Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Religion of Peace?

1)The Middle East terrorist are hooking up with Far East drug cartels in a much more formal way. In some cases they are actually taking over the drug operations completely. The Central Asian republics are imploding. Drug production is the fastest growing part of the economy in the region and since the republics were former Soviet Union toxic waste dumps, we could soon have Middle East terrorist groups selling radioactive heroin and crack in the United States.

2)Missives from the Middle East are a chilling chronicle of hatred of America by fanatics who seek to extinguish freedom, enslave women, corrupt education, and kill Americans wherever and whenever they can....


3)Radical terrorists attacked a group of tourists in November 1997 at the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor, Egypt (the country's most popular tourist area). Six terrorists disguised as policemen shot and slashed to death fifty-eight Japanese and Swiss tourists, including women and children, just as they exited their bus, looking forward to viewing the pyramids. Four Egyptian law officials died in the slaughter as well....four years before 911.

4)The transnational nature of the terrorist threat that confronts the United States was dramatically illustrated in the September 11 attacks. The terrorists underwent basic training in Afghanistan. They planned their attack in Western Europe. Their finances were developed from the Middle East. That bin Laden's minions draw their resources from around the globe ie well known. The perpetrators trained in flying skills in America, they fine-tuned their operation in Southeast Asia and launched their specific efforts from three different American states.


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