Monday, December 21, 2015

Trump & Terrorism

There was a Democrat debate over the weekend. Many pundits commented on the fact that the timing of the debate -- competing with the newest Star Wars movie and the last weekend of Christmas shopping -- seemed designed to keep viewership low. Not surprisingly, Saturday's debate had the lowest ratings of any debate -- Democrat or Republican -- held in 2015.

The candidates talked a lot about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. In fact, it was a comment about Trump that got most of the post-debate attention.

Hillary Clinton claimed that ISIS was using Donald Trump's rhetoric for its recruiting videos. PolitiFact checked out her claim and determined there was no evidence for it.

But in its own way, the comment about Trump and ISIS is very revealing. To many on the left, virtually anything we say or do that exposes radical Islamists is an excuse for recruiting more jihadists.

For example, Barack Obama says that the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is a major terrorist recruiting tool. We're told that ISIS doesn't represent Islam. So, if we capture terrorists and detain them in a secure prison, Muslims should be thanking us, right?

Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the Palestinian stabbing attacks in Jerusalem on Israeli settlements. We were told an obscure video was responsible for the Benghazi attacks. Now we're being told that proposals for a pause in Muslim immigration lead to terror recruitment.

There is one thing that does demonstrably contribute to jihad and that is the large global infrastructure of radical mosques and madrassas teaching young Muslims that the only way to please Allah is to kill infidels. Yet that is the one thing that the left refuses to acknowledge.

Last night I reviewed the most recent, disgusting ISIS recruiting video. It is so filled with hate that I will not share a link to it. But I must concede that American politicians are being used in the video. Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama were featured prominently as symbols of America's decadence and why Muslims should unite against us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hillary the Failure

Hillary is a failure;

1. She ousted Muammar Gaddafi and resulted in Libyan civil war where ISIS is growing and refugees are fleeing. The country is in total chaos and people are dying now more then ever.

2. She failed with the "Russian Reset", which resulted in a stronger Russia and the revolt in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. She couldn't even get the translation correct with the stupid button thing.

3. She failed with the "Arab Spring". Not only are the Arabs not accepting democracy, they are growing and fighting democracy more and more. They are now even a bigger threat to democracy.

4. She failed with dealing with Syria's chemical weapons program, which led to Russia stepping in and making a deal with Assad to end the program making us look like amateurs.

5. She voted for the War in Iraq which is one of the biggest mistakes the U.S. has made in modern history.

6. She's on the wrong side of the Syrian Civil War where we are arming the rebels who are sending those arms to ISIS. That region is/was held together and stabilized by dictators. And in hindsight, removing those dictators results in destabilization and anarchy. And yet she want's to remove Assad who is fighting the anarchists. Russia is doing a good job at making us look like amateurs, again!

7. LIED about her role in the Northern Ireland peace talks and was exposed by actual negotiators like Ulster Unionist Party negotiator Peter King, who said "Hillary Clinton was totally invisible at the actual negotiations" and Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey who said, Mrs Clinton's claims were a "wee bit silly". Both Unionist and Nationalist negotiators told this newspaper she played no part in the gruelling negotiations that took years.

And aside from her other failures, she is now setting herself up for more failure with her support of the "refugees" in Europe. A new report explains;

“It’s become an epidemic,” Geller said. “7,000 migrants have left the Brandenburg shelters. Where are they going? Who is sheltering these illegals, many with ties to ISIS?”
Such a high number of people hiding is “completely unacceptable,” according to the German authorities.
“Where are they hiding? Could they be connecting with sleeper cells?” Geller writes.

And another report says that Austrian gun shops have "sold out", and it's going to be some time till anybody can buy guns there again. People are arming themselves to protect from these "peaceful refugees". These "refugees" have skyrocketed the rape and crime rates in several European nations. They are in the twilight hours of destroying Europe as we know it. And of course Hillary supports them and she will bring 100's of thousands here to the U.S.
Isn't it clear that she is a total failure? If it's not clear to you, then you are only being fooled by her carefully written speeches and her ability to convince you that she has never done anything wrong. Thank God I have eyes, ears and a working brain to see through this total failure of a politician.

Calling out Obama

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Non-White Shooters

In response to Robert Dear Jr.’s murder of three people at a Colorado Springs shopping mall last week, The New York Times exulted:

“Even as politicians and those in Congress pump up public fears at the supposed threat of refugees fleeing Syria, every day in America people — mostly white men — are walking into movie theaters, restaurants, churches, grade schools and health care centers armed to the teeth, determined to take as many people out as they can.”

Mostly white men???

I know it didn’t happen here, but is the Times really going to ignore the murder of 130 people in Paris two weeks ago?

Here at home, an Oregon Community College was shot up in October — by a mixed-race, half-black immigrant, Chris Harper-Mercer. Nine people were killed. It’s hard to remember every sensational crime, but that was just two months ago.

Last year, another mixed-race immigrant, Elliot Rodger, committed mass murder at a sunny college campus in Santa Barbara, killing twice as many people as Robert Dear did — in half the time! That seemed like a pretty big story to me, but the media passed over it pretty quickly. The Times has airbrushed it from history.

In 2013, two Chechen immigrants — also allegedly fleeing persecution — blew up the Boston Marathon.

In 2012, Haitian immigrant Kesler Dufrene murdered as many people in Miami as Robert Dear did in Colorado Springs. One of Dufrene’s victims was a 15-year-old girl. Dufrene had already been convicted of a felony in the United States, so he should have been deported, but our “Deporter in Chief” Obama had blocked his return to Haiti. As the murdered girl’s mother said, “Because of immigration, my daughter is not alive.”

Have you ever heard of Dufrene? I don’t think his murders got as much press as the “Planned Parenthood” shooting.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jared Loughner. But have you ever heard of Eduardo Sencion?

In 2011, nine months after Loughner’s shooting spree in Tucson, Arizona, Sencion, a Mexican immigrant, shot up a Carson City, Nevada, IHOP, killing four Americans, including three National Guardsmen and a 67-year old woman.

Eduardo was a Mexican immigrant. The Times ran two stories on his mass murder — on Pages 17 and 18. By contrast, Loughner’s shooting got dozens of write-ups in the Times, including at least three front-page articles, three editorials and 10 op-eds.

The media are tickled pink whenever they have a white perpetrator because it happens so rarely in a country that is majority white.

In 2009 — the same year that model second-generation immigrant Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood — model first-generation Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong shot and killed 13 people in Binghamton, New York, because he was upset that people disrespected his English skills.

Who holds the record for the deadliest shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history, you ask? That would be Korean immigrant, Seung-Hui Cho, with 32 murders in a matter of hours at Virginia Tech in 2007.

The Times cheered anti-gun advocate Carolyn McCarthy’s election to Congress, but today, the paper seems to have forgotten the event that propelled her there: the 1993 Long Island Railroad massacre that left six passengers dead, including McCarthy’s husband.

That mass shooting was committed by a Jamaican immigrant, Colin Ferguson.

It hasn’t even been a week, and the Times has already run more than a dozen articles on the shooting at a Colorado Springs shopping mall. Hey — everybody remember the wall-to-wall coverage of the mass shooting at a Salt Lake City shopping mall in 2007? Five people were killed.

Here’s a clue: Two days after the attack, the Times ran an article titled, “Anti-Bosnian Backlash Is Feared in Utah.” (The killer: Bosnian immigrant Sulejman Talovic.)

After Mexican immigrant Salvador Tapia slaughtered six employees at the Windy City Core Supply warehouse in Chicago in 2003, the Times plastered the story all over — one article on Page 14 of the late edition. The Washington Post also ran one.

The media use their own lack of coverage as proof that mass murder by non-whites almost never happens. It’s exactly what they’re doing to Donald Trump over his claim that a lot of Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attack.

At the time, normal people were enraged that the media refused to cover the Muslim reaction to 9/11, all while lavishing endless column inches on a non-existent “backlash” against Muslims.

But now these journalist-referees turn around and insist that the only acceptable proof that Muslims cheered the 9/11 attack is the existence of the very media coverage that they obstinately refused to provide.

There’s a reason most people trust their own recollections over media reports.

After 20 years of nearly non-stop mass murder by non-white immigrants in a country that is still majority white, our media have the audacity to claim that tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims are less dangerous than the most pacific human beings in world history: 21st-century white American men.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Left/Right America

Since this country is about to fall anyway I think it's time to figure out a strategy to split America in two and allow the liberals to wallow in their own "environment." We should divide the nation right down the middle. Conservatives can retain the Constitution and actually start abiding by it. We can have law and order -- we'll give police officers the authority to actually stop crime. We won't need large jails because the criminals will want to live with the liberals. We will restore free speech on our side but we won't tolerate unlawful protests. Anyone blocking the free movement of another citizen will be arrested. Anyone who disrespects the police will be arrested. Anyone who commits a crime will be arrested, and if they get hurt in the process they will be told that it's safer not to commit crimes. Personal responsibility will be our #1 fundamental. A temporary safety net will be provided for those who truly fall on hard times, but it won't be a 25 year long government check for some 350 lb. career porch sitter. Students in school will behave, or they'll be expelled. We will build a wall around the entire perimeter and use our National Guard to actually patrol it instead of using them every week for meaningless drills. We will not tolerate drug dealing of any sort. Those guilty of that will spend long years in prison. Prison will not have television or basketball courts. No personal devices will be allowed there. It will be a place that no one wants to go.

The liberal side of the country will be nice for about 6 months. They will raise the minimum wage to $20 hr. and half the businesses will close. Their main concern will be climate change, so they won't worry about the 500,000 Muslim refugees they just paid to fly in until they start finding decapitated heads in the street. Their governments will be ruled by ideological pinheads who will capitulate to whatever the mobs demand -- which will be unsustainable in any civilized society. Their biggest problem will be having no conservatives to blame for their uncivilized, unlawful, unproductive, chaotic environment.

Martin Luther King had a dream, and I have one as well... That we can stop fighting with one another. Like minded people can live in peace. This country will NEVER again be united, under the circumstances. The best we can hope to ever do is to eventually figure a way to phase in two distinct governments in place of the one we have. As hard as it would be to move to a different location, I would do it if it meant finally being able to live in peace. I'd move across the country to have that.

I realize this is never going to happen. It's just a dream. But on the other hand, the country is not going to survive much longer as it is. We have a nation breeding generations of mindless ignorance and stupidity like I never would have imagined. All one has to do is to look at who we worship now and who we don't. I never thought in my lifetime that I'd actually witness the downfall of the United States of America. But we are actually closer to the final phase than many believe.