Sunday, November 08, 2009

Worst Terrorist Attack Since 911

America Again Turns a Blind Eye

By John L. Work

November 6, 2009

Yesterday, November 5th, 2009, United States Army Major Nidal Hasan, an American citizen born of Jordanian parents, a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, educated in the universities of this nation – and a Muslim – reportedly yelled the Arabic language jihad war cry Allahu akbar, God is Great, as he opened fire and waged a horrendously bloody act of jihad on unsuspecting soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas, the largest military installation in the world. We now know that Hasan gave us lots of notice that he might do this, including pro-jihad statements he reportedly made to other military officers and his anti-war internet postings that were known by federal authorities.

So, how could this happen?

Unbelievably, as the event was still unfolding yesterday, the FBI announced to the nation by and through Fox News TV that there was absolutely no terrorist nexus or connection to this incident. How many times have we seen FBI spokesmen sprint to TV microphones before an investigation has even commenced to breathlessly assure us that a murderous incident like this is isolated and is not related in any way to Islam or to Muslim jihad terrorist activity? How much longer are we going to give credence to anything the FBI tells us? Please, stop lying to me.

Today begins the official media scrubbing clean, or in columnist and author Diana West’s word – sanitizing – of Islam and any connection to Muslim doctrine, law, tenet, or accepted mainstream Islamic belief from yesterday’s horrific events. Major Hasan’s Muslim family is stunned. The imam at Hasan’s mosque in Maryland is puzzled. The big news outlets, with the exception of Sean Hannity at Fox News, are blindly, pathetically searching for elusive, mysterious answers to the conundrum. Even some conservative talk radio show hosts I have listened to this morning do not have it right.

I am not stunned or surprised by this act of jihad. The slaughter enrages me.

What is truly stunning to me is the continuing depth, breadth and immensity of the abject ignorance of America’s political leaders, military leaders, and big news outlets about Islam. Words are not adequate to describe my disgust at the fact that, years after the jihad attacks on the cities of New York, Washington, D.C., London and Madrid, virtually no one in the higher levels of our government or our major media seems to have even a clue as to what we are really up against.

America continues to willfully turn a blind eye to that which is right in front of her face, like an elephant standing in the living room that no one will talk about.

The World of Islam is at war with us.

We have listened to Bill Clinton, George Bush, and now Barack Obama, tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and that we are not fighting a war against Islam. It’s time to awaken and see what is truly before us, before it destroys our way of life and our nation.

The skull-cracking truth, America, is that in the World of Islam, politics, government, religion, civil law, criminal law, personal hygiene, clothing style, and all other minute facets of life are rolled and bundled into one totalitarian package. And we’re just unbelievably not getting it yet into our heads that if we do not come to grips with the doctrines and law of Islam that are driving the jihad, including the horror yesterday at Fort Hood, we are going to lose this War.

There is such an emphasis on the spiritual dynamic of Islam that America has foolishly and ignorantly repeatedly leapt to the mantle of the First Amendment to excuse and accommodate the relentless incremental demands for Muslim law to be imposed on our culture. Footbaths at the JBS plant in Greeley, Colorado and a new Muslim prayer room at the University of Colorado come to mind.

The issue before us for the survival of our way of life is not one of religion. So, please, America, please get that First Amendment stuff out of your head for the moment. It’s not relevant to the problem at hand.

Here’s the problem we face: There is an immense package of codified Muslim civil, criminal and political law, which includes the repression of women and non-Muslim men, the command for establishing the supremacy of Islam over all other political and legal systems, and a barbaric, unspeakably cruel system of criminal law and punishment for offenses against Islam. That is the issue facing us. In radio talk show host Peter Boyles’ words this morning, would a Nazi sympathizer have been permitted to join the U.S. Army in 1943?

So, where to now, America? When are we going to begin to examine and publicly debate the laws and doctrines of Islam without the fear of being labeled racist or xenophobe, in order that we may survive this relentless onslaught of jihad?

It’s not a matter of race relations. Islam makes no exclusion based upon race. There are Muslims all over the world of many different races. And we’d better get our heads around that idea pretty quickly, then stop listening to the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Yesterday it was a successful deadly attack on Fort Hood. Countless numbers of attempts to commit terrorist attacks have been foiled. Eight years ago it was New York City and Washington, D.C. According to eminent scholar of Islam and author Robert Spencer there have been over fourteen-thousand violent jihad attacks world-wide since the 2001 World Trade Center destruction and killing of nearly three-thousand Americans.

Wake up, America. We’re still under attack. And the enemy has infiltrated our armed forces.

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