Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The End of the Republic

Shockingly people didn't vote their pocketbooks in the 2012 election, clearing the way for the nation-destroying socialist Barak Hussein Obama to continue his path of destruction within the United States government and economy. Under the first 4 years of the Obama Administration, taxes skyrocketed for most Americans. The average (uniformed) citizen was told this was to prevent a disastrous economic calamity (a lie) while shrouding massive overspending by the DemocRATS (mainly to their crony union allies) of over two TRILLION US dollars. In fact, Obama and his stupid/foolish allies running the government spent twice as much versus the previous Bush administration (Bush overspent $4 trillion over 8 years, Obama overspent $4 trillion in just 4 years). This massive accumulation of debt caused the first downgrade in our nation's credit in over 100 years, in fact it was downgraded twice. This may seem unimportant to people but they don't realize the economic facts of this disaster: looming high credit rates, sky-high mortgage payments for any new home buyers for at least the next 20 years, ans possible hyperinflation and the (further) devaluation of the US dollar to meaninglessness. The ignorance of people is so shocking, that the vast majority of people I know are stunned by the reelection of a President who got a C+ job performance by most voters. Here in the US of A, do you know what was the number one reason people voted for Obama? It was that Obama "cares". Meaning Obama is like a Santa Claus, who will provide for them their contraceptives, free cell phone, food stamps, medicare...etc. This causes huge spending problem and it will lead to hyperinflation soon, but nobody cares what happens tomorrow, people want stuff right now. As long as people get their HBO or True Blood (or Playboy channel) they will be happy. They will have their "bread and circuses" while the nation bankrupts itself and falls apart around them. So sad.

In hindsight, people, in some ways, did vote their pocketbooks in that they did vote for the guy who gave them the most food stamps and welfare. It's now a proven fact that the number of people on welfare has DOUBLED during Obama's tenure, all the while he continues to blame former President Bush for it all. He should be ashamed that this many Americans need financial support and moving heaven and earth to get them back to work, but no! He is more interested in waging war on the Republicans and on the wealthy and businesses than helping create jobs to get people working again. He is a nightmare of a president, a complete incompetent, and will be regarded one day as one of the worst Presidents the USA ever had. His ultimate goal is now clear, and many leftists have the same goal; the destruction of the United States so their precious One World Government under the UN can come to fruition. This about it folks, this is the ONLY reason why Obama has continually damaged the US economy; we cannot fall from outside attack, only from the inside, from bankruptcy and anarchy and violence.

Now think about that while you do your shopping for Christmas and pick up some extra emergency food, some bullets to protect your family, and a new gun or two, and God Bless!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Voting Day

Hey guys, sorry it has been awhile since I updated this page. I have been in information overload the last few months and its been hard to blog. Myself and my entire family are endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States. In all, Obama has been one of the most incomptent leaders of our country, overseeing the official downgrading of out nation's credit rating for the first time in neary 100 years. Obama's failed policies including not getting the nation back to work, and nixing important jobs projects like the Keystone Pipeline and selling billions of dollars worth of fighter jest to threatened Taiwan (to name just a few). Obama has also massively overspent, spending more in 4 years than President Bush did in the last eight. In addition, this utter incompetent had the nerve to wage war on business and anyone with money, then berated them for not getting people back to work by not creating new jobs. Excuse me Mr. Obama, when you attack businessmen, they won't work for you or support you or help you. Obama has been the worst failure since Jimmy Carter, and election day wil prove it. Finally, Obama has been officially endorsed by the mass murdering monsters Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castrom, and Hugo Chavez (no joke). This triple trifecta of totalitarian murders would have been the sentence of death for any poltician 10 years ago, but today Democrats and leftists seek the support of such people, which speaks volumes to the rest of us "normal" people, the average American. Remember that when you go to the polls on Tuesday, and God Bless the USA.