Thursday, November 20, 2008

If Democracy Doesn't Work, Try Anarchy

by Chuck Norris

Protestors of Proposition 8 in California (the marriage amendment) shoved aside a 69-year-old woman who was bearing a cross. They reportedly spit on her and stomped on her cross. They then aligned themselves in a human barricade, blocking the media from getting to or interviewing the woman.

Prop. 8 supporter Jose Nunez, 37, was assaulted brutally while distributing yard signs to other supporters after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was spray painted by vandals after they learned that the church served as an official collection point for Prop. 8 petitions.

Letters containing white powder (obviously mimicking anthrax) were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the Mormon church and to a temple in Los Angeles. (Thankfully, the FBI said the substance was nontoxic.)

The 25-year artistic director of the California Musical Theatre, who also happens to be a Mormon, was muscled to resign because of his $1,000 donation to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California.

A pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back marched into the middle of a church service and flung fliers and condoms to the congregants. They also hung a banner from the balcony that featured two lesbians in provocative positions at the pulpit.

And lastly, the tolerance-preaching activists also have taken their anger to the blogosphere, where posts have planted ideas ranging from burning churches to storming the citadels of government until our society is forced to overturn Prop. 8. You even can find donor blacklists online. The lists include everyone who financially backed Prop. 8 -- even those who gave as little as $46 -- with the obvious objective that these individuals will be bantered and boycotted for doing so.

What's wrong with this picture? Lots.

First, there's the obvious inability of the minority to accept the will of the majority. Californians have spoken twice, through the elections in 2000 and 2008. Nearly every county across the state (including Los Angeles County) voted to amend the state constitution in favor of traditional marriage.

Nevertheless, bitter activists simply cannot accept the outcome as being truly reflective of the general public. So they have placed the brainwashing blame upon the crusading and misleading zealotry of those religious villains: the Catholics, evangelical Protestants, and especially Mormons, who allegedly are robbing the rights of American citizens by merely executing their right to vote and standing upon their moral convictions and traditional views.

What's surprising (or maybe not so) is that even though 70 percent of African-Americans voted in favor of Proposition 8, protests against black churches are virtually nonexistent. And everyone knows exactly why: Such actions would be viewed as racist. Yet these opponents of Prop. 8 can protest vehemently and shout obscenities in front of Mormon temples without ever being accused of religious bigotry. There's a clear double standard in our society. Where are the hate-crime cops when religious conservatives need them?

There were many of us who passionately opposed Obama, but you don't see us protesting in the streets or crying "unfair." Rather, we are submitting to a democratic process and now asking how we can support "our" president. Just because we don't like the election outcome doesn't give us the right to bully those who oppose us. In other words, if democracy doesn't tip our direction, we don't swing to anarchy. That would be like the Wild West, the resurrection of which seems to be happening in these postelection protests.

I agree with Prison Fellowship's founder, Chuck Colson, who wrote: "This is an outrage. What hypocrisy from those who spend all of their time preaching tolerance to the rest of us! How dare they threaten and attack political opponents? We live in a democratic country, not a banana republic ruled by thugs."

Regardless of one's opinion of Proposition 8, it is flat-out wrong and un-American to intimidate and harass individuals, churches and businesses that are guilty of nothing more than participating in the democratic process. Political protests are one thing, but when old-fashioned bullying techniques are used that restrict voting liberties and even prompt fear of safety, activists have crossed a line. There is a difference between respectfully advocating one's civil rights and demanding public endorsement of what many still consider to be unnatural sexual behavior through cruel coercion and repression tactics. One thing is for sure: The days of peaceful marches, such as those headed up by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., seem to be long gone.

The truth is that the great majority of Prop. 8 advocates are not bigots or hatemongers. They are American citizens who are following 5,000 years of human history and the belief of every major people and religion: Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Their pro-Prop. 8 votes weren't intended to deprive any group of its rights; they were safeguarding their honest convictions regarding the boundaries of marriage.

On Nov. 4, the pro-gay community obviously was flabbergasted that a state that generally leans left actually voted right when it came to holy matrimony. But that's exactly what happened; the majority of Californians -- red, yellow, black and white -- voted to define the margins of marriage as being between one man and one woman. California is the 30th state in our union to amend its constitution in doing so, joining Florida and Arizona in this election.

Like it or not, it's the law now. The people have spoken.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Church Must Wake-Up

Once again, I want to congratulate our friends in California who fought a valiant battle against all the media and cultural elites to preserve traditional marriage. The battle, however, is not over. After the people of California voted twice in eight years to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, the homosexual lobby is going to court yet again. And today there is news that the issue could be on the ballot in 2010, this time with a twist. If their legal efforts fail, supporters of same-sex “marriage” are planning to put their own initiative on the ballot in two years that would reverse Proposition 8.

So, while we celebrate this victory, we must remain vigilant and be ready to defend our values once again, because the Left never gives up. They will come at this again and again and again, and we must never tire of “fighting the good fight.” We must persevere, and we must stand our ground! I know many pastors have stepped up to the plate and spoken up. I am thankful for their leadership. Many of you have emailed me to let me know what was said or done in your place of worship.

But, unfortunately, too many “spiritual leaders” are being cowardly on fundamental issues including life and marriage. Too often they are distorting the Scriptures in suggesting that they should not speak on “political issues” lest they offend someone. In their desire to be “relevant” or not to offend, they dilute or even ignore the truth. But these are not only political issues; these are fundamental moral issues that have been dragged into the courts and the public square. The radical Left is using the courts to redefine our culture, assault our values and, ultimately, restrict religious liberty. Was slavery a political issue or a moral issue? Men and women of faith rightly led the fight against slavery, and today they must lead the fight for faith and family.

I want you to watch a video we have posted on our website. See how one elderly woman stood up for traditional marriage, and watch the reaction of the “tolerant” pro-gay marriage mob. What you will see is disgusting and outrageous. A line has been crossed. This video should put to rest the illusion of “tolerance” that the Left hides behind, and it should be a wake-up call to anyone who supports traditional values. This 69-year-old lady was verbally and physically assaulted. The cross she was carrying was ripped from her hands, stomped on and destroyed. Yet, the news broadcaster says at the end, “There’s a lot of hate on both sides.” What was he watching? I saw a mob of intolerant, hateful men attack an old lady.

Americans are very tolerant people. Most Americans believe in “live and let live.” But the gay rights movement that defines itself entirely on private behaviors is now marching in the streets, assaulting its opposition and making demands on public policy. It wants to redefine marriage. It wants to teach your children in the public schools that same-sex marriage is morally equivalent to normal marriage.

It is demanding special rights in law and employment. While it preaches “tolerance,” it uses the courts to impose its values on the American people. And when the people exercise their rights at the ballot box, the militant homosexual movement takes to the streets to intimidate. Now church services are being disrupted, and children are having condoms thrown at them by angry homosexuals. Business owners and private individuals who financially supported Proposition 8 are being targeted for harassment for simply believing that marriage should remain what it always has been – the union of one man and one woman. Last night, thousands mobbed a Mormon temple in Manhattan. And homosexual rights groups are planning demonstrations this weekend in 175 cities and on Capitol Hill. When are our pastors going to stand up and start leading their flocks? Or are we going to have to find leadership in 69-year-old ladies?

By Gary Bauer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Election

By Laura Ingraham

What the Obama campaign did that worked:

1. raised huge sums of money
2. understood that there was no reason for Obama to be too available to the media
3. pivoted to the right on numerous issues
4. responded to all efforts to probe Obama's past with claims of "smear" and "Karl Rove"
5. targeted Southeastern states like VA, NC, GA, and FL
6. had no harmful leaks
7. for the most part, kept Michelle out of the spotlight
8. managed to find a way to win without having to owe anything to the Clintons

What the Obama campaign did that didn't work:

1. picked Joe Biden, who hasn't really helped them at all
2. failed to build popular support for all the liberal policies Obama intends to implement after the election

What the McCain campaign did that worked:

1. made some very entertaining ads ("The One" and Paris Hilton)
2. had a very successful convention
3. brought Sarah Palin into the national spotlight

What the McCain campaign did that didn't work:

1. failed to recognize that the left would try to destroy Palin, and that any damage to Palin would also hurt McCain
2. failed to stop campaign officials from leaking to the press
3. kept switching attacks on Obama, instead of simply going after him as a tax-and-spend liberal
4. completely mishandled the economic crisis (should have either opposed the bailout or said nothing--this was their biggest error.)
5. never clearly decided whether he wanted to be a "maverick" or a conservative
6. did not recognize until very late that the voters care more about domestic policy than foreign policy
7. did not articulate a persuasive economic argument

Turning to Election Day. John McCain offers a clear and stark contrast to the slogans and bromides of an untested Barack Obama. McCain's policies are undeniably pro-growth, pro-military, and pro-American. Obama's record is that of a hard-core left-wing Chicago politician. Since the general election began, however, he has tried to sound more like a moderate conservative on economic and foreign policy issues. The man who has never voted to eliminate wasteful spending now says he'll "go through the budget line by line and eliminate programs that don't work" as well as "give tax relief to the 'middle class." The man who has opposed every major military weapons program now claims he'll "modernize our military," too!

So who's the real Barack Obama? The one who wants America to emerge stronger from this economic crisis, or the one who wants to "bankrupt the coal industry"? Maybe we should ask people who've known him since he kicked off his political career. Does anyone have Bill Ayers's e-mail address?

Sarah Palin continues to be the bright spot in the McCain campaign (which explains why the media has held her to a standard that it never applied to Joe Biden), and she'll be a force in the conservative movement for years to come. It was sadly predictable that John McCain used precious time and energy Saturday night courting the media elite by appearing in an SNL skit ridiculing Palin. If McCain loses, we will remember this truth: He's always been more comfortable blasting Republicans and conservatives than his liberal friends. And in the homestretch of this campaign, he chose to give a wink to those who spent the past several weeks working overtime to destroy a good woman.

Go Sarah.

And, as I predicted, the media know-it-alls are bemoaning the "ugliness" of the campaign in its final hours. (Translation: McCain and his supporters are finally telling us what we need to know about Obama, and it's not pretty.) The Obama cheerleaders at NBC have been giddy about the prospect of an Obama presidency all along. But today NBC hit an all time low when its go-teed political director Chuck Todd came out and declared the race over. In front of his magic electoral map, he said McCain had "zero percent" chance of winning the election. This is outrageous. If facts were different--if Obama were the one on the ropes and the media were writing off his chances -- his supporters would cry foul and charge voter suppression.

So be of good cheer when you cast your vote tomorrow. And bring everyone you know with you to the polls--there is too much at stake to sit out this one. Wolverines!

Newt and the GOP
For several months my family and I have been discussing the direction of the Republican Party, and how badly it has stumbled in the last two years. Supporting George W. Bush as President has turned out to be a disaster for the party in many ways, from his signing the bankrupting Medical Drug Card to his policy of amnesty on immigration to his lack of action on insanely high oil prices, Bush in his second term badly crippled the United States and the GOP. I have argued for months now that Newt Gingrich, someone with vision and intelligence, should take over the rudderless ship that is the GOP, sparking new life and direction into the organization. With outstanding people like Sarah Palin on the rise, it is important that the Republican party on the national level be competent and uncorruptable, something that has occurred over and over again in the last few years. I look forward to Newt becoming the head of the GOP; he has widespread support from the base and he isn't an elitist like so many in Washington, DC. Good luck Newt! Run hard!

Outside View: Virginia A-sub success story
by Daniel Goure
Arlington, Va. (UPI) Oct 14, 2008

To a casual observer, the drumbeat of negative news about U.S. naval shipbuilding must make it sound as though the entire fleet modernization program is in disarray. The Navy secretary of the Bush administration has canceled contracts for a new class of littoral combat ships designed to operate close to shore and wants to change the way the warships are being bought.

After spending billions of dollars to develop the next-generation Zumwalt class of destroyers, the U.S. Navy says it intends to build only three vessels and then revert to production of the earlier DDG-51 Aegis destroyer. And even though future aircraft carriers and amphibious ships promise to be the best ever built, media coverage of those programs tends to be dominated by concerns about costs and technical challenges.

There is one U.S. naval shipbuilding program, however, that is not just meeting but exceeding all its objectives in terms of time and cost. This is the nuclear-powered Virginia-class attack submarine.

Although only four submarines have been built, the program already is delivering them eight months ahead of schedule while reducing costs by a half billion dollars per boat. The efforts to reduce costs have led to innovative design work that improved both the way the Virginia-class is being built and the capabilities of the finished product.

This program has been so successful that, starting in fiscal year 2011, the U.S. Navy can afford to build two submarines every year.

What makes this story even more amazing is that each new submarine is being built at two shipyards: Electric Boat in Groton, Conn., and Newport News in Virginia. The submarines are built in several large segments and then joined together. The teaming arrangement between Electric Boat and Newport News is working well and contributing to the cost reductions. The Virginia class is so well built that they are fully mission-capable upon leaving the shipyard, something unheard of with previous classes of attack submarines.

The Virginia is the first new ship class delivered with post-Soviet requirements. It is designed to support Special Operations forces. The ship control system is fly-by-wire for better depth control and hovering capability. This allows improved handling in littoral waters. It has a more robust sensor suite than its predecessors and eight mast holes, two for the new photonic masts and six that are mission configurable.

Even now, the Virginia-class carries weapons for a variety of missions. In the near future this could include unmanned undersea vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles and ballistic missile defense systems.

The Virginia class is the right ship for an era of strategic uncertainty. Yes, it can address the unconventional warfare threat. But that is not the only potential challenge the United States may face in the decades to come.

China is producing two new classes of nuclear-powered attack submarines. Russia is pressing forward with its own advanced attack boat. Both countries also are building modern diesel-electric submarines, and Russia has sold some to Iran. The move to a build rate of two Virginia-class submarines a year is not only a matter of fiscal responsibility, but one of national security too.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Great post by John Ray, I agree

No matter who wins Tuesday America is going to be a different country. When the sun rises on November 5, regardless of who the president-elect is, a more un-United States than has existed since the Civil War will wake to dispute the results of the disgusting campaign that has mercifully come to an end.

Whoever the losers, they will believe they were cheated, and will point fingers at those they believe responsible. Almost half the nation will view the winner as illegitimate, and will do everything in their power to undermine his authority as long as he’s in the White House. With this animosity will come a new level of hatred between those of differing political persuasions like nothing our country has experienced in the modern era. Putting it bluntly, and without sounding too much like Rev. Jeremiah “G-d Damn America” Wright, there will be no such thing as Americans anymore.

Instead, there’ll be Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, and encounters between the members of these groups will for years nay decades be at best unfriendly, and at worst quite hostile if not downright violent.

Think this an overstatement? Consider first what Wednesday will look like if John McCain pulls off the upset. To begin with, let’s be very clear about one thing: Democrats believe that if they lose an election it’s because their opponent cheated. It’s never their fault. It’s never because they ran a poor campaign. It’s never because their opponent ran a better one. Heck no! It’s always about voter fraud, disenfranchisement, not enough ballots, faulty machinery, hanging chads, negative advertising, intimidation tactics, campaign finance abuses, you name it.

Such is the legacy of Al Sore Loser Gore: regardless of how many news outlets went to Florida in January 2001 and found that if the counting had continued Bush still would have won, the overwhelming majority of Democrats think that election was stolen….

To make my point, I offer the now overly-discussed Bradley effect and how it relates to exit polls: How many people as they leave the voting booth Tuesday will lie to pollsters about who they voted for? Before you answer, try to imagine the pressures many people are going to feel in certain districts around the country to answer “Obama” rather than “McCain” irrespective of the truth. Also consider the possibility that many McCain supporters will just refuse to answer the question thereby skewing the results…..

Can you imagine the Rodney King-style rioting that might occur as a result, especially when folks like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the usual suspects get in front of television cameras blaming Republicans and John McCain for stealing another election, this time from a black man? They’ll be on all the morning shows Wednesday doing what they do best: fomenting hate, and pointing fingers….

On the flipside, although an Obama victory will likely not result in immediate acts of violence, Republicans already feel cheated by this campaign for a number of reasons, and understand full well that they literally have the most to lose in this election; the Messiah, contrary to all his lies on the stump, clearly intends to redistribute wealth, and it sure isn’t Republicans that are going to be on the receiving end of the junior senator from Illinois’ charity….

Once Hillary was tossed aside like so much garbage, media ignored each and every issue that could possibly undermine Obama’s ascendancy while savagely attacking Sarah Palin as well as an Ohio plumber that had the unmitigated audacity to actually ask the Messiah a decent question. Don’t even get me started on how the so-called impartial press overlooked every gaffe and misstatement made by Joe Biden while giving the Messiah a pass for going back on his promise to accept public campaign funds instead opting to raise and spend more money on his presidential aspirations than anybody ever believed possible….

Just imagine the kind of press McCain would have gotten if he had refused public financing, and spent the kind of ad dollars Obama has. Americans likely would have been told virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week that rich Republicans were trying to buy the election. However, because this is the Messiah, such talk was practically verboten.

Without a doubt, the media playing field this campaign season was as un-level as most Americans have probably ever experienced, or, for that matter ever imagined, and if Obama wins, this is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of Republicans for many years to come….

And therein lies the real tragedy, for November 4, 2008, could have been a shining moment in American history. After all, a black man is running for president, and might actually win. This should have united the country like never before, and come close to ending the racism that has been one of our nation’s banes since its inception. However, because Obama used race to get himself to this point, while also pitting folks of differing incomes against each other for his own political benefit, it seems far more likely that tomorrow will divide our country like it hasn’t been in over a century ushering back in hatred that will make Martin Luther King Jr. roll over in his grave.