Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Privacy Rights For Terrorists, Not Plumbers

Do you remember outcry on the Left when it is was discovered that the Bush Administration was wiretapping suspected Islamic terrorists? The Left had fits of rage about the rise of fascism in America. The media denounced the untoward invasion of privacy. The ACLU filed lawsuits against the government and the phone companies. Liberal Democrats demanded hearings on Capitol Hill and even threatened to impeach the president for taking bold steps to protect our homeland security in the aftermath of 9/11.

Contrast that hyperventilating to the total silence when it comes to the real violations of privacy experienced by Joe the plumber. I mentioned in yesterday’s message that an investigation was underway in Ohio into the use of government computers to “spy” on Joe after his impromptu question exposed Obama’s socialist sympathies.

Today’s Columbus Dispatch confirms that computers at the Ohio Department of Family Services were in fact used to check on the status of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the plumber) after the October 15th presidential debate. The director who authorized the search of state records claims it was just a routine search that is done whenever someone’s name pops up in the media. And, of course, Ohio’s Democrat Governor Ted Strickland is satisfied with that response. But how did the records find their way into the media?

The Columbus Dispatch also reports, “At least four state computer checks on Wurzelbacher” were conducted after the October 15th debate and the State Highway Patrol is investigating an “unauthorized access” of its computer system.

The abuse Joe the plumber has experienced is a sad example of the twisted mindset of the radical Left – America’s Islamofascist enemies are entitled to constitutional protections, but not the Left’s political enemies. Like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, they harbor more fear and loathing of their fellow Americans and their native country than they do for the radical Islamists who murdered 3,000 of us on 9/11 and who would not hesitate to kill 30,000 or 300,000 if they could.

Don’t let these folks take over our country! Fight for it! Vote on November 4th!


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