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Suburbia and Blacks, and Gay Marriage

Who the Clintons' REALLY are by Dick Morris
In January 1998, right after The Washington Post revealed President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica, I spoke with him about his predicament. Shell-shocked and stunned at the calls for his impeachment, he knew he was facing the fight of his life. At first, he was vintage Bill Clinton: maudlin, sad and full of self-pity. But as we talked, he gradually changed his tone. Admitting that he was not innocent, but recognizing his diminishing support, he then told me defiantly: “Well, we’ll just have to win.”

Several years later, I was surprised to read in Sidney Blumenthal’s memoirs that then-first lady Hillary Clinton had used the exact same words on the exact same day in a conversation with the White House aide. “We’ll just have to win.”

That’s how the Clintons think — no matter what, they have to win. Winning is everything, and how you do it is not determined by any inner sense of values or ethics, but by a resolve to do whatever needs to be done, no more and certainly no less. So, on that day in January 1998 — because they had to win — their campaign to discredit a 23-year-old intern began in the White House. Private investigators dug up her old boyfriends. White House operatives spread the word that it was the president who was the victim. The young woman was an unbalanced stalker.

As impeachment unfolded, the extramarital affairs of key members of the Republican leadership in the House were suddenly outed.

Hillary Clinton began the disinformation campaign. Appearing on “The Today Show,” she righteously claimed that there was nothing to support Lewinsky’s claims and insisted that Bill was just “ministering” to a “troubled young woman.” Then came the blue dress and the Clintons finally — and reluctantly — changed gears.

But they never changed philosophies. Winning is still everything. No matter who gets destroyed, offended or hurt in the process.

We’ve seen it throughout Hillary’s campaign: the race-baiting by Bill Clinton in South Carolina and by Hillary in Kentucky. His comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson and her talk about “hard-working whites” was not accidental. The Clintons don’t make verbal mistakes.

Everything they say is deliberate. And then Bill Clinton actually had the nerve to say that it was the Obama campaign and not him — that they had played the race card. Once again, he’s the victim.

Now Bill and Hillary are desperate to keep Hillary in the race. Despite mathematical impossibility, the Clintons are biding their time. Out of money and out of delegates, they are waiting for some unknown force to suddenly emerge and change the race. That’s why Hillary made the reference to Bobby Kennedy.

Because the Clintons know, better than most people, that time has often been a friend.

Anything can happen. Remember how, in 2001, they left the White House as pariahs amid the uproar about the last-minute pardons involving brothers of both of them, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts of china, silver and furniture that they arranged to get from donors, and the theft of White House furniture. They were in disgrace. Hillary’s first press conference was a defense of her brothers’ payments for pardons. Both Clintons were lambasted by The New York Times, The Washington Post and every other media outlet. And, in Bill’s last hours in office, he pleaded guilty to crime and was disbarred.

But seven years later, Hillary has come amazingly close to becoming the Democratic Party nominee. And until he destroyed his reputation by his bizarre and belligerent behavior in Hillary’s campaign, Bill Clinton was the most popular guy in the world.

Time allowed Bill and Hillary to remake themselves — he as a save-the-world philanthropist and she as a hard-working senator who got along with everyone.

Just like time had turned the special counsel’s draft indictment of Hillary into scrap paper, particularly after Jim McDougal, the chief witness, died in prison.

And time erased the memory of the Clintons’ pardon of the FALN terrorist group to help Hillary with the Puerto Rican community.

But now time is finally running out for the Clintons. They’ve stayed at the party too long, and it isn’t a pretty sight. But they won’t leave gracefully. No way. They still believe that there’s a chance to win. And they’ll do anything to make that happen.

Because they just have to win.

Why (White) Suburbia Exists
Haha....someone said today what I have always thoughts. Former Bill Clinton adviser (for almost 20 years) Dick Morris said that the busing system that was meant to de-segregate the South did the exact opposite, which makes sense. No one can be forced to live near people they choose not to. Here is the quote: "Busing failed to integrate our schools and led, instead, to greater segregation as whites fled to the suburbs and/or to private schools." He is right and the State, especially the federal government, should stop trying to social integrate groups who do not want to be integrated. This sort of thing is completely totalitarian and un-American and I am glad it didn't "work".

On Gay Marriage by GB
Also, I am discovering that gays (especially gay men) are completely not interested in Democracy. California officials have announced that the state will begin issuing same-sex “marriage” licenses on June 17th. Unless the state Supreme Court agrees to stay its ruling until after the November election, when the people will have the opportunity to vote on a marriage protection amendment, marriage licenses in America’s most populace state will no longer read “Husband” and “Wife” but will instead list “Party A” and “Party B.” That’s just the beginning. The words “husband” and “wife” will soon disappear from our lexicon altogether, having been banished as “hate speech” as they are exclusionary and discriminatory. The words will be banned from textbooks because they might offend some parent whose child doesn’t have a mother and a father but instead two “parties.”

In response to an appeals court ruling brought by a homosexual couple “married” in Canada, the governor of New York has just issued an executive order requiring the Empire State to recognize homosexual “marriages” performed in other jurisdictions, such as California, Canada and Massachusetts. According to the New York Times, New York will be the only state that recognizes homosexual “marriages” where homosexual “marriage” is not legal. How can that be? In 2006, the state’s highest court refused to recognize same-sex “marriage” and rightly said the issue should be decided by the legislature. But the governor’s action effectively circumvents the state’s highest court, bows to foreign law and violates the principle of separation of powers by superseding the legislature. Again, we are witnessing the advance of the homosexual agenda by the most undemocratic means possible. The governor of New York and the appeals court judges should be impeached.

In response to earlier efforts to redefine the meaning of marriage, concerned citizens successfully passed marriage protection amendments in 27 states. The amendments are subject to federal court review, which is probably coming sooner than we realize. To counter that threat, the pro-family movement has promoted a federal marriage amendment, but liberal politicians in Congress have defeated it twice. While I share the frustration of many conservatives over how weakly the amendment was supported by the president and Republican members of Congress, the sad fact is even if every Republican senator had voted for the amendment, it still would have fallen ten votes short of the two-thirds super-majority required to pass, because only two Democrats supported it. While the state marriage amendments have passed by an average vote of 69%, the meaning of marriage has regrettably become a partisan issue in Congress.

Here’s my point: The Founders made it hard to amend the Constitution. It’s especially hard in a country that is so closely divided between Left and Right, as we are today. What the Founders could not have anticipated, however, is that our courts would rewrite the Constitution every time they met, which is exactly what’s being done at the state and federal level. That’s one reason why judicial appointments generally, and the next two or three Supreme Court appointments specifically, are so important.

It's time that Democracy had its way, and these small groups that are trying to seize power over the majority be told to take a hike!

The only Smart Politician in America
Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) told CNBC, "We also need more exploration. But we really need to get more oil to the market, particularly from our own country. The best signal we can send to OPEC and anywhere else in the world is maybe not filing a lawsuit against them but actually saying 'we are going to start producing in our own country.'"


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