Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fraud in America: easy if you aren't Whitey

Many years ago the federal government would not let new immigrants have access to public welfare systems like Social Security, Medicare, and welfare for the first 5 years when a legal immigrant became a US citizen. This was fair because not only did it prevent abuse by recent immigrants on social programs that they had never paid into but it also helped avoid a welfare mentality in newly arriving immigrants to the USA, giving them a healthy view of work within our society and deterring laziness, a "gimme" mindset, and even crime (idle hands). However, these laws are not being enforced and it is gutting the financial stability of the US taxpayer and rapidly depleting the social funds of the US overall, and here is how it is being done:

My mother recently went to a two day certification program to help take care of my elderly grandmother. She is now 81 years old and my mother wants to avoid putting her in a nursing home for as long as possible (old folks homes are mostly inhumane). Since a state pays around $6,000 per person in a nursing home, many states now encourage family members to keep their elderly parents at home with financial incentives. The amount of money varies from state to state but in Washington state it comes to about $2,000 to $3,000 per month, per parent.

During the program, my mother was (shockingly) the only white person and only English speaker in the room (a dozen all told). The remaining "citizens" were Laotian, Ukrainian, and Mexican and since none of them spoke English, paid interpreters for all 3 groups had to be on hand, and they were paid by the state of Washington to interpret. All of the "citizens" were new immigrants and all will be taking care of their own elders (who had apparently moved to the US as well). Since they were new immigrants, none had paid anything into the "system". Sad huh?

It's this sort of fraud and abuse that will destroy the USA. The government of Washington KNOWS what is happening because they paid for the interpreters. They also know the status of each person but because of a rampant PC mentality in this state, nothing will be done.

This sort of fraud and abuse should be outlawed and banned.....

Words Do Matter
Many Americans – Republicans, Democrats and Independents -- have been rightly outraged over the defeatist statements of leading politicians. High ranking members of Congress have declared our war effort in Iraq “lost,” while others have gone so far as to accuse our soldiers of “cold-blooded murder.” Others insist that the war is wrong and must be ended – even without victory. Such remarks have rankled many of us. I and others have suggested that such talk provides “aid and comfort” to our enemies, who are keenly aware of U.S. news and public opinion. The Left has dismissed these complaints. In fact, some have even wrapped their anti-war, anti-military rhetoric in the flag, arguing that their dissent is itself a form of patriotic expression. Maybe they won’t take my word for it, but hopefully they will listen to Harvard researchers, who just completed a study and concluded that there is in fact a “measurable emboldenment effect” from defeatist rhetoric.

According to one press report, the study found: “Periods of intense news media coverage in the United States of criticism about the war, or of polling about public opinion on the conflict, are followed by a small but quantifiable increases in the number of attacks on civilians and U.S. forces in Iraq. …The increase in attacks is more pronounced in areas of Iraq that have better access to international news media…” This report certainly does put a new spin on those who say they support our troops, but oppose the war. The best way to support our troops and bring them home faster is to support them fully in word and deed and stop giving our enemy reasons to believe that it is breaking our resolve!

I’m sure you noticed the press coverage lately reminding us that the toll in Iraq has reached 4,000 casualties. As veteran and columnist Ralph Peters put it, “For those who lose a loved one, that single casualty might as well be a million.” But Peters titled his column today “Abusing America’s War Dead,” and that’s exactly how I felt listening to the talking heads in the media and many politicians denouncing the war. They are not “honoring” our heroes. They are using their deaths as a political cudgel to criticize America and our policies. And, once again, through their words they are providing aid and comfort to the Islamofascists who fly planes into buildings, behead their captives and strap bombs on children and disabled women. Like World War II, this is a fight for civilization, and it is a fight we must win.

Ten Worst Countries to be a Woman
Here are 10 of the worst countries in the world to be a woman today:

• Afghanistan: The average Afghan girl will live to only 45 – one year less than an Afghan male. After three decades of war and religion-based repression, an overwhelming number of women are illiterate. More than half of all brides are under 16, and one woman dies in childbirth every half hour. Domestic violence is so common that 87 per cent of women admit to experiencing it. But more than one million widows are on the streets, often forced into prostitution. Afghanistan is the only country in which the female suicide rate is higher than that of males.

• Democratic Republic of Congo: In the eastern DRC, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has ignited again, with women on the front line. Rapes are so brutal and systematic that UN investigators have called them unprecedented. Many victims die; others are infected with HIV and left to look after children alone. Foraging for food and water exposes women to yet more violence. Without money, transport or connections, they have no way of escape.

• Nepal: Early marriage and childbirth exhaust the country's malnourished women, and one in 24 will die in pregnancy or childbirth. Daughters who aren't married off may be sold to traffickers before they reach their teens. Widows face extreme abuse and discrimination if they're labelled bokshi, meaning witches. A low-level civil war between government and Maoist rebels has forced rural women into guerrilla groups.

• Sudan: While Sudanese women have made strides under reformed laws, the plight of those in Darfur, in western Sudan, has worsened. Abduction, rape or forced displacement have destroyed more than 1 million women's lives since 2003. The janjaweed militias have used systematic rape as a demographic weapon, but access to justice is almost impossible for the female victims of violence.

• Guatemala, where an impoverished female underclass faces domestic violence, rape and the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa. An epidemic of gruesome unsolved murders has left hundreds of women dead, some of their bodies left with hate messages.

In Mali, one of the world's poorest countries, few women escape the torture of genital mutilation, many are forced into early marriages, and one in 10 dies in pregnancy or childbirth.

In the tribal border areas of Pakistan, women are gang-raped as punishment for men's crimes. But honour killing is more widespread, and a renewed wave of religious extremism is targeting female politicians, human rights workers and lawyers.

In oil-rich Saudi Arabia, women are treated as lifelong dependents, under the guardianship of a male relative. Deprived of the right to drive a car or mix with men publicly, they are confined to strictly segregated lives on pain of severe punishment.

In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a vicious civil war has put women, who were the traditional mainstay of the family, under attack. In a society that has broken down, women are exposed daily to rape, dangerously poor health care for pregnancy, and attack by armed gangs.

Even in the 21st century, it's still hard to be a woman.....


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