Friday, June 06, 2008

Why the Eco-Pagans must "Go Away"

For a short time I lived with a couple in Denver who were very "green". They wouldn't eat regular eggs or pasteurized milk, and certainly would never use their microwave to "nuke" their food. I grew quickly exasperated at their constant efforts to put me down for eating like a regular joe. Their constant remarks about how bad pasteurized milk was made me laugh; I briefly lived on a dairy farm with my grandparents and all sorts of "things" drop into the milk pail. This doesn't even include the reason why people pasteurize milk in the first place: to kill a deadly disease called brucellosis, which is carried in many cows milk and kills thousands of people every year who cannot heat up there milk to kill the germs. Cows are often fed hormones to increase milk production but "organic cows" produce less milk, damaging the environment by needed more cows to produce as much milk as hormone induced cows are.

This couple also ragged on my about the eggs that I bought. I thought they were so smart in paying $4 for twelve eggs, while I got mine for a dollar. However, a organic chicken's lifetime greenhouse gas emissions exceed a nonorganic birds by 45%. Take that you anti-scientific radicals!

Recently, my aunt went to visit her only child in Portland, who had somehow fallen in with this dastardly crowd. She was made to feel so unwelcome that she cut short her visit by several days and was forced to miss her only grand-daughters first birthday because her son and daughter-in-law fought with her over the food she bought in a restaurant (it was meat, OMG!). They also apparently refuse to buy clothes from overseas, and the raggedy ones they now wear make them look like third world refugees, or poorly clothed gypsies. Their behavior towards my aunt (who is a lovely women) just reinforced the fact in my family that these Gaians, these eco-pagans, these environmental radicals are just as fanatical about their "beliefs" than a Islamic terrorist is...and they will make sure you know it, too! In the end, this "green" movement will pass away and the adherents to it will discover they were foolish indeed. We just have to put up with their snobbish BS until they do discover the road back to sanity.

I'm waiting......

The Lesbians-in-Seattle Debate

My two cents; if you cannot help yourself from making your fellow man (or women) around you feel so uncomfortable that they feel compelled to complain, you deserve all the crap that rains down on you. You were looking for trouble, and maybe a little ego-boo or maybe a little cash from the Lamestream media.

Why some Women will never vote for Hillary
My aunt Bonnie is a hard-core Democrat, in fact in her 50+ years of life I don't believe that she has ever voted Republican. This type of voting bias comes from the fact that both of her parents are also die-hard Democrats and haven't ever voted Republican either. This year is different, however. For the first time in her life, my aunt is going to vote Republican, and here's why: a few months ago Hillary Clinton cried in front of an audience when she assumed she was losing the Democratic nomination for President to Barak Obama. That one act so turned off my aunt that she (and my grandmother!) both decided to vote for John McCain instead. I asked her why this was such a big deal and she said that if Hillary was going to cry over votes, she couldn't possibly stand up to mean and nasty dictators around the world who would do much more than just call her names. This single sign of weakness in Hillary doomed much of her run as President. My aunt said it was absolutely critical that the United States appear strong (and not weak) in the world when considering the islamic threat to our nation and the world. "What we, must have, is a strong President. Period. I don't care that she is a woman." My grandmother had the same sentiment and I find it ironic that something that women do on a regular basis, cry, was the one thing that turned many women against her. Very ironic indeed.

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