Monday, March 19, 2012

Dopes and Thugs

The current governor of Washington State (Christine Gregoire) is doing a excellent job getting her constituents high by promoting marijuana use in the Evergreen State. By deliberately flouting federal laws on drug use, the governor has failed utterly to protect the citizens of the state from hopped-up kids driving and killing people at random. Driving under the influence will surely skyrocket in Washington state now that the governor and legislature are behind the legalization of smoking pot, and that exactly what the so-called "medical marijuana" laws are. Most states that have adopted this absurd sneaky way to legalize dope have seen it move far beyond legitimate medical use to general use by the public and California is a good example of this failed policy.

In California the so-called "medical marijuana" has totally failed. What started as a system to provide those suffering from cancer and chronic pain led to a state-wide acceptance and use of dope by most ordinary citizens. In fact if you hang out in any of the parks in California you will easily run across someone high on dope who will offer it to you free of charge. Massive use of mind-altering drugs across California has surely contributed to some of the failings of that "failed state"; when your high on dope, you don't care what the government is doing. Fully-aware and un-medicated citizens are what the government fears. Just look at the book 1984 or Brave New World the government ENCOURAGED drug use to keep the masses in line and out of power while they ran the nation for themselves and their own agenda.

In Washington state the legislature also (luckily) made itself immune from prosecution from any medical marijuana users driving under the influence and possibly killing someone. It is my opinion that anyone who needs "medical dope" should automatically loose their license to drive; this will surely cut into teenagers seeking a prescription for medical marijuana (teens love to drive).

On the federal level the US Government should seek to arrest anyone who endorses the use of marijuana in the United States, regardless of status or post. This means that the incoming Republican President (and hopefully Senate) should begin prosecution of the several key people who have promoted the use, growth, and marketing of marijuana as drug dealers. Governor Christine Gregoire should be the first to be the first to be arrested. Gregoire actively promoted the legalized and use of dope in Washington state by filing a petition with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration asking the agency to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule 2 drug, which will allow its use for treatment – prescribed by doctors and filled by pharmacists. This was just a sneaky way for her Democratic clique in Olympia to bypass federal law and let the citizens of her state toke up. They should also arrest the grande dame of medical cannabis in Washington state, Joanna McKee, who started the so-called "medical marajuana" movement in WA state. They should also arrest the members of the ACLU in the state that are undermining federal law and the self-awareness of the citizenry as well as arresting Rep. Dickerson and Sen. Margarita for introducing companion bills that allowed the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana in Washington state.

Individual states cannot legalize drug use for their citizens, now matter how stupid (or high) they apparently seem to be and the governor of the great state of Washington should be made to pay for her criminal activities in this area.

The thugs who run Russia (mainly the iconic idiot Vladimir Putin) have again sided with a murderous governmental regime in Syria by sending troops to make sure the Syrian military can accomplish mass murder in the streets of Homs and Damascus without being stopped by the humanitarian organizations of the West (and NATO). By sending troops to protect their Syrian ally, Moscow has begun a dangerous high-stakes game of confrontation that can only end in War. Putin has long sought a conflict with the United States after the Soviet Union's fall from power (he was a KGB agent during that era). He has tried during his years in office as the ruler of Russia to prevent the United Nations and the West from intervening in nations around the world that engaged in genocide and continues his admiration of murderous thugs like the President of Syria, Bashir Assad. Sadly the Russians as a state and people refuse to come into the 21st century and oppose mass murder, genocide, and extremism, abilities they themselves became masters of over the last 500 years. In fact, Russia and China both have killed far more people in wars and genocidal attacks than the rest of the world combined and continue to do so through their proxies like North Korea, Iran, and Syria to this day. The Russians apparently will remain the thugs they have been for the generations, and the only reason anyone even listens to them anymore is because they have nuclear weapons (and alliances with the most hostile and genocidal regimes on the planet). Hopefully one day, in the future, the average Russian will wake up and get sick of the cruel totalitarians that seem to always run (and ruin) their nation....but that time will be long in coming. Until then, the world will have to unfortunately deal with the Thug Nation as best it can but lets not do business with them if we can help it!