Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Obama and the Crazies

At a Las Vegas conference last night, President Obama launched into another demeaning attack against his domestic political opponents. Obama told the audience that he was back from his summer vacation feeling "a little feisty" and ready to fight "the crazies" who oppose his agenda. Really?

Given history, it is crazy to believe that a regime like Iran's, which is committed to a second Holocaust, will be restrained by words on a piece of paper.

It is crazy to think that Cuba, Russia and other enemies can be charmed into friends. It is crazy to believe you can continue to spend trillions of dollars more than you bring in and not face economic collapse.

It is crazy to believe that if someone thinks marriage is between one man and a woman, they are a bigot. It is crazy to think it is okay to butcher baby parts for profit. I could go on.

But when has Mr. Obama ever referred to the mullahs in Tehran as "crazies"? When has he called Castro or Putin crazy? It is sad to see the president once again directing more vitriol toward his political opponents in Washington than the avowed enemies of the United States.

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