Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kareem and Time Magazine

This week Kareem Andul-Jabbar posted on the Time Magazine website that the upcoming violent "race war" that is about to break out is well-justified. His idea is that blacks deserve to riot and cause death and mayhem because they are poor and being held back by wealthy whites. I disagree with this 100%.

First of all, poverty doesn't cause crime. My relatives have been dirt-poor for over 100 years and yet have been extremely law abiding (not including the very minor incident where my Mormon grandmother had to bootleg booze). Being poor doesn't automatically make one a criminal, nor is it a fair excuse to be one. Many people are actually career criminals and get away with dozens of crimes (some estimates are 100 crimes) before being caught and punished; usually for a very brief period of time and certainly not long enough to prevent re-occurance. Poverty MAY be a factor in crime, but it's certainly not the ONLY factor.

Second, blacks in the United States have literally received (free of charge) trillions and trillions of dollars in free housing, free medical care, free food, even free cell phones. One estimate is that black Americans have gotten over 17 TRILLION dollars in aid over the last 50 years, an enormous number; one that no other group in America has ever received. For black people to complain that they are being held back by whites, but in fact being subsidized by the very same whites to the tune of trillions of dollars is not just insane, its outrageous. If the USA is so terrible to blacks, we should then shut down all aid and support to this "special group".

Finally, the situation in Missouri over the rioting in Ferguson shows the mentality of these hooligans. The government should intervene more strongly (Democratic Governor Nizon waited 3 days before declaring a state of emergency and a absurdly limited curfew). All residents taking part in looting and rioting are obviously strong enough to go to work, and anyone found committing these crimes should have their EBT card permanently disabled: making a VERY public announcement about this would curb these crimes quickly enough, I am sure.

In the end the REAL issue is too many people are out of work and able to cause chaos and mayhem. Idle hands are the Devils workshop is clearly true in the case of Ferguson, Missouri.

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