Monday, March 18, 2013

The Autopsy (the Lie)

Hey hey, today the Republican Party "Leaders" released a report discussing the failures of Mitt Romney during the 2012 election, and why Barack Hussein Obama won. This report, to me, is utter BS because regardless of the conclusions, Mitt wasn't as well liked as Obama was by the masses. Also, the key to all future elections is who can offer the masses the most goodies (and money). That and that alone is the sole issue which future American Presidents will win. The electorate has finally figured out that they have their piggy snout in the trough of government, from free welfare and free food to now free medical care. Who in the world wouldn't vote for the guy who gave you free money, free food, and free meds? You'd have to be a total idiot to not vote for that guy. Sadly, this also means the end of the American Republic and the beginning of "mob rule". Whatever the mob wants, they will get. We are headed rapidly into a period of economic decline and wealth destruction. Within the next 10 years the USA will be bankrupt as the Democrats wage war on the wealthy (who are fleeing the country in larger and larger numbers). The war on working will also continue, coached in the words of "protecting the planet" and "greenhouse gases". In the end it will become either an all-out civil war between left-learning Democratic states and Republican ones (and we know who has the guns) or else a massive financial collapse since no one seems willing to fight for their children's future (and their children's children). God save us all....

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