Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Repeal of DADT: Disaster

Even though the ink hasn't been wet for a single month, the disastrous results of the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) policy is already beginning. Such bizarre social policies have been enacted before on a large scale within the US armed forces; the integration of blacks and women into the military forces of the United States. One was fairly successful (blacks) while the other (women) has proven to be destructive for morale and unit cohesion, as well as for US global standing in the world. While adding blacks to the US military by law was fairly successful, unknown numbers of blacks have been harassed by fellow service members, especially in the early years of the 1960s. In addition, several high-level incidents involving black US soldiers raping young Korean girls and other such incidents has shown that even though US blacks can still damage US foreign policy and military cohesion by their ghetto behavior. At the time, these rapes badly damaged US-South Korean relations and other such incidents are well documented.

Adding Women: Disaster
With the integration of women into the US armed forces, a HUGE disaster was recognized, one that spills over today into the DADT debate. The destruction addition of women into front-line units and command slots and the resulting serious problems has made the US military more reactioanry to changes enforced by Congress. Adding women has ended the career of hundreds of sailors, soldiers, and officers (like Tailgate) as well as destroyed military readiness in combat troops (fighting for sexual partners-women-in the tents of the First Gulf War), to leaving your buddies in the lurch by getting pregnant on purpose just to get out of the battlezone. Several extremely damaging events have also taken place in the US military due to promotion of women to positions they should not have had (Janis Karpinski, Lynndie England, and Megan Ambuhl). Problems with dismissing such incompetents from the service (and gay men in the future as well) are similar to getting rid of another "protected group" like the Arab US Army Major Nidal Hasan; an impossibility. The deaths of 31 people by Hasan can be directly blamed on the fear of even trying to get rid of people who are dangerous to their own fellow servicemen. During the whole "debate" of repealing the Clinton-era DADT policy was the question of "will it hurt the troops" when the real question should have been "will this help the US military fight better". Anyone who can yes to that question with a straight face is a bald face liar. Serious incidents within the US military today have proven over and over again that gays in positions of authority have used and abused their underlings, that fellow gay servicemen have encouraged sex between straight military personnel and themselves, and gay porn is rife with military officers raping or having sex with their subordinates. All you have to do is go to websites like to see such disgusting gay rape fantasies put into print for all to see. Also, entire books have been written on the "softening" of the US armed services after women were allowed to serve greater and greater rolls in the service (see "The Kinder Gentler Military" by Stephanie Gutmann).

The Purges Begin
Already the purge of the US military is beginning, with people who disagree on a moral or spiritual level being removed from service, from command slots they deserve, and other such punishments. These despicable tactics again serve only to undermine and destroy the US military's cohesion and combat readiness. Numerous other servicemen and women will also be eliminated using the new pro-gay policy. A US Arny officer, who formerly commanded a battalion-sized unit, has strongly held religious beliefs that homosexual behavior is morally wrong, and he thinks the military will be damaged severely if it implements the Obama administration's plan to allow homosexuals to serve openly. He said many of the men under his command share his views. See here for more.

The British Military
Trying to find more details on gays serving in the military can be hard, but I have a direct source: my ex-lover,a former British commando. He openly bragged that people in his unit knew he was having sex with his Captain, but known could say a word about it. Surely these sorts of "arrangements" encourage preferential treatment as well as again being destructive to morale. My ex was proud of the fact he could screw his officers and underlings, in fact he had no qualms about it. When I challenged him on it, he didn't care (typical of homosexuals).

Sad Quote
In preparing for this blog article I did some research on the web as well as my local library and found one of the saddest quotes I have ever read by a US psychiatric officer. He wrote:

I am a captain in the medical corps of the U.S. Navy, with 25 years active duty, and significant time assigned in Marine units. I have observed an interesting behavioral shift in communal showers that is very clearly generational. Older guys like myself, who grew up when homosexuals were firmly in the closet, tend to be very unself-conscious. When we finish our shower, we throw the curtain to one side, grab our towel, and begin to dry off. We step out buck naked into the center area to get our clothes off the bench, and begin dressing. If anyone is watching, we are generally unconscious of it and take no notice. Not so with the younger generation that is highly conscious of homosexuals because they have grown up being constantly confronted with the issue. When the younger generation finish a shower, the curtain is moved a few inches to the side, and an arm will snake out to grab the towel on the hook. The towel disappears back into the stall and the curtain closes. When toweling stops, the soldier/sailor/marine emerges with the towel wrapped around his waist. Invariably, the first article of clothing donned is the athletic shorts, which are pulled up under the towel, which is only removed when the shorts are in place. The younger guys are very conscious of the possibility that some queer is secretly checking them out and it makes them very nervous to potentially be the object of another guy’s sexual interest. Times have changed, and for the worse.

Destroying the Services
If the left-leaning liberals in Congress (the Democrats) wanted to damage the US armed forces, then allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military is a sure way of doing that, and here's why. Already, thousands of people in blogs and letters to Congress have stated they no longer consider it a privilege to serve in the US military now that gays have protected status in the services. Americans in the past have proudly joined an organization like the military for many reasons, pride in the nation and the branch of service being one of them. Such pride is now being destroyed by the repeal of DADT, for many reasons but the simple one is this: people do not believe in the policy of promoting homosexuality as a equal lifestyle. And they shouldn't have to. And they won't.

Other Testimonies About Gays in the Military
As a former military man, United States Navy, I can attest to the destruction of morale and unit stability of gays in the military. In late 1970s I was in boot camp in San Diego. One of the company commanders assigned to my drill company turned out to be a homosexual and was using his position of authority to commit sexual acts on the new recruits. Halfway through boot camp, this individual was relieved of duty, not only was this destructive to te company, multiple recruits were effected and even discharged over this. There is no telling how this incident continued to affect the Navy, the lives of the individuals involved, or the careers that were destroyed. The new recruits that were discharged were never able to fulfill their aspirations of service to their country.

During Infantry training one of the men in training with me was 17 years old and very small, about 5’2” tall. On a Sunday morning four recruits at the rifle range decided to rape this young Marine in a Quonset hut. There were four other Marines in the Quonset hut that witnessed the rape of this 17-year-old Marine and never stood up to protect him. The rapists were tried, convicted and sentenced to many years of hard labor in the Marine Corps brig, while the other four witnesses were discharged immediately for being “unfit for military duty.” All this is a matter of public record on file, it happened between Sept. and Oct. of 1970 at Camp Pendleton. The four rapist Marines were all homosexuals and that is exactly what is going to happen if “We the People” permit these lousy politicians to shove this crap down our throats. In the Democrats' malignant pursuit to acquire more votes to keep themselves in office they are throwing our armed services under the “lawn mower!”

I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force of almost six years and I can tell you that I am definitely against allowing gays in the military. When I was in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, our flight had a homosexual it that actually harassed us in the shower, gawking at us and saying "Oh yes." All of us guys hurried to get out of the shower to keep from being harassed by this pervert. What about our right to be safe from harassment? I have a son now and I cannot in good conscience recommend to him to join the military, nor could I encourage anyone else to do so as long as these perverts are being allowed in there, I would not want to be responsible for some poor kid being raped or molested after joining the military.

I am a retired USAF mustang major. The repeal of the DADT policy is not really about equality. There is NO right to serve in the U.S. military. This repeal is a diabolically calculated move. By inflicting homosexual policy and culture upon the conservative majority in the U.S. military, progressives hope to force those conservatives to either comply and accept the deviancy as normal behavior, or exit the military in droves. This forces the usually ultra-conservative culture of the military to radically change to a deviancy-sympathizing culture. It changes the entire demographics of the U.S. military from the inside out. By using the military as a test tube to incubate progressive worldview and Marxist philosophy within a previously conservative public body, the military not only is eliminated as an obstacle, but it becomes the ultimate poster child for promoting the end mission of the progressives: the complete social engineering of the U.S. population.

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