Friday, August 29, 2008

The DNC in Denver

You know, after watching the DNC convention in Denver this week, a city I recently moved from, the more I question why should Barack Obama be President of the United States? From disgusting shady deals for his home to such a lack of poor judgment by associating with America-hating Jeremiah Wright and terrorist William Ayres. Don't you know, Mr. Obama, that you are known by the company you keep? Hanging out with such despicable people like Wright and Ayres only shows your extremely poor judgment. The worst decision Obama has made is the fact that he said he would speak to the most anti-American hating leaders around the world (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Il Sung) but refuse to speak to fellow Americans on the Right. Obama refuses to speak to Focus on the Family and Fox News because they are "right wing" but he will talk to Ahmadinejad and Il Sung because they are leftists. Too bad Obama has such poor judgment.

Here we are, in the middle of the most important wars in our history, and we are about to hand over the leadership of this country to a single term black senator from Illinois? Are people insane?

Obama is also against progress. He, like his left-wing brethren, are wedded to the new religion: gaiaism. This form of planet worship (instead of God-worship) is shown in the form of "saving the planet" (instead of peoples) and in "renewable energy". Instead of tapping the vast oil reserves here in the United States (more than 3 times what Saudi Arabia has, in the Rocky Mountains alone) they want to gut economic progress by forcing everyone to use wind and solar power. They are waging an all-out war against nuclear, oil, hydroelectric, and coal power. Oh the Democrats will fight all right, not the War on Terror but the War Against Gaia.

Jill Biden: beautiful, gracious, stunningly kind, and a good wife and mother. I was deeply impressed by her behavior in public and I wish her well, whatever happens in the future.


Michelle Obama: you’d think that someone who earns $360,000 a year from a hospital could get good dental care, but apparently not. Her most infamous quote: “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country” See the video here if you don’t believe the quote.

Bill Clinton: has the nerve to complain about the US military’s capability when he was the one who gutted it in the 1990s. He slashed the US Army from 18 divisions to 10, from 15 aircraft carriers to 10, from 36 combat airwings to nearly 20. Bill Clinton was the single most responsible person for the weakening of thee US armed forces, putting now in a very dangerous global position.

And he has the nerve to discuss the financial situation in the USA when he sold this country out by signing (illegally) NAFTA. That economic treaty destroyed the industrial base of this country. Clinton's foolish signing of this law cost the US over 5 million high-paying jobs, then blame the Bush administration for it. It's absurd.

Madeline Albright: the most despicable human being in the former Clinton administration was given center stage to speak at the Obama convention. She was most directly responsible for the mass murders and all-out genocide in black Rwanda in 1994. This woman, this fiend, was singularly responsible for the mass deaths in Rwanda and she deserved no spotlight like she had at the convention. Again, Democrats show the worst judgment in picking leaders; mass murder accomplices, hard-core radical leftists, and America-hating "pastors". This is the real Democratic Party, the Party of Death. They are the party of the gays, the blacks, the unions, and other hard-core leftist groups. The are anti-Christian and anti-life ("pro-choice") and anyone voting for him should keep this in mind and judge wisely.


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