Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mass Murder in Denver Thwarted

You know, it has always seemed to me that the Big Lie is always successful, no matter what lie it is covering. The last Big Lie I can recall is that "Islam is a Religion of Peace". If this were true, then why are muslims (and not Christians or Hindus) killing their wives and daughters over affairs of honor? Why does the leader of Iran say there are no homosexuals in their country? Did they outlaw them all and kill them all like so many other muslim nations have? What disturbs me mostly was this week a muslim man was found dead in a hotel in Denver (I just moved from there). He apparently was planning on poisoning the water supply of the city while the Democratic National Convention was happening. He was a Somali muslim. I find it shocking and worrisome that any religion would use weapons of mass destruction (poisonous gases and toxins, bioweapons, and even radioactive and nuclear materials). Can you imagine if Christian people were doing this? The outcry! The uproar! I can hear it now: "They're fanatics, wipe them out! Make their religion illegal! Take away their children", and other such words but since it if the "Religion of Peace" doing this, there is silence.....think about it my friends. Think hard.


BMD in Israel
The U.S. has agreed to set up a ballistic missile early warning radar in the Negev desert. The portable radar will be manned by American soldiers rotated in from bases in Europe. The radars may arrive before the end of the year, but more likely, by early next year. This radar will improve Israeli ability to detect missiles coming from Iran.

Meanwhile, RAFAEL is adding a dramatic new capability to attack helicopters – the ability to launch mini-UAVs when airborne. The company is demonstrating this capability on their attack helicopter simulator (Helicoat).


“The Skylite was originally developed as a canister launched mini-UAV, so its modification into a helicopter-borne system does not require drastic redesign” says Menachem Dvir from RAFAEL. The canister-launched Skylite is displayed loaded on a quad Spike launcher, identical to a launcher already cleared for helicopters such as the Spanish Tiger attack helicopter. “When on a mission, helicopters can deploy the Skylite to scan an without exposing themselves to anti-aircraft threats, such as shoulder fired missiles (MANPADS) and RPGs. When targets are detected, Skylite hands over the images to the crew, for prosecution with precision guided weapons such as Spike ER. Attack helicopters are already using UAVs to facilitate accelerated ‘kill chains’. Therefore, offering such capability as an integral capability is the next logical step” said Dvir.

The Grand Deception
A Taiwanese journalist found an army unit posting dummies around its base, and reported that the military was so short of men, as it was using mannequins dressed as soldiers to man checkpoints, and not very convincing ones at that. Questions were raised in parliament. An army representative said, publicly, that the dummies were there to fool spy satellites. Privately, the general apparently warned the media and politicians to back off. Spy satellite deception has been a growing military activity since the 1970s, when it was revealed that the Russians spent enormous amounts of money and effort to try and fool American spy satellites. After the Cold War, it was discovered that some of those deceptions were effective.

China launched its first spy satellite in 1975, and by the 1990s normally had at least a dozen of them in orbit. Until the late 1990s, these were the kind of satellites that had to return their film to earth for developing. This method was dropped by the United States in the 1980s. The Chinese have since moved on to digital photo satellites, which transmit images to earth. The U.S. began using this technology in the 1970s. Digital satellites can take a lot more photos, and that means the potential enemy has to put a lot more effort into

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