the employee makes. The nation would be broke if all retirements were based on this. It isn't a financially feasible scenario.........unless your backed by the taxpayer.

Sorry about the length of this, but these are important things that the average citizen simply doesn't know and our politicians and the public safety unions will do everything they can to prevent you from knowing OR they will try to tug at your heart and justify why they are so special and you should support them.

I see this from the inside an I know that most people in public safety know this is a scam as well but they are participating in it and they don't want it to end. I will get many a smirk on the face of a coworker when we talk about these things.......... because they know.

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