Monday, February 24, 2014

The State of Pot (in Washington)

First off, I want to say that my family are druggies......well sort of. My relatives grew up in the 60s and 70s and did all the drugs. Sadly, both my uncles continue to do drugs to this day; one pot and one meth. So I have up close and personal experiences with drugs and have a very real reason for thinking about drugs like I do. The current state I live in, Washington state, has unilaterally decided to sell drugs to anyone over the age of 18. For now its just limited to pot, but in the future who knows. The legislature too this step all by itself, without even consulting the people that it was going to affect. I actually read the law itself and its despicable. First off, they hope to gain more revenues by finding more people "driving under the influence". Think about it, they are actually selling people drugs so they can catch them on the road just to fine them. So more people will be driving DUI and most likely kill others, just so the state can get more revenue??? Second, the law as it is written makes the state of Washington immune from prosecution if someone is hurt or killed by some pot smoker. This to me is just despicable, but the Supreme Court several years ago said that states and cities can make themselves immune from prosecution over laws they pass. I think this is 100% wrong. I also think that the state of Washington just became a huge drug dealer state. "Pot tourism" will skyrocket with people coming from neighboring states to get high, and kill our citizens when going home. Also, legalizing drugs brings a very nasty bunch of people to visit your state; just ask the Netherlands, a nation in Europe which is sick of all the horrible people coming to their country as pot tourists. I am against legalizing pot for several other factors, not only that its against federal law, international law, and flies in the face of what we are telling our Central and South American allies.

I am 100% against legalizing pot for health reasons. Most joints have 3-10 times as much tar in them as a regular cigarette. We will soon see a skyrocketing number of lung cancer cases in the state of Washington in the next few decades. Government is notorious for seeking short-term gains but then facing crippling long-term consequences. We are talking billions and billions in health care costs in the future, at a time we cannot possibly afford it.

Also, increasing the number of drug users in the state of Washington is extremely dangerous for the general public. Pot smokers will drive while high and its a proven fact that pot messes up your vision, making you a "disabled driver".

I am also against it for mental health reasons. There are many studies that show pot use is linked to various psychiatric problems. In addition, I have watched my uncle who has used pot for decades decline mentally, to a point where he has major paranoia and cannot form complete sentences. My "meth uncle" is even worse in this area.

As a society, we should be discouraging drug use, for many good reasons. First and foremost, its bad for families. Like many drug users, my uncle ignored him family most of the time, smoking his pot in the garage and rarely leaving it. His family, especially his 3 kids, suffered as a result of this and trust me, no one in his family group would say that pot is "no big deal".

Its also important to realize that if we legalize pot for anyone to use, we will be creating a vast  underclass of people who will never have good paying jobs, damaging the tax base of this country. Any decent company does drug testing, so this will permanently lock whole generations of people out of high paying and high skill jobs; a disaster for the USA which is already facing a nearly crippling level of high skill labor needs.

Also, pot is a "step drug", with 80% of users going on to more potent drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine in order to find a "better high" (there are decades of studies that show this to be true).

In discussing this issue with friends, I have heard a lot of "pot propaganda", the most silly of which is that if we legalize pot, then the prisons wont be full. What a complete and utter LIE. Only drug dealers get sent to prison anymore, since they are so full. People caught with pot under a certain amount are usually just fined. If the state wants more revenue, I say fine pot users more heavily!!

Soma, ever heard of it? In a book called Brave New World, the majority of workers were drugged, encouraged to take their "soma" so they were kept docile while their corporate masters went on with the business of running (and ruining) the world without public input. Pot IS soma, as are other drugs and the fact that the government is now encouraging you to get high and stay at home and stay out of their business of running (and ruining) the country is shocking to me. I never thought in a million years that we'd ever reach this point, but sadly we have.

Finally, I would like people to realize that the "state" only legalized pot so they could get money by selling it. They need the "revenues". This is utter BS. Even drug lords think the same way; they "need" the money too. In Washington state, one of the most productive and wealthiest states in the union, poor Democratic leadership has led to major financial problems in this state. They wont even consider a hiring freeze for state employees or reducing state workers staffs by even a paltry 5%, which could save millions. Massive overspending in social welfare programs has also crippled the state, mainly due to illegal aliens taking advantage of the laws in our nation. Simple changes could easily put Washington state back in the black, and without drugging its own population. Lets hope for some better decision making by Olympia in the future, but if they's smoking dope I doubt it!


Itsjustme said...

Where are your sources to support all of your claims about the ill effects of marijuana? Also, is the state responsible if a drunk driver kills or injuries someone? How is driving under the influence of pot different from alcohol?

Itsjustme said...

Where are your sources to support all of your claims about the ill effects of marijuana? Also, is the state responsible if a drunk driver kills or injuries someone? How is driving under the influence of pot different from alcohol?