Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Random Thoughts for Today

1)Are you a bigot, learning only what fits into your worldview? Or do you face every piece of evidence that comes? Do you question your own assumptions whenever information seems to violate it? Do you change your mind? I do, and often; sometimes by increments and sometimes completely, based on new incoming information.

2)When do you first set foot on the ladder to greatness? Or on the slippery slope of treason? Do you know it at the time? Or do you discover it only looking back?

3)Smug, superior, and utterly close-minded, that’s a Democrat for you.

4)The Mainstream Media: its Goebbels in practice: if you practice the same lies long enough and loudly enough, people will capitulate. We are tribal animals. We cannot long stand against the tribe.

5)America is at the end of its republic. It's antiquated Constitution is a joke. Bureaucrats and the courts make most of the decisions, while the press decides which Presidents will have enough public support to govern. We lurch forward by inertia alone. The American ideal was thrown out with Social Security and we nailed the coffin shut with group rights. We don't want individual liberty because we don't want individual responsibility. We want somebody else to take care of us. If we had a dictator who did a better job of it than our present system, then as long as he pretended to respect Congress, we'd lick his hands like dogs.

6)America is facing an all-out civil war. The rhetoric today is already as hot-blooded and insane and hate-filled as it was over slavery before the first Civil War--and even then most people refused to believe war was possible until Fort Sumter fell. A civil war can be fought anywhere, if somebody has the will, the wit, and the power to pull the right strings, push the right buttons, light the right fires.

7)Everybody hates America, until they need us to liberate them.

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