Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa and the US-China War of 2008

On Iowa
I haven't blogged much about politics on my site, other than to promote my candidate (Giuliani) but I would like to throw out an idea. Obama's and Huckabee's wins in Iowa really don't matter, nor does whoever wins New Hampshire in both parties. Neither of these two states really represents America in ethnic makeup, social mobility, financial standing, or political outlooks. Both are rural low population states and the really important states that matter are Florida and Michigan. Both of these large states matter because they represent America much more than Iowa or New Hampshire. In fact, the whole system of electing party representatives should be completely revamped now that we are in the 21st century. States that move up their election dates shouldn't be punished either, as the National Democratic Party did to their Florida delegates this year. Democratic movements like moving up election dates should be promoted, not punished and the Democratic party had better wake up lest they be left back in the 20th century.

China versus the USA
I believe that a major war will break out between the USA and China this coming year, mainly over Taiwan. As a democratic country, America has always had a strong moral mandate to protect other democracies around the world, but unfortunately this American-held ideal will drag the US into a disastrous war with China. Taiwan has been in independent and sovereign country since World War 2, when the survivors of the Chinese Civil War fled to the island to escape the communist takeover of the mainland. Taiwan has even had diplomatic status as a member of the United Nations and many nations to this day recognize it is as soverign state.

However, China sees things quite differently and has threatened the inhabitants of Taiwan many times. In fact, communist China has built up an enormous arsenal of ballistic missiles directly across from the island. Over 1,000 missiles have been built and now target the Taiwanese, so many in fact that the President of Taiwan publically rebuked China this week for the missile build-up. Taiwan's president accused China of attempting to change the status quo in the Strait by stockpiling more than 1,000 missiles, stepping up the rhetoric against Beijing. China has "parked" hundreds of missile batteries along its eastern coast that will bring an island-wide firestorm to Taiwan without having to go nuclear.

"Over the past seven-plus years, the number of tactical ballistic missiles deployed by China on its side of the Taiwan Strait has increased from 200 in 2000 to today's 1,328, by our accounting," Chen Shui-bian said in his New Year address.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has said it is prepared to use force if the island declares formal independence. Taiwan has deployed three US-made Patriot anti-missile batteries to defend the densely populated greater Taipei area, and is seeking to purchase more to shield the entire island.


Shockingly, China has decided to not follow the Geneva Accords, saying it is a "Western" creation and China should not be bound by Western rules. This conflict with America will involve massive attacks against the US mainland, including sneaking over 200,000 Chinese soldiers in the steel containers that they usually send commercial goods over in. These vicious attacks will include assassinating major corporate figures like Bill Gates and Steve Forbes, blowing up US hydroelectric dams, attacking the US bases in Asia with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. As an ally of the United States, both South Kora and Japan will be caught in the middle of this firestorm, resulting in millions of innocent deaths.

Many people say that this sort of war between the US and China is impossible because both are major trading partners and it would literally be "killing the Golden Goose". However, I disagree since right at the beginning of WW2, Germany's primary trading partner was......France. Nations often "kill the Golden Goose", that is why the saying is so infamous. Nations always act in their self-interest, even if it means crippling their own exports like China would do in a war with the USA. Sadly, it was the war in Iraq that made China to attack in 2008 as a weakened United States struggled in being mired-down in that Middle Eastern country. Their economic decisions lately have also signaled their intent: by refusing to lower their monetary rates and threatening a "nuclear option" against the USA by dumping all the US dollars they have hoarded over the last 10 years, effectively destroying the US economy in the process.

Every American should prepare for the major economic collapse that is coming. The gutting of the US dollar, sky high gold rates, crashing markets (including housing) are all signs of this sort of disaster that is rapidly've been warned!


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