Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Left/Right America

Since this country is about to fall anyway I think it's time to figure out a strategy to split America in two and allow the liberals to wallow in their own "environment." We should divide the nation right down the middle. Conservatives can retain the Constitution and actually start abiding by it. We can have law and order -- we'll give police officers the authority to actually stop crime. We won't need large jails because the criminals will want to live with the liberals. We will restore free speech on our side but we won't tolerate unlawful protests. Anyone blocking the free movement of another citizen will be arrested. Anyone who disrespects the police will be arrested. Anyone who commits a crime will be arrested, and if they get hurt in the process they will be told that it's safer not to commit crimes. Personal responsibility will be our #1 fundamental. A temporary safety net will be provided for those who truly fall on hard times, but it won't be a 25 year long government check for some 350 lb. career porch sitter. Students in school will behave, or they'll be expelled. We will build a wall around the entire perimeter and use our National Guard to actually patrol it instead of using them every week for meaningless drills. We will not tolerate drug dealing of any sort. Those guilty of that will spend long years in prison. Prison will not have television or basketball courts. No personal devices will be allowed there. It will be a place that no one wants to go.

The liberal side of the country will be nice for about 6 months. They will raise the minimum wage to $20 hr. and half the businesses will close. Their main concern will be climate change, so they won't worry about the 500,000 Muslim refugees they just paid to fly in until they start finding decapitated heads in the street. Their governments will be ruled by ideological pinheads who will capitulate to whatever the mobs demand -- which will be unsustainable in any civilized society. Their biggest problem will be having no conservatives to blame for their uncivilized, unlawful, unproductive, chaotic environment.

Martin Luther King had a dream, and I have one as well... That we can stop fighting with one another. Like minded people can live in peace. This country will NEVER again be united, under the circumstances. The best we can hope to ever do is to eventually figure a way to phase in two distinct governments in place of the one we have. As hard as it would be to move to a different location, I would do it if it meant finally being able to live in peace. I'd move across the country to have that.

I realize this is never going to happen. It's just a dream. But on the other hand, the country is not going to survive much longer as it is. We have a nation breeding generations of mindless ignorance and stupidity like I never would have imagined. All one has to do is to look at who we worship now and who we don't. I never thought in my lifetime that I'd actually witness the downfall of the United States of America. But we are actually closer to the final phase than many believe.

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