Monday, April 21, 2014

Left-Wing Billionaire

San Francisco Billionaire Vs. The American Heartland

Last week, the Obama Administration announced that it has again delayed a final decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The administration seems to understand how unpopular the delay will be—it made the announcement last Friday, while most Americans were focused on Passover and Easter. It is now highly unlikely that a final decision will be made before the mid-term elections in November.

Building the pipeline is overwhelmingly popular with the public, in part because it will create tens of thousands of jobs for Americans. But here’s the biggest outrage in the process: the power broker behind the decision is Tom Steyer, a San Francisco billionaire former hedge fund manager and radical environmentalist.

Steyer has reportedly threatened the Obama administration with severe consequences if it dares allow the pipeline to be constructed. He says he will throw $100 million into key congressional races this fall to help the left so long as Obama doesn’t move forward on the pipeline. So, faced with the choice of creating blue-collar jobs in the heartland or following the orders of a San Francisco environmental extremist, Obama chose the billionaire.

Steyer is an advocate for the deindustrialization of America. But even he should realize that Canada’s oil is going to be extracted from the ground regardless of how the Obama Administration rules on Keystone. The only question is whether that oil is sent to America or China.

There’s an opportunity here for conservatives. The left is trying to turn the Koch brothers into a liability for conservatives. New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has called them “un-American” and said that by Election Day he wants every voter to know who the Koch brothers (or, more accurately, a liberal caricature of the Koch brothers) are. Conservatives should be doing something similar with Steyer.

I bet not one in a million voters knows who Steyer is. But they should. He’s bankrolling many Democrat campaigns and leftwing causes. He spent $11 million to support the election of Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia in 2013. He’s using his fortune to advocate for policies that will prevent the creation of thousands of jobs, while arguably doing little to nothing for the environment.

There is a television ad just waiting to be produced about Steyer and his radical agenda. The American people deserve to know that the Obama administration’s environmental agenda is being directed by a billionaire hedge-fund manager and friend of Al Gore.

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