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Atheist Attacks Christian Woman to Convert Her

Atheist's bizarre bid to convert Christian
12 September 2008

AN ATHEIST subjected a devout Christian woman to a “relentless” campaign of harassment in which he smeared dog faeces on her car and urinated on her doorstep.

Timothy Brown, of Edwin Avenue, Woodbridge, may seek medical help after a year-long bid to change Helen Watson's religious beliefs.

Brown, 37, who is married and has a child, pleaded guilty at South East Magistrates' Court in Ipswich yesterday to racially aggravated harassment between September 1, 2007, and September 10 this year.

His lawyer, Neil Saunders told magistrates: “It is utterly bizarre. He ought to see his doctor.”

The ordeal began in September last year after Mrs Watson had placed a religious fish sticker in her car.

After that point, she would regularly find that another sticker had been put on top of it with words such as “myth”, “deceived”, “sucker” and “fiction”, which she said were derogatory to her religious views.

Mrs Watson, of Barton Road, Woodbridge, decided not to do anything about it and hoped the problem would go away, but in August this year, Brown stepped up his campaign.

On several occasions, Mrs Watson came home to find that Brown had either smeared dog excrement on her car, allowed his dog to excrete on her lawn or had himself urinated on her property.

In a statement read out in court, Mrs Watson said she had been forced to lock her doors while in the house and found the experience upsetting.

She said: “I feel I am being victimised for my religious beliefs. I am concerned because my children have to get in and out of the car.

“I also find it embarrassing that when people come to visit there is a strong smell of urine. This harassment is relentless.”

During the latest spate of attacks, police installed secret CCTV at Mrs Watson's home which caught Brown visiting the property a number of times.

Naomi Turner, prosecuting, said Brown was arrested on Wednesday and admitted to police that he was an atheist and wanted Mrs Watson to “reconsider her religious beliefs”.

Mrs Turner added: “Brown became frustrated that he got no reaction. The incident with the dog excrement was done in anger and the urinating was meant to be a dirty protest.”

Brown was granted bail on the condition that he does not contact Mrs Watson or go to Woodbridge. He is due to appear for sentencing at Ipswich Crown Court on a date to be set.

Checkmate On Iran
The UAE (United Arab Emirates) wants to buy $7 billion worth of American THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) anti-missile systems to protect itself against the growing arsenal of Iranian ballistic missiles. The UAE is a confederation of small Arab states at the southern end of the Persian Gulf. With a population of only 5.5 million, and large oil and gas deposits, the emirates have a per-capita income of $43,000. Thus the UAE has a lot to defend, and an increasingly belligerent neighbor just across the Gulf. The UAE controls one side the entrance to the Gulf (the Straits of Hormuz). Iran is on the other end, and both nations dispute ownership of some islands in the middle.

The U.S. has agreed to the sale, even though the U.S. Army just formed the first of four THAD anti-ballistic missile (ABM) batteries earlier this year. This unit will be ready for combat in two years, using the THAAD missile. The other three batteries will be in service within five years. Twenty months ago, there was a successful test of THAAD (a SCUD type target was destroyed in flight) using a crew of soldiers for the first time, and not manufacturer technicians, to operate the system.

Each THAAD battery will have 24 missiles, three launchers and a fire control communications system. This will include an X-Band radar. The gear for each battery will cost $310 million. The 18 foot long THAAD missiles weigh 1,400 pounds. This is about the same size as the Patriot anti-aircraft missile, but twice the weight of the anti-missile version of the Patriot. The range of THAAD is 200 kilometers, max altitude is 150 kilometers, and it is intended for short (like SCUD) or medium range (up to 2,000 kilometer) range ballistic missiles. This is what Iran has a lot of.

THAAD has been in development for two decades. Ultimately, the army would like to buy at least 18 launchers, 1,400 missiles, and 18 radars. The UAE appears to be buying more than that; at least a dozen batteries, which is enough to cover the entire southern end of the Persian Gulf against whatever the Iranians can throw at them. However, it will be at least five years before any of the UAE has any of these THAADs deployed. With an order that size, perhaps the U.S. will throw in some temporary protection via U.S. Navy warships equipped with Aegis anti-missile missiles.

THAAD is a step up from the Patriot PAC-3 anti-missile (which is an anti-aircraft missile adapted to take out incoming missiles). The PAC-3 works, but it has limited (20 kilometers) range. The navy has also modified its Standard anti-aircraft missile system to operate like the PAC-3. This system, the RIM-161A, also known as the Standard Missile 3 (or SM-3), has a longer range than THAAD (over 500 kilometers) and max altitude of 160 kilometers. missiles. The Standard 3 is based on the failed anti-missile version of the Standard 2, and costs over three million dollars each. The Standard 3 has four stages. The first two stages boost the interceptor out of the atmosphere. The third stage fires twice to boost the interceptor farther beyond the earth's atmosphere. Prior to each motor firing it takes a GPS reading to correct course for approaching the target. The fourth stage is the 20 pound LEAP kill vehicle, which uses infrared sensors to close on the target and ram it.

The UAE has already bought Patriot anti-missile and anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as dozens of new fighter interceptors, and tens of billions of dollars of new gear for their army and navy. The UAE armed forces has 60,000 troops, and they are armed to the teeth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concentration Camp Janeane

Another example of liberal hate: actress Janeane Garofalo, who claimed "Democrats as people are fundamentally more decent" and preaches here own brand of liberal "tolerance", suggests that all Republicans should be jailed. She might have also said "all Christians" as well since that's who most Republicans are.....what an evil witch! I say let's reverse that and jail all Democrats. See how ridiculous that sounds?! Let's call her......"Concentration Camp Janeane"

Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean
CARACAS (Reuters) - Several Russian ships and 1,000 soldiers will take part in joint naval maneuvers with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea later this year, exercises likely to increase diplomatic tensions with Washington, a pro-government newspaper reported on Saturday.

Quoting Venezuela's naval intelligence director, Salbarore Cammarata, the newspaper Vea said four Russian boats would visit Venezuelan waters from November 10 to 14.

Plans for the naval operations come at a time of heightened diplomatic tension and Cold War-style rhetoric between Moscow and the United States over the recent war in Georgia and plans for a U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Cammarata said it would be the first time Russia's navy carried out such exercises in Latin America. He said the Venezuelan air force would also take part.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an outspoken critic of Washington, has said in recent weeks that Russian ships and planes are welcome to visit the South American country.

"If the Russian long-distance planes that fly around the world need to land at some Venezuelan landing strip, they are welcome, we have no problems," he said on his weekly television show last week.

Chavez, who buys billions of dollars of weapons from Russia, has criticized this year's reactivation of the U.S. Navy's Fourth Fleet, which will patrol Latin America for the first time in over 50 years.

The socialist Chavez says he fears the United States will invade oil-rich Venezuela and he supports Russia's growing geopolitical presence as a counterbalance to U.S. power.

Chavez has bought fighter jets and submarines from Russia to retool Venezuela's aging weapons and says he is also interested in a missile defense system.

(Reporting by Frank Jack Daniel; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Russian bombers conduct patrols along South American coast

(NSI News Source Info) MOSCOW - September 17, 2008: The two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers that landed in Venezuela last week have successfully carried out a patrol mission along the South American coast, a Russian Air Force spokesman said on Tuesday.

"The aircraft took off from the Libertador airbase in Venezuela on Monday and flew along the South American coast toward Brazil," Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik said.

The bombers landed back at the Latin American base after a six-hour flight.

"The flight was performed in strict accordance with international rules on the use of airspace over neutral waters, without violating the borders of other states," the spokesman said.

The Tu-160 Blackjack is a supersonic, variable-geometry heavy bomber, designed to strike strategic targets with nuclear and conventional weapons deep in continental theaters of operation.

According to the spokesman, the bombers are carrying dummy missiles without warheads and their primary mission is to practice patrol sorties in a tropical climate.

Drik earlier said that following the training mission, the Tu-160 crews would meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The bombers are set to leave Venezuela on Thursday and head back to their base in southern Russia.

"The aircraft will take off from an airfield near Caracas on September 18 and conduct a 15-hour return flight to Russia. Their landing at a base in Engels [Saratov Region] is scheduled for September 19," Drik said.

Russia resumed strategic bomber patrol flights over the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans last August, following an order signed by then-President Vladimir Putin. Russian bombers have since carried out more than 90 strategic patrol flights and have often been escorted by NATO planes.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in mid-August that the Bush administration was unhappy with flights by Russian strategic bombers near U.S. borders and accused Moscow of playing a "dangerous game."

ME: Venezuela has kicked out our ambassador this week and virtually declared war upon the United States. How long before we go in and kick the shit out of them with a "strategic raid"? Do we have to wait before he attacks the USA or our allies in the region?

Stupid Russians.....
The Sunday Times reports that in response to U.S. plans for a missile defense shield in Europe, Russia may arm its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads. Russia could supply nuclear warheads to the submarines, cruisers and fighter bombers of the Baltic fleet, which a senior Russian military source said has been under-funded since communism’s collapse. “That will change now,” said the source. “In view of America’s determination to set up a missile defense shield in Europe, the military is reviewing all its plans to give Washington an adequate response.” U.S. ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker said he knew Russia was considering rearming the Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads and said such a move would be “really unfortunate.”

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About Muslims

Speaking on 9/11, Senator John McCain said he felt it was important for the USA to allow foreigners into our nation (mainly for education purposes) so that they can see how "extraordinary" our nation really is. Maybe he thinks that if people who hate our nation come and live here for awhile, they will get to know and like us because we are a likable people. I am sure that McCain thinks that since Americans are the least judgmental and most helpful people in the world, these radical religious fanatics will have no choice than to see US citizens for what they really are; just a nice bunch of folks.

However, this sort of think is foolish since 16 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 had been educated in the West (both Germany and the United States) and already had an up close view on what Americans are really like. Take for example Aafia Siddiqui.

A Pakistani-born woman suspected of links to al-Qaeda was charged in a New York federal court with trying to kill American officials and soldiers in Afghanistan. Aafia Siddiqui, a neuroscientist educated in America, was extradited from Pakistan to face trial.

Here is a highly educated woman who, even though she was brought to America to see how great we treat our women (especially in comparison to her home country or neighboring Afghanistan), she still sought to kill Americans regardless of how kind they had been to her while in the USA. I am sure that the US government also paid for part of her tuition as well. Sadly, she hates this country enough to try and kill its citizens. The problem is in the religion of these people, and in their minds.

And its not as if the USA has tried to keep muslims down or defeat them time and again, that isn't true. Take for example Pakistan; we have given tens of billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan and stood by that muslim nation during its wars with neighboring India. This was very foolish since India is a true democracy while Pakistan has been mostly a dictatorship since its inception. Also, the United States rushed o aid muslim Kuwait during the First Gulf War and also protected muslim Bosnians during the Serbian-backed genocide in former Yugoslavia. So no one can say that he United States has been so biased against muslim countries that it deserves to have muslims attacks its citizens, soldiers, and armed forces.

I think Dinesh D'souza hit it right on the head when he said that the cultural left in the USA is responsible for 9/11 in two ways: by fostering a decadent and depraved American culture that angers and repulses other societies--especially traditional and religious ones--and by promoting at home and abroad, an anti-American attitude that blames America for all the problems of the world. This last part feeds directly into the muslim psyche, where locals in the Middle East blame the CIA for not having running water instead of their own leaders.

In the end, I believe that they was Islam has been written and the way most muslims believe seriously hinders the ability of any nation, group, or religion from being able to co-exist side by side with muslims because they are truly the most intolerant people on the planet. They cannot get along with the Buddhists in Thailand (they are hacking those peaceful people to death with machetes), they cannot get along with the Hindus (just look at India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan), nor the Jews in the Middle East (who existed in that region FAR longer than the muslims ever have), nor even Christians (take a look at the Philippeans or Indonesia, where the muslims forcibly convert Christians, and circumcise them without benefit of anesthesia (using household scissors). They tell afterwards to go wash in the sea to prevent infection.

No one will be able to get along with a people who's religion is so vile and evil, and hopefully the world will one day wake up and see the truth for what it really is: in Islam it's convert or die....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today is...

September 11th, 2001
Never forget.....

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Government Bans Traditional Marriage

As the radical homosexual rights movement makes more and more demands on public policy, men and women of faith are increasingly losing the rights and culture we once took for granted. Nowhere is this more evident than in the battle over the definition of marriage. While the militant homosexual rights lobby says that it is interested only in seeking “equality” and “tolerance,” nothing could be further from the truth. “Tolerance” is a weapon that the Left uses to bludgeon its political opponents into silence and submission. And, as a result of the silence and submission of too many Americans, the Left is changing the laws and our culture through the brute force of Big Government to undermine the values of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

For example, in Massachusetts, where judicial activists redefined marriage by fiat, school officials have argued in court that public educational bureaucrats have a “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle to students now that men can “marry” other men. Is that really what you want your kids learning about?

The latest example comes from California, where a heterosexual couple who were recently married wanted their marriage license to read “Bride” and “Groom.” But when they wrote those words next to the new politically correct terms “Party A” and “Party B,” guess what happened? Their marriage license was rejected by the Placer County clerk. As WorldNetDaily put it, “‘Brides’ and ‘grooms’ are no longer allowed to marry in the State of California.” Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute commented that unless the people of California constitutionally protect the traditional meaning of marriage, “heterosexual couples will be forced to wed out of state if they wish to be officially identified as bride and groom or husband and wife.”

My friends, the culture war is real, and the outcome of these battles will impact you, your place of business, your religious liberty, your kids and their future. This is your country too. Fight for it! Make sure your voice heard in the public policy debates by voting. Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching in most states, so please make sure you, your friends and family members are all registered to vote

What's in a Name? (Greece gets pissy)
The UN is once again getting involved in the Greece-Macedonia Name War. However, there has been no progress in reaching a solution. The Name War has been going on for 17 years, since Macedonia left Yugoslavia. Greece insists on calling Macedonia the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Greece fears Macedonia will lay claim to Greek Macedonia (the northern Greek province of Macedonia). The Macedonian government assures Greece, Europe, and the rest of the world it won't. Greece, being a member of NATO, has more influence than Macedonia, though many of Greece's allies are tired of the conflict and see Greece as the "bully."

How To Make Palestine Go Away
Hamas is in a downward spiral. Opinion polls show that Hamas would receive only 29 percent of the vote if elections were held today, versus 43 percent for Fatah. The problem is that the economic problems in Gaza (largely the result of Hamas insisting that its main goal is the destruction of Israel) have changed attitudes towards Hamas (but not towards Israel, which most Palestinians still want destroyed, or at least hurt in a big way.) The hatred of Israel by Palestinians appears to be implacable, and unlikely to change any time soon. There is growing armed opposition to Hamas in Gaza, largely from al Qaeda affiliated groups. But this opposition is not strong enough to really threaten Hamas control. The Hamas reaction solution to its problems has been to build a police state in Gaza. This is not popular, but Hamas has sufficient popular support (at least a third of the 1.5 million population) to make this work. Egypt is concerned that Hamas will provide a base for Islamic terrorists, and their attacks into Egypt. A solution being talked up in Egypt is the takeover and annexation of Gaza. Israel would have to agree to this, and is apparently giving serious consideration to the idea. That has resurrected the old proposal that the West Bank be given back to Jordan (which used to control it, but give up its claims after the Palestinians decided they were a separate people four decades ago). Jordan already has many Palestinians, who comprise over half their population. Jordan has never been keen on acquiring more Palestinian citizens (the royal family that rules Jordan is Bedouin, and relies on the Bedouin minority to stay in power.)

Meanwhile, Israel has made it very difficult for Palestinians to travel between the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli counter-terror operations in the West Bank are as active as ever, keeping the terrorists neutralized (as they have been for several years.)

Israel has supplied Fatah with several thousand assault rifles and pistols, as well as vehicles (armored and unarmored.) Israel has also released about a thousand West Bank residents from jail. Most of these were being held for low level offenses, but the gesture has made Fatah more popular.

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