Monday, February 06, 2012

How To Ruin A Business

Today I was shocked when I went into the local Goodwill to find some of their prices have gone up over 300%! Back in the day shopping at thrift stores used to be a place to find great bargains but corporate management in the Goodwill organization has decided to make the free donations they receive priced so high that poor people cannot afford them anymore. When I spoke to them, their argument was the economy was doing poorly and they also wanted to have the same prices as their chief competitor, Value "something". I argued that tripling their prices overnight will only cost them customer and that I wouldn't be back but their attitude was they could care less. This outrageous move by Goodwill deeply offends because people donate their goods to this organization for FREE; Goodwill should respond by not charging an arm and a leg for these items in their stores. I will now avoid Goodwill Stores like the plague and shop more reasonable thrift shops like St. Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army. You watch, in 10 years Goodwill will be closed because of this greedy increase in prices; the perfect way to ruin a business that's been around for decades.

Also, my family went out recently to eat at a mom-and-pop Mexican joint, only to discover they bought their supplies from the local grocery store like we do. The lady working the counter pulled out soft-shell wraps that clearly showed an Albertsons label, making my sister very angry. Why in the world should we pay 4 times the price for food we can easily buy in our local supermarket? When you go out to eat, you want something special, something great, not food you can simply buy yourself for a cheaper price. To all store owners: if you are going to buy stuff from the local grocery store, at least take it out of the original package before serving it up in front of your customers. One of the reasons I love love love Chipolte Shops is they make everything right in front of you, the delicious smells of spicy foods surrounding you as you wait. Try a Chipolte today, they do it right!

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