Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gen Y: "What Chelsea Doesn't Know"

I am writing this in response to the savage personal attacks by my in-law's kid Chelsea against my sister who supports traditional marriage.

In the state of Washington the out-of-contact-with-reality clique that rules from the capital building in Olympia is passing "gay marriage", regardless of what the people of the state want. This unilateral act comes in the face of two decades of the legislature giving gays equal rights: from all sorts of legal protections to civil unions, gays have gained political ground in Washington. The state's underlying domestic partnership law, which the Legislature passed in 2007, provided hospital visitation rights, the ability to authorize autopsies and organ donations, and inheritance rights when there is no will. In 2009, the Legislature passed, and voters later upheld, a bill that greatly expanded those rights and was known as the "everything-but-marriage" bill. In light of these advances for gays, the affront against traditional marriage by shoving it down Washontonians throats is unacceptable. The law will surely be overturned by popular amendment in the next election cycle.

In California, opponents of gay marriage overturned the law through the democratic process and faced savage attacks, verbally, physically, and emotionally, from gays and their supporters, including terroristic attacks of fake anthrax against the Mormon Church in Utah. In the months leading up to the election in California, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom stated in a speech regarding same-sex marriage: "This door's wide open now. It's going to happen, whether you like it or not." This arrogant attitude galvanized voters in the Sunshine State.

Since the election, the FBI is still looking into the phony bioterror mailings but they should look into the vicious campaign waged against those that supported Proposition 8 AFTER the vote was concluded. Gay fanatics took information using state information on donors who financially supported Prop8 and began a personal and vile terror campaign designed to silence those that believe in traditional marriage. From boycotting Christian businesses to down-right death threats, pro-marriage supporters have been attacked since the vote in November 2008 using fascist tactics not seen since the Nazi campaigns against the Jews in WW2. This sort of behavior is unAmerican and criminal and people in the state of Washington have begun to seriously think about changing the laws in this state so that a campaign of harassment cannot occur here.

Gay marriage is really a joke; most gay men will NEVER be married, nor support it. Its only being used as a tool and tactic to attack and destroy the people who support it the most: Christians, Mormons, and Catholics (religious people). This is part of a broad Left-wing effort to silence those on the Right. Its a technique right out of Saul Alinsky's book on how to destroy people who disagree with you. Gen Y kinds, who know nothing and have experienced nothing in life, have been suckered into believing that traditional marriage should be trampled on, an institution that has been the same for thousands and thousands of years. Ask yourself, why should something that has remained sacred to many for thousands of years be changed? Sadly, the college professors who brainwash the Gen Y crowd don't ask this important question; they cloak these ideological campaign in spurious information like high divorce rates somehow negate traditional marriage.

In the end, respect for other people is being destroyed by destructive personal attacks like these and should be avoided by open-minded people who don't have ideological blinders on.

1)Christians and the Mormon Church faced terrorist attacks for standing up for marriage in California

2)Divorce rates do not nullify the value and importance of marriage to many

3)Ramming your ideology down someones throat is unAmerican

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