Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hypersonic Rockets (Mach 20+)

Hello Scotland and WELCOME TO THE SPACE AGE! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, Scotland has joined several other nations in becoming a space power; well almost. That sonic boom that you heard 3 nights ago in the Scottish highlands, that was a hypersonic engine being tested at a local firing range. The device was built over a period of two years by a former military man whose Russian/British heritage seemingly makes it easy to develop some high-powered technological doo-dads. The hypersonic engine was chained to a 13 tons piece of concrete, which it easily dragged more than 30 feet. Estimated speed of the device is a STAGGERING MACH 20+. Using purified plasma and a magnetic drive system, this astonishing engine easily out shoots the US hypersonic missile (at Mach 5+) and the Chinese one (Mach 10+). This British inventor also created a working rail-gun system out of his backyard, blowing out a huge section of his garage while testing it (he repaired the wall by himself). He plans on creating several more hypersonic engines and mounting them on a rocket that a local group plans to put into orbit, sometime in the next few months. I hope he sells the engine design to NASA or BAE to let the rest of the world in on his amazing invention. Congrats, my friend!

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