Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dealing With the Mexican Drug Cartels (Permanently)

Well, I guess it takes just an average American working a regular job to figure out how to best deal with our nations woes (that would be me, btw). Drifting off to bed last night I suddenly realized how to utterly destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels, those organizations of total misery. Its easy, in fact, to do and here is how:

Give the President of Mexico command authority over 2-3 armed drone wings (based in America but flown over Mexican soil). They would have to be under Mexican supervision because no politician in our southern neighbor would ever be relected if they knew US forces were killing Mexicans on Mexican soil. Drones could be used to kill drug lords in their compounds, or on their way to meetings, or to kill the people who are killing the Mexican police, mayors, and other government officials.

Eliminating the influence of the drug lords south of the border has been a near-impossible task. The huge amounts of money flowing through the cartels pockets are more than enough to bribe anyone, and those people foolish enough not to take the bribes are often gunned down in the streets, or even beheaded. Even the Mexican military has been corrupted by the tens of billions of dollars of drugs flowing through Mexico and into the United States (and beyond). The fact is that the armed forces of Mexico have been so corrupted that the government in Mexico City has been unable to truly stamp out the cartels and their lethal influence using federal firepower. Drug lords are often tipped off by military officials when a raid is being planned or executed, avoiding the traps to capture or kill them, and here in lies the answer: armed drones dont tell people they are coming and the enemy cannot be tipped off. They are also rarely seen, being somewhat stealthy.

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and nations like Yemen, armed drones like the Reaper have been very very effective in eliminating terrorists. In fact, more than 70% of Al Qaida's leadership has been eliminated over the last 10+ years by such tactics. The Israelis regularly use armed drones to kill terrorist leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other death-dealing groups. Imagine what the President of Mexico could do in 6 months against the drug cartels in his own country if he has such firepower available to him. To prevent any unathorized use, the drones could still be stationed in the USA, or near Mexico City under US troop control (as "advisors").

Eliminating the lethal flow or death and drugs from Mexico into the USA should be a top priority for any administration and this armed drone proposal should be implemented as soon as possible. I hope the folks in Washington DC are listening....

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