Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's Afraid of Obama?

Yesterday on a news program the question was asked, "Are evil people like Kim Il-Jong and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad afraid of Barak Obama"? The context was that dictators like those mentioned above were afraid of the Bush/Cheney team and thus were loathe to antagonize them, lest they get a Tomohawk cruise missile sent up their butts by the US Navy. I had to laugh at the question, because clearly if the Iranians were afraid to build their nuclear bomb and drop it on someone, they aren't anymore since their program is going ahead full steam. (What is more likely is that they will hand over a nuclear bomb to their Hamas or Hezbollah allies who wil then ship it to New York City on a cargo freighter, BOOM!).

The real question (I believe) is not are these murderous madmen afraid of the United States and its military but is the average US citizen now afraid of the government (and its czarist leader, Barack Obama). You see, BO has no problem in speaking to vicious America-haters like Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, even though these monsters have killed millions of their own people (literally millions). The reason why Obama has no problem speaking to them is that they are left-wingers like he is. All you have to do is take a look at the high-level Maoist and communists that Obama has placed in his cabinent (and administration) to realize how leftist he really is: Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, John Holdren, and Anita Dunn to name a few. He apparently has no moral qualms speaking to mass murderers who still kill and oppress their own people, to this very day. I think the Americans who founded this country would be shocked to know that our latest President could care not one whit about dictators and murderers and people who deny liberty to their own citizens. They would surely be deeply angry at how stupid we are as a nation to elect someone so venial and clearly morally bankrupt. I guess we deserve what we get....

Unfortunately it doesn't stop there because it is clear that Obama has no problem hanging out with leftist nutjobs like Chavez and Manuel Ortega of Nicaragua (who killed millions in his own country) but he is no refusing to speak to the right wingers in his own country. So let me be clear, he will speak to Machmoud Ahmadinejad who wants to kill all the Jews in the Middle East but he won't speak to Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly or Laura Ingraham?! He has also said no one in his administration will be speaking to the Fox News Network and that Fox isn;'t even a "real" tv network. This sounds very much what Chavez pulled in Venezuela when he destroyed the opposition tv and radio stations in his country, eventually imprisoning his enemies by saying they supported seditious acts against the government and his leadership. Many on the left are also saying Fox News is seditious, which is ridiculous because I watch it every night, looking closely at the facts with an objective point-of-view. In the end the stupid President of the United States (Obama) is only cutting his own throat by using these dictator-style tactics against his fellow Americans and he will be re-elected. In fact, I believe tha Democrats will be gutted in the next election cycle (fall 2010) because they have stooped to gutter-style political tactics that sicken average Americans. Refusing to speak to a 100 million people in this country becuase they do not have the same Maoist/communist viewpoints that you do is brainless, foolhardy, and laughable. Luckily this will ensure no second administration for he Obamination.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three STUPID Things Obama Just Did

Okay the Obama Administration is becoming more and more irrelevant as they continue to do the most startlingly stupid things both domestically and internationally. Listed below are the three stupidest things the Obamabots have done in the last week:

1)Wage War on Fox: While we as a nation are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the stupid Obama crowd has decided it wants to wage a brand new war: against Fox News. Their incredibly stupid pissing match with Fox, which easily represents at least 100 million Americans with similar views only cripples the President in his domestic agenda. How foolish can you be to try and start an internal fight within the United States while we are still fighting two major wars overseas? Obama should pay attention to the fighting in Afghanistan, which is deteriorating, and stop picking fights with his domestic opponents. Are we still in an economic crisis?! Are we still not at war?! Hopefully Obama and his idiot crowd in the White House will get the message that We The People want him to work on the very serious problems we already have in this country, not start new ones (like bullies do).

2)Dropping Nukes: At a time when the rest of the world seems intent on getting nuclear weapons, the looney left crowd surrounding Obama have convinced him that getting rid of all nukes will somehow solve much of the worlds problems, which is stupid beyond belief. First off, nuclear weapons created a strategic peace for over 60 years after WW2 as all sides feared a nuclear holocaust and behaved themselves. One week after the Obamabots running the White House declared their intention to work on getting rid of all nukes, the Russians formally came out and said that their nation couldn't rely on its conventional defenses to defend their country, so they would use nuclear weapons first in any future war. If the Iranian and North Korean efforts to get nukes didn't wake up the Obamanuts, hopefully Russia's new declaration will. Nuclear weapons in the right hands bring peace, in the wrong hands: total war. So we should keep ours and stop the loons in Iran and North Korea from getting theirs, lest we face a global nuclear nightmare. And anyone with ANY vision can clearly see that once Iran develops their own nuclear weapons, they will hand it over to their terrorist allies and an American city like New York or Washington DC will be destroyed by these madmen. This has to be stopped at all costs.

3)Destroying the USA: For some bizarre reason the Obama-idiots seem intent on destroying the USA. Take for example their intended take-over of the health care system. Obama and the Democrat Congress seem hell-bent on taking over the entire health care system, when simple oversight a few changes in the law is needed. Since the USA is seriously over-stretched financially, it is beyond irresponsible to take on a new multi-trillion dollar program at this time. The only reason to do so is to bring this nation into a full-fledged monetary crisis or as a power-mad grab over the individual lives of people across this country. Can you imagine that everyone's medical files will be open and available to the government?! Talk about a major intrusion on doctor-patient confidentiality. As for "death panels", people on the east cost and deep south obviously haven't heard of Barbara Wagner, the Oregon woman who was forced to die because the state wouldn't pay for her medicine to keep her alive. They offered to pay for her assisted suicide however, which cost only $50. Every citizen should read about this terrible situation before advocating state-run health care.