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September 11th, 2001
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Government Bans Traditional Marriage

As the radical homosexual rights movement makes more and more demands on public policy, men and women of faith are increasingly losing the rights and culture we once took for granted. Nowhere is this more evident than in the battle over the definition of marriage. While the militant homosexual rights lobby says that it is interested only in seeking “equality” and “tolerance,” nothing could be further from the truth. “Tolerance” is a weapon that the Left uses to bludgeon its political opponents into silence and submission. And, as a result of the silence and submission of too many Americans, the Left is changing the laws and our culture through the brute force of Big Government to undermine the values of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

For example, in Massachusetts, where judicial activists redefined marriage by fiat, school officials have argued in court that public educational bureaucrats have a “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle to students now that men can “marry” other men. Is that really what you want your kids learning about?

The latest example comes from California, where a heterosexual couple who were recently married wanted their marriage license to read “Bride” and “Groom.” But when they wrote those words next to the new politically correct terms “Party A” and “Party B,” guess what happened? Their marriage license was rejected by the Placer County clerk. As WorldNetDaily put it, “‘Brides’ and ‘grooms’ are no longer allowed to marry in the State of California.” Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute commented that unless the people of California constitutionally protect the traditional meaning of marriage, “heterosexual couples will be forced to wed out of state if they wish to be officially identified as bride and groom or husband and wife.”

My friends, the culture war is real, and the outcome of these battles will impact you, your place of business, your religious liberty, your kids and their future. This is your country too. Fight for it! Make sure your voice heard in the public policy debates by voting. Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching in most states, so please make sure you, your friends and family members are all registered to vote

What's in a Name? (Greece gets pissy)
The UN is once again getting involved in the Greece-Macedonia Name War. However, there has been no progress in reaching a solution. The Name War has been going on for 17 years, since Macedonia left Yugoslavia. Greece insists on calling Macedonia the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Greece fears Macedonia will lay claim to Greek Macedonia (the northern Greek province of Macedonia). The Macedonian government assures Greece, Europe, and the rest of the world it won't. Greece, being a member of NATO, has more influence than Macedonia, though many of Greece's allies are tired of the conflict and see Greece as the "bully."

How To Make Palestine Go Away
Hamas is in a downward spiral. Opinion polls show that Hamas would receive only 29 percent of the vote if elections were held today, versus 43 percent for Fatah. The problem is that the economic problems in Gaza (largely the result of Hamas insisting that its main goal is the destruction of Israel) have changed attitudes towards Hamas (but not towards Israel, which most Palestinians still want destroyed, or at least hurt in a big way.) The hatred of Israel by Palestinians appears to be implacable, and unlikely to change any time soon. There is growing armed opposition to Hamas in Gaza, largely from al Qaeda affiliated groups. But this opposition is not strong enough to really threaten Hamas control. The Hamas reaction solution to its problems has been to build a police state in Gaza. This is not popular, but Hamas has sufficient popular support (at least a third of the 1.5 million population) to make this work. Egypt is concerned that Hamas will provide a base for Islamic terrorists, and their attacks into Egypt. A solution being talked up in Egypt is the takeover and annexation of Gaza. Israel would have to agree to this, and is apparently giving serious consideration to the idea. That has resurrected the old proposal that the West Bank be given back to Jordan (which used to control it, but give up its claims after the Palestinians decided they were a separate people four decades ago). Jordan already has many Palestinians, who comprise over half their population. Jordan has never been keen on acquiring more Palestinian citizens (the royal family that rules Jordan is Bedouin, and relies on the Bedouin minority to stay in power.)

Meanwhile, Israel has made it very difficult for Palestinians to travel between the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli counter-terror operations in the West Bank are as active as ever, keeping the terrorists neutralized (as they have been for several years.)

Israel has supplied Fatah with several thousand assault rifles and pistols, as well as vehicles (armored and unarmored.) Israel has also released about a thousand West Bank residents from jail. Most of these were being held for low level offenses, but the gesture has made Fatah more popular.

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