Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gay terrorism on the Rise

Ski manager shot after professing Christianity
Investigators: Gunman asked ' religion' questions before fatal attack

NEDERLAND, Colo. – A gunman who broke into a staff meeting at a Colorado ski resort ranting about religion asked the manager what he believed and shot him twice when the victim responded he was Catholic, according to reports published today about the tragedy.

The Boulder County coroner identified the gunman as Derik A. Bonestroo, 24, who had been living in Nederland. According to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera, witnesses said Bonestroo burst into the staff meeting yesterday at the Eldora Mountain Resort near here.

Sheriff Joe Pelle said Bonestroo was yelling something about religion to employees when resort General Manager Brian Mahon heard the commotion and came into the room. The Camera said witnesses reported the shooter asked Mahon which religion he believed, and when Mahon said he was Catholic, the shooter fired twice and killed him.

Mahon, 49, leaves behind a wife and two children. He had worked at Eldora since 1991.

Bonestroo was later identified as a gay man who openly hated Christians, say his co-workers in Nederland.

Editors note: I knew this was going to happen once the homosexuals running amok across the country decided to get a backbone and start hurting and killing people who disagree with them. Homosexual terrorism, including attacks on churches and sending mysterious "white powder" to denominations, will be on the rise for the foreseeable future. Gays can be (and many are) as fanatical and vicious as any other group.

Propaganda in the News (again)
The most grievous and blatant example of news media spewing pure propaganda has been the riots in Greece. The conservative government running the country is under attack by a wides-spread (and deadly) communist movement but since this "movement" is left-wing, most major media are just reporting the violence that has spread across the birthplace of democracy as "random violence by students". What is really happening is that leftists have become emboldened by an upswing in government take-overs around the world and are moving to overthrow the democratically elected government in Athens. The despicable and dangerous move by the mainstream media to cover up this communist insurgency is criminal and unethical. Hopefully the government of Greece can put down these leftist attacks and stabilize the country, and all people of good-will wish the same.

Israel Fights Back
For months, Hamas thugs in Gaza have fired missiles and mortars into southern Israel, subjecting hundreds of thousands of Israelis to a campaign of 24-hour terror. This was done in clear violation of an Egyptian-negotiated cease-fire to which Hamas had agreed. As usual, the world’s reaction to this outrage was a collective “yawn.” The United Nations was silent. Major newspapers seldom reported the daily attacks. But this weekend, Israel did what any sovereign nation would do under the same circumstances: It struck back at those responsible for the aggression – Hamas, the Iranian-backed terrorist group. As I write this, the Israeli counterattack is continuing. Israeli government officials are suggesting that their goal is to cripple Hamas. We should all hope they are successful.

Predictably press reports have been distorted to make Israel look like the aggressor who doesn’t care about civilian casualties. Don’t be taken in by the propaganda. The war criminals in this conflict are the Islamic extremists who comprise Hamas and their allies throughout the Middle East, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and his government of thugs.

Has Israel gone too far? Hamas propagandists are already screaming that the Israeli attacks are “disproportionate.” Some “mainline” U.S. religious denominations are repeating this charge, and before the day is out Jimmy Carter will be singing the same tune. They are arguing that since most rockets and mortars fired by Hamas into Israel have missed their targets, Israel should not respond effectively. But under international law, any nation can respond at a level sufficient to meet the threat. Hamas rocket attacks are destroying normal life and have made daily routines impossible for countless Israelis whose children cannot go to school. Israel has every legal and moral right to demolish the terror infrastructure that supports the daily rocket attacks on its people.

Gaza, in recent years, has been turned into “Gazastan,” an Islamic republic that educates its own children to seek death in martyrdom operations. Weapons are being stored in mosques. The only university in Gaza has turned its labs over to the terrorists, who are using them to make bombs and mortars. Gaza TV airs “children’s shows” that teach six and seven year-olds to kill Jews. The Gaza government just instituted a new legal code based on Sharia Islamic law that permits crucifixion for certain crimes against Islam.

Gaza is hell, but not because of Israel. Its conditions are unbearable because its people elected Hamas – an organization with no economic plan, no educational ideas, nothing to offer at all except to kill the Jews, kill the infidel and destroy Israel.

It is almost laughable to see demonstrations by outraged Muslims reacting to Israel’s air strikes. There was no such outrage when a Sunni extremist blew up 14 Afghan school children ages eight to ten a few days ago. Over Thanksgiving, when Islamic terrorists attacked in Mumbai, India, intentionally killing civilians, including Jews, the streets of the Middle East were calm as those murderers spread death in the name of Islam. (We now know that many of the Indian victims, including a rabbi and his five-month pregnant wife, were sexually assaulted and their genitals mutilated before they were killed.)

Israel is fighting back, and the usual alliance of Islamists and leftwing extremists are protesting. If our new president at some point concludes that America will have to fight back too, the same extremists will go after him, just as they have savaged President Bush. But fight back we must or we and our civilization will die.

All men of goodwill should be thanking Israel today and praying for her success.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

If Democracy Doesn't Work, Try Anarchy

by Chuck Norris

Protestors of Proposition 8 in California (the marriage amendment) shoved aside a 69-year-old woman who was bearing a cross. They reportedly spit on her and stomped on her cross. They then aligned themselves in a human barricade, blocking the media from getting to or interviewing the woman.

Prop. 8 supporter Jose Nunez, 37, was assaulted brutally while distributing yard signs to other supporters after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was spray painted by vandals after they learned that the church served as an official collection point for Prop. 8 petitions.

Letters containing white powder (obviously mimicking anthrax) were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the Mormon church and to a temple in Los Angeles. (Thankfully, the FBI said the substance was nontoxic.)

The 25-year artistic director of the California Musical Theatre, who also happens to be a Mormon, was muscled to resign because of his $1,000 donation to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California.

A pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back marched into the middle of a church service and flung fliers and condoms to the congregants. They also hung a banner from the balcony that featured two lesbians in provocative positions at the pulpit.

And lastly, the tolerance-preaching activists also have taken their anger to the blogosphere, where posts have planted ideas ranging from burning churches to storming the citadels of government until our society is forced to overturn Prop. 8. You even can find donor blacklists online. The lists include everyone who financially backed Prop. 8 -- even those who gave as little as $46 -- with the obvious objective that these individuals will be bantered and boycotted for doing so.

What's wrong with this picture? Lots.

First, there's the obvious inability of the minority to accept the will of the majority. Californians have spoken twice, through the elections in 2000 and 2008. Nearly every county across the state (including Los Angeles County) voted to amend the state constitution in favor of traditional marriage.

Nevertheless, bitter activists simply cannot accept the outcome as being truly reflective of the general public. So they have placed the brainwashing blame upon the crusading and misleading zealotry of those religious villains: the Catholics, evangelical Protestants, and especially Mormons, who allegedly are robbing the rights of American citizens by merely executing their right to vote and standing upon their moral convictions and traditional views.

What's surprising (or maybe not so) is that even though 70 percent of African-Americans voted in favor of Proposition 8, protests against black churches are virtually nonexistent. And everyone knows exactly why: Such actions would be viewed as racist. Yet these opponents of Prop. 8 can protest vehemently and shout obscenities in front of Mormon temples without ever being accused of religious bigotry. There's a clear double standard in our society. Where are the hate-crime cops when religious conservatives need them?

There were many of us who passionately opposed Obama, but you don't see us protesting in the streets or crying "unfair." Rather, we are submitting to a democratic process and now asking how we can support "our" president. Just because we don't like the election outcome doesn't give us the right to bully those who oppose us. In other words, if democracy doesn't tip our direction, we don't swing to anarchy. That would be like the Wild West, the resurrection of which seems to be happening in these postelection protests.

I agree with Prison Fellowship's founder, Chuck Colson, who wrote: "This is an outrage. What hypocrisy from those who spend all of their time preaching tolerance to the rest of us! How dare they threaten and attack political opponents? We live in a democratic country, not a banana republic ruled by thugs."

Regardless of one's opinion of Proposition 8, it is flat-out wrong and un-American to intimidate and harass individuals, churches and businesses that are guilty of nothing more than participating in the democratic process. Political protests are one thing, but when old-fashioned bullying techniques are used that restrict voting liberties and even prompt fear of safety, activists have crossed a line. There is a difference between respectfully advocating one's civil rights and demanding public endorsement of what many still consider to be unnatural sexual behavior through cruel coercion and repression tactics. One thing is for sure: The days of peaceful marches, such as those headed up by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., seem to be long gone.

The truth is that the great majority of Prop. 8 advocates are not bigots or hatemongers. They are American citizens who are following 5,000 years of human history and the belief of every major people and religion: Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Their pro-Prop. 8 votes weren't intended to deprive any group of its rights; they were safeguarding their honest convictions regarding the boundaries of marriage.

On Nov. 4, the pro-gay community obviously was flabbergasted that a state that generally leans left actually voted right when it came to holy matrimony. But that's exactly what happened; the majority of Californians -- red, yellow, black and white -- voted to define the margins of marriage as being between one man and one woman. California is the 30th state in our union to amend its constitution in doing so, joining Florida and Arizona in this election.

Like it or not, it's the law now. The people have spoken.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Church Must Wake-Up

Once again, I want to congratulate our friends in California who fought a valiant battle against all the media and cultural elites to preserve traditional marriage. The battle, however, is not over. After the people of California voted twice in eight years to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, the homosexual lobby is going to court yet again. And today there is news that the issue could be on the ballot in 2010, this time with a twist. If their legal efforts fail, supporters of same-sex “marriage” are planning to put their own initiative on the ballot in two years that would reverse Proposition 8.

So, while we celebrate this victory, we must remain vigilant and be ready to defend our values once again, because the Left never gives up. They will come at this again and again and again, and we must never tire of “fighting the good fight.” We must persevere, and we must stand our ground! I know many pastors have stepped up to the plate and spoken up. I am thankful for their leadership. Many of you have emailed me to let me know what was said or done in your place of worship.

But, unfortunately, too many “spiritual leaders” are being cowardly on fundamental issues including life and marriage. Too often they are distorting the Scriptures in suggesting that they should not speak on “political issues” lest they offend someone. In their desire to be “relevant” or not to offend, they dilute or even ignore the truth. But these are not only political issues; these are fundamental moral issues that have been dragged into the courts and the public square. The radical Left is using the courts to redefine our culture, assault our values and, ultimately, restrict religious liberty. Was slavery a political issue or a moral issue? Men and women of faith rightly led the fight against slavery, and today they must lead the fight for faith and family.

I want you to watch a video we have posted on our website. See how one elderly woman stood up for traditional marriage, and watch the reaction of the “tolerant” pro-gay marriage mob. What you will see is disgusting and outrageous. A line has been crossed. This video should put to rest the illusion of “tolerance” that the Left hides behind, and it should be a wake-up call to anyone who supports traditional values. This 69-year-old lady was verbally and physically assaulted. The cross she was carrying was ripped from her hands, stomped on and destroyed. Yet, the news broadcaster says at the end, “There’s a lot of hate on both sides.” What was he watching? I saw a mob of intolerant, hateful men attack an old lady.

Americans are very tolerant people. Most Americans believe in “live and let live.” But the gay rights movement that defines itself entirely on private behaviors is now marching in the streets, assaulting its opposition and making demands on public policy. It wants to redefine marriage. It wants to teach your children in the public schools that same-sex marriage is morally equivalent to normal marriage.

It is demanding special rights in law and employment. While it preaches “tolerance,” it uses the courts to impose its values on the American people. And when the people exercise their rights at the ballot box, the militant homosexual movement takes to the streets to intimidate. Now church services are being disrupted, and children are having condoms thrown at them by angry homosexuals. Business owners and private individuals who financially supported Proposition 8 are being targeted for harassment for simply believing that marriage should remain what it always has been – the union of one man and one woman. Last night, thousands mobbed a Mormon temple in Manhattan. And homosexual rights groups are planning demonstrations this weekend in 175 cities and on Capitol Hill. When are our pastors going to stand up and start leading their flocks? Or are we going to have to find leadership in 69-year-old ladies?

By Gary Bauer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Election

By Laura Ingraham

What the Obama campaign did that worked:

1. raised huge sums of money
2. understood that there was no reason for Obama to be too available to the media
3. pivoted to the right on numerous issues
4. responded to all efforts to probe Obama's past with claims of "smear" and "Karl Rove"
5. targeted Southeastern states like VA, NC, GA, and FL
6. had no harmful leaks
7. for the most part, kept Michelle out of the spotlight
8. managed to find a way to win without having to owe anything to the Clintons

What the Obama campaign did that didn't work:

1. picked Joe Biden, who hasn't really helped them at all
2. failed to build popular support for all the liberal policies Obama intends to implement after the election

What the McCain campaign did that worked:

1. made some very entertaining ads ("The One" and Paris Hilton)
2. had a very successful convention
3. brought Sarah Palin into the national spotlight

What the McCain campaign did that didn't work:

1. failed to recognize that the left would try to destroy Palin, and that any damage to Palin would also hurt McCain
2. failed to stop campaign officials from leaking to the press
3. kept switching attacks on Obama, instead of simply going after him as a tax-and-spend liberal
4. completely mishandled the economic crisis (should have either opposed the bailout or said nothing--this was their biggest error.)
5. never clearly decided whether he wanted to be a "maverick" or a conservative
6. did not recognize until very late that the voters care more about domestic policy than foreign policy
7. did not articulate a persuasive economic argument

Turning to Election Day. John McCain offers a clear and stark contrast to the slogans and bromides of an untested Barack Obama. McCain's policies are undeniably pro-growth, pro-military, and pro-American. Obama's record is that of a hard-core left-wing Chicago politician. Since the general election began, however, he has tried to sound more like a moderate conservative on economic and foreign policy issues. The man who has never voted to eliminate wasteful spending now says he'll "go through the budget line by line and eliminate programs that don't work" as well as "give tax relief to the 'middle class." The man who has opposed every major military weapons program now claims he'll "modernize our military," too!

So who's the real Barack Obama? The one who wants America to emerge stronger from this economic crisis, or the one who wants to "bankrupt the coal industry"? Maybe we should ask people who've known him since he kicked off his political career. Does anyone have Bill Ayers's e-mail address?

Sarah Palin continues to be the bright spot in the McCain campaign (which explains why the media has held her to a standard that it never applied to Joe Biden), and she'll be a force in the conservative movement for years to come. It was sadly predictable that John McCain used precious time and energy Saturday night courting the media elite by appearing in an SNL skit ridiculing Palin. If McCain loses, we will remember this truth: He's always been more comfortable blasting Republicans and conservatives than his liberal friends. And in the homestretch of this campaign, he chose to give a wink to those who spent the past several weeks working overtime to destroy a good woman.

Go Sarah.

And, as I predicted, the media know-it-alls are bemoaning the "ugliness" of the campaign in its final hours. (Translation: McCain and his supporters are finally telling us what we need to know about Obama, and it's not pretty.) The Obama cheerleaders at NBC have been giddy about the prospect of an Obama presidency all along. But today NBC hit an all time low when its go-teed political director Chuck Todd came out and declared the race over. In front of his magic electoral map, he said McCain had "zero percent" chance of winning the election. This is outrageous. If facts were different--if Obama were the one on the ropes and the media were writing off his chances -- his supporters would cry foul and charge voter suppression.

So be of good cheer when you cast your vote tomorrow. And bring everyone you know with you to the polls--there is too much at stake to sit out this one. Wolverines!

Newt and the GOP
For several months my family and I have been discussing the direction of the Republican Party, and how badly it has stumbled in the last two years. Supporting George W. Bush as President has turned out to be a disaster for the party in many ways, from his signing the bankrupting Medical Drug Card to his policy of amnesty on immigration to his lack of action on insanely high oil prices, Bush in his second term badly crippled the United States and the GOP. I have argued for months now that Newt Gingrich, someone with vision and intelligence, should take over the rudderless ship that is the GOP, sparking new life and direction into the organization. With outstanding people like Sarah Palin on the rise, it is important that the Republican party on the national level be competent and uncorruptable, something that has occurred over and over again in the last few years. I look forward to Newt becoming the head of the GOP; he has widespread support from the base and he isn't an elitist like so many in Washington, DC. Good luck Newt! Run hard!

Outside View: Virginia A-sub success story
by Daniel Goure
Arlington, Va. (UPI) Oct 14, 2008

To a casual observer, the drumbeat of negative news about U.S. naval shipbuilding must make it sound as though the entire fleet modernization program is in disarray. The Navy secretary of the Bush administration has canceled contracts for a new class of littoral combat ships designed to operate close to shore and wants to change the way the warships are being bought.

After spending billions of dollars to develop the next-generation Zumwalt class of destroyers, the U.S. Navy says it intends to build only three vessels and then revert to production of the earlier DDG-51 Aegis destroyer. And even though future aircraft carriers and amphibious ships promise to be the best ever built, media coverage of those programs tends to be dominated by concerns about costs and technical challenges.

There is one U.S. naval shipbuilding program, however, that is not just meeting but exceeding all its objectives in terms of time and cost. This is the nuclear-powered Virginia-class attack submarine.

Although only four submarines have been built, the program already is delivering them eight months ahead of schedule while reducing costs by a half billion dollars per boat. The efforts to reduce costs have led to innovative design work that improved both the way the Virginia-class is being built and the capabilities of the finished product.

This program has been so successful that, starting in fiscal year 2011, the U.S. Navy can afford to build two submarines every year.

What makes this story even more amazing is that each new submarine is being built at two shipyards: Electric Boat in Groton, Conn., and Newport News in Virginia. The submarines are built in several large segments and then joined together. The teaming arrangement between Electric Boat and Newport News is working well and contributing to the cost reductions. The Virginia class is so well built that they are fully mission-capable upon leaving the shipyard, something unheard of with previous classes of attack submarines.

The Virginia is the first new ship class delivered with post-Soviet requirements. It is designed to support Special Operations forces. The ship control system is fly-by-wire for better depth control and hovering capability. This allows improved handling in littoral waters. It has a more robust sensor suite than its predecessors and eight mast holes, two for the new photonic masts and six that are mission configurable.

Even now, the Virginia-class carries weapons for a variety of missions. In the near future this could include unmanned undersea vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles and ballistic missile defense systems.

The Virginia class is the right ship for an era of strategic uncertainty. Yes, it can address the unconventional warfare threat. But that is not the only potential challenge the United States may face in the decades to come.

China is producing two new classes of nuclear-powered attack submarines. Russia is pressing forward with its own advanced attack boat. Both countries also are building modern diesel-electric submarines, and Russia has sold some to Iran. The move to a build rate of two Virginia-class submarines a year is not only a matter of fiscal responsibility, but one of national security too.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Great post by John Ray, I agree

No matter who wins Tuesday America is going to be a different country. When the sun rises on November 5, regardless of who the president-elect is, a more un-United States than has existed since the Civil War will wake to dispute the results of the disgusting campaign that has mercifully come to an end.

Whoever the losers, they will believe they were cheated, and will point fingers at those they believe responsible. Almost half the nation will view the winner as illegitimate, and will do everything in their power to undermine his authority as long as he’s in the White House. With this animosity will come a new level of hatred between those of differing political persuasions like nothing our country has experienced in the modern era. Putting it bluntly, and without sounding too much like Rev. Jeremiah “G-d Damn America” Wright, there will be no such thing as Americans anymore.

Instead, there’ll be Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, and encounters between the members of these groups will for years nay decades be at best unfriendly, and at worst quite hostile if not downright violent.

Think this an overstatement? Consider first what Wednesday will look like if John McCain pulls off the upset. To begin with, let’s be very clear about one thing: Democrats believe that if they lose an election it’s because their opponent cheated. It’s never their fault. It’s never because they ran a poor campaign. It’s never because their opponent ran a better one. Heck no! It’s always about voter fraud, disenfranchisement, not enough ballots, faulty machinery, hanging chads, negative advertising, intimidation tactics, campaign finance abuses, you name it.

Such is the legacy of Al Sore Loser Gore: regardless of how many news outlets went to Florida in January 2001 and found that if the counting had continued Bush still would have won, the overwhelming majority of Democrats think that election was stolen….

To make my point, I offer the now overly-discussed Bradley effect and how it relates to exit polls: How many people as they leave the voting booth Tuesday will lie to pollsters about who they voted for? Before you answer, try to imagine the pressures many people are going to feel in certain districts around the country to answer “Obama” rather than “McCain” irrespective of the truth. Also consider the possibility that many McCain supporters will just refuse to answer the question thereby skewing the results…..

Can you imagine the Rodney King-style rioting that might occur as a result, especially when folks like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the usual suspects get in front of television cameras blaming Republicans and John McCain for stealing another election, this time from a black man? They’ll be on all the morning shows Wednesday doing what they do best: fomenting hate, and pointing fingers….

On the flipside, although an Obama victory will likely not result in immediate acts of violence, Republicans already feel cheated by this campaign for a number of reasons, and understand full well that they literally have the most to lose in this election; the Messiah, contrary to all his lies on the stump, clearly intends to redistribute wealth, and it sure isn’t Republicans that are going to be on the receiving end of the junior senator from Illinois’ charity….

Once Hillary was tossed aside like so much garbage, media ignored each and every issue that could possibly undermine Obama’s ascendancy while savagely attacking Sarah Palin as well as an Ohio plumber that had the unmitigated audacity to actually ask the Messiah a decent question. Don’t even get me started on how the so-called impartial press overlooked every gaffe and misstatement made by Joe Biden while giving the Messiah a pass for going back on his promise to accept public campaign funds instead opting to raise and spend more money on his presidential aspirations than anybody ever believed possible….

Just imagine the kind of press McCain would have gotten if he had refused public financing, and spent the kind of ad dollars Obama has. Americans likely would have been told virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week that rich Republicans were trying to buy the election. However, because this is the Messiah, such talk was practically verboten.

Without a doubt, the media playing field this campaign season was as un-level as most Americans have probably ever experienced, or, for that matter ever imagined, and if Obama wins, this is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of Republicans for many years to come….

And therein lies the real tragedy, for November 4, 2008, could have been a shining moment in American history. After all, a black man is running for president, and might actually win. This should have united the country like never before, and come close to ending the racism that has been one of our nation’s banes since its inception. However, because Obama used race to get himself to this point, while also pitting folks of differing incomes against each other for his own political benefit, it seems far more likely that tomorrow will divide our country like it hasn’t been in over a century ushering back in hatred that will make Martin Luther King Jr. roll over in his grave.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Electing Obama or McCain?

The Democratic party feels it necessary to keep all questions about Obama at a safe distance. It is an unprecedented move to keep secrets about a Presidential candidate. The following questions remain sealed from the public.

1. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate(see certificate controversy below)
2. Columbia College records
3. Columbia Thesis paper
4. Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups
5. Harvard College records
6. Illinois State Senate records
7. Illinois State Senate schedule
8. Law practice client list and billing records/summary
9. Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mothers
10. Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
11. Occidental College records
12. Parent's Marriage Certificate
13. Record of baptism
14. Selective Service Registration
15. Trips schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
16. Scholarly articles
17. Access to his Grandmother
18. List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists

Obama's 2006 book and Web site outline a plan calling for essentially a government bailout of the inner cities, which he describes as "repositories for all the scars of slavery and violence of Jim Crow." Among other things, he proposes:

* Doling out federal grants "targeting ex-offenders or substance abusers";
* Subsidizing supermarket chains that relocate to the inner city;
* Creating a "universal 401(k)" in which the government would tax private contributions and match public contributions made into new retirement accounts by low-income families;
* Imposing "goals and timetables for minority hiring" on large corporations whose work forces are deemed too white;
* Ramping up funding for the Community Development Block Grant program, Head Start and HUD public housing subsidies.
* Funding Small Business Administration loans for minority; businesses who train ex-felons, including gangbangers, for the "green jobs" of the future, such as installing extra insulation in homes;
* Doubling the funding for federal after-school programs such as midnight basketball;
* Subsidizing job training, day care, transportation for inner-city poor, as well as doubling the funding of the federal Jobs Access and Reverse Commute program;
* Expanding the eligibility of the earned income tax credit to include more poor, and indexing it to inflation;
* Adopting entire inner-city neighborhoods as wards of the federal government; and
* Spending billions on new inner-city employment programs, including prison-to-work programs.

Random Thoughts of Mine
1)Nancy Pelosick (queen b*tch of the universe from SF) says if the Demobrats win large majorities in the House and Senate then they would be more bipartisan. Riiiight. In fact, since they have been in power the last 2 years in Congress, the Dems have been extremely un-bipartisan, more so than any other Congressional era. Democrats are such liars and they think we are idiots when they say things like that.....

2)Joe the Plumber says if Obama is elected then Israel will be destroyed: he's right. I have studied this area for years and know that that is the reason why terrorist groups like Hamas, who are hellbent on destroying Israel, are rooting for Obama to win. They know that Obama will throw the Jews under the bus.

Qaeda wants Republicans, Bush "humiliated"
DUBAI (Reuters) - An al Qaeda leader has called for President George W. Bush and the Republicans to be "humiliated," without endorsing a party in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, according to an Internet video posting.

"O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him," Abu Yahya al-Libi said at the end of sermon marking the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr, in a video posted on the Internet.

Libi, a top al Qaeda commander believed to be living in Afghanistan or Pakistan, called for God's wrath to be brought against Bush equating him with past tyrants in history.

The remarks were the first from a leading al Qaeda figure referring, albeit indirectly, to the U.S. elections. Muslim clerics often end sermons by calling on God to guide and support Muslims and help defeat their enemies.

'OBAMA! Inshallah!" - Obama! Allah willing! That slogan, scribbled on walls in Gaza, indicates the hopes that Barack Obama has inspired among Arabs.

While Obama has tried to push his origins into the background, his "Islamic roots" have won him a place in many Arabs' hearts.

Another, Al-Jazeera's Aala al-Bayoumi, notes: "Had it not been for Obama, Arabs would not even bother to follow the US presidential race." What makes the difference is Obama's "Islamic and African roots."

Obama especially appeals to pan-Arab nationalists angry at the United States for having ousted Saddam Hussein. Obama's promise to leave Iraq gives pan-Arabs their only chance (albeit slim) to destroy the new Iraqi democracy.

Obama, by contrast, has retained his Arabic-Islamic names. (Barack means "blessed" and Hussein means "beautiful.")

Survey: shows McCain beating Obama in Israel
JERUSALEM: An Israeli pollster says that if the country were on the U.S. election map, it would be bright red.

A survey of Americans in the Holy Land released Thursday found that absentee voters supported Republican John McCain over Barack Obama by a three-to-one margin.

The survey interviewed 817 Americans who have cast absentee ballots for next week's presidential election. It was conducted by Vote from Israel, a nonpartisan group that has encouraged Americans to vote.

An estimated 40,000 Americans living in Israel are expected to vote.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Privacy Rights For Terrorists, Not Plumbers

Do you remember outcry on the Left when it is was discovered that the Bush Administration was wiretapping suspected Islamic terrorists? The Left had fits of rage about the rise of fascism in America. The media denounced the untoward invasion of privacy. The ACLU filed lawsuits against the government and the phone companies. Liberal Democrats demanded hearings on Capitol Hill and even threatened to impeach the president for taking bold steps to protect our homeland security in the aftermath of 9/11.

Contrast that hyperventilating to the total silence when it comes to the real violations of privacy experienced by Joe the plumber. I mentioned in yesterday’s message that an investigation was underway in Ohio into the use of government computers to “spy” on Joe after his impromptu question exposed Obama’s socialist sympathies.

Today’s Columbus Dispatch confirms that computers at the Ohio Department of Family Services were in fact used to check on the status of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the plumber) after the October 15th presidential debate. The director who authorized the search of state records claims it was just a routine search that is done whenever someone’s name pops up in the media. And, of course, Ohio’s Democrat Governor Ted Strickland is satisfied with that response. But how did the records find their way into the media?

The Columbus Dispatch also reports, “At least four state computer checks on Wurzelbacher” were conducted after the October 15th debate and the State Highway Patrol is investigating an “unauthorized access” of its computer system.

The abuse Joe the plumber has experienced is a sad example of the twisted mindset of the radical Left – America’s Islamofascist enemies are entitled to constitutional protections, but not the Left’s political enemies. Like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, they harbor more fear and loathing of their fellow Americans and their native country than they do for the radical Islamists who murdered 3,000 of us on 9/11 and who would not hesitate to kill 30,000 or 300,000 if they could.

Don’t let these folks take over our country! Fight for it! Vote on November 4th!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Random Thoughts for Today

1)Are you a bigot, learning only what fits into your worldview? Or do you face every piece of evidence that comes? Do you question your own assumptions whenever information seems to violate it? Do you change your mind? I do, and often; sometimes by increments and sometimes completely, based on new incoming information.

2)When do you first set foot on the ladder to greatness? Or on the slippery slope of treason? Do you know it at the time? Or do you discover it only looking back?

3)Smug, superior, and utterly close-minded, that’s a Democrat for you.

4)The Mainstream Media: its Goebbels in practice: if you practice the same lies long enough and loudly enough, people will capitulate. We are tribal animals. We cannot long stand against the tribe.

5)America is at the end of its republic. It's antiquated Constitution is a joke. Bureaucrats and the courts make most of the decisions, while the press decides which Presidents will have enough public support to govern. We lurch forward by inertia alone. The American ideal was thrown out with Social Security and we nailed the coffin shut with group rights. We don't want individual liberty because we don't want individual responsibility. We want somebody else to take care of us. If we had a dictator who did a better job of it than our present system, then as long as he pretended to respect Congress, we'd lick his hands like dogs.

6)America is facing an all-out civil war. The rhetoric today is already as hot-blooded and insane and hate-filled as it was over slavery before the first Civil War--and even then most people refused to believe war was possible until Fort Sumter fell. A civil war can be fought anywhere, if somebody has the will, the wit, and the power to pull the right strings, push the right buttons, light the right fires.

7)Everybody hates America, until they need us to liberate them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Paco

You know I am surprised someone as smart appearing as you has bought into the left-wing philosophy that hurting and hating others (as long as they are the "right groups" to hurt and hate) is acceptable. Thinking that it is okay to maliciously malign someone because they are Republican is an evil way to think. It's evil because you certainly wouldn't like it done to you or the people you love and care about, yet it's okay to do it against people you are allowed (and encouraged) to hate and vilify. This is hypocrisy. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you do not want people to be hateful and ugly to you, then you do not get to be hurtful and ugly to them. Treating others well is also a sign of compassion and intelligence. Blind hatred is unthinking, unintelligent, and un-American. For example, people on the left say they hate Fox News, but when was the last time they actually watched it? Nine times out of ten they never have, but their little "click" hates them so they unthinkingly join the group. This reminds me so much of what the Nazis did, it's scary. It's scary that a free-thinking society has embraced this much hate, that they feel it is okay to dehumanize other people because they are on the "wrong side", that they can even think murderous and vicious thoughts against people they have never even met and think it is okay. They even celebrate their deaths! (see Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms). I encounter this sort of insane hatred a lot among gays and wonder if it is just some sort of "gay hatred thing" that is coming out from within them, some sort of self-loathing that transfers itself to others because it is too destructive to endure against oneself? I am unsure. What I am sure of is I reject utterly the hatred that is destroying our civil society in this country, I totally reject that it is okay to hate someone because of their religion or political affiliation. I grew up in an era where the average citizen didn't get involved in politics or anything else, so when someone did vote, you applauded the effort; regardless of what candidate they supported. Now, you are crucified and vilified by the "group mind" that dominates the political left here in America if you do not support the "right" candidate. People in your own blog encouraged you to ban me, to silence me in effect, because they didn't like what I was saying even though I was (mostly) respectful and they were not. I applaud you for not giving into their kind of one-way-thinking and encourage you to be as much a free-thinker as possible (a goal I always am working towards). The peer pressure groups, the PC crowd, the "group mindset" is a dangerous and ugly one and should be avoided at all costs by all intelligent and honest individuals. Best wishes, Damon

According to the Dems and the MSM:
- Repubs don’t care if you get sick, they want more fossil fuel
- Repubs don’t care if the temperature rises and drowns all of the polar bears before destroying the planet, they’ll be dead by then (they don’t care what happens to their own grandchildren, let alone ours)
- the world hates us because of Republicans
- Bush lied and people died, repeat until you mumble it in your sleep
- they even out their covert agents if they get out of line
- the repubs are in with the big fat cats on Wall Street and the evil corporations, they don’t care about the little guy, they ruined the economy
- the repubs are anti-science, they’re against “stem cell research” (says so everyday on my radio, don’t bother me with details)
- the Dems are for minorities, so the Repubs must be against them

The last few years I have read how conservatives are being “marginalized”, how conservative perspectives are delegated more and more to the “far right” and to the “fringe”.

On some level this is what must happen before every holocaust, get the public consciousness to not even think of “them” as human anymore, whether the “them” are Jews, unseen embryos, babies born alive from a “failed” abortion, people severely handicapped (Terri Schiavo), people not so severely handicapped (Trig Palin), people who cause problems for the rest of “us”…

Years and years of irresponsible education of the public, by our schools or by the MSM, are threatening to bear rotten fruit. And all in the wake of the “different kind of politician” that is “post-partisan”, “post-race”. He is encouraging a climate where if he loses there will still be hell to pay, for the next 4 years at least, unless somehow a fresh wind of responsibility and integrity sweeps through.

McCain needs to realize “crossing the aisle” gets brownie points only if you are a Republican in Congress and undercutting a Republican administration. He should have taken better notes at the credit Bush got for trying to do bipartisan things.

A Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs, Pro-Energy Independence Agenda For Congress
Instead of $300 billion in new liabilities for the American taxpayers, Congress should take action on the following:

1. Zero capital gains tax - Countries without taxes on capital gains, such as China, Singapore, and Taiwan, are magnets for global investment. Economists like Alan Greenspan have called for removing capital gains in order to see increased economic growth and American competitiveness in attracting foreign direct investment and international corporations.

2. Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley - After the devastating crash of Enron and WorldCom, Congress rushed to pass a law to alleviate panic. Instead of enacting reform measures that would reasonably prevent fraud, they passed a burdensome, accounting mess. Sarbanes-Oxley is a disproportionate burden for small businesses and start-ups, and has forced many companies to move from New York to London.

3. Allow 100% annual expensing for small businesses - Small businesses create 7 out of 10 new jobs in America and account for more than half of the output of our economy. One hundred percent annual expensing would give small business more money to invest in new technologies, like computers and machinery, to improve worker productivity. Likewise, it would allow business to hire more employees.

4. Move to break up and privatize Freddie and Fannie - Corporate greed at Freddie and Fannie fueled subprime mortgage loans. Because subprime mortgages carried higher risk, they also offered a higher interest yield that gave executives an increased profit share. Given the government sponsored enterprise, they had lower capital requirements, and were implicitly backed by taxpayer dollars in the case that these assets should crumble. These institutions should be prevented from offering more subprime mortgages, and we should move towards privatizing them.

5. Provide a comprehensive plan to keep Americans in their homes - The summer's housing bailout bill gave $300 billion to renegotiate mortgages with homeowners, but forced lending institutions to take an immediate 10% cut in profit, giving little incentive for lending institutions to participate. The government could instead offer a no-interest loan to homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments and work with their lending institution to renegotiate their mortgages into a 6% fixed interest, 30-year loan. We should help those homeowners who have acted in good faith keep the keys to their homes.

6. Move towards long term investment strategies - Congress should look to investing in the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to foster innovation and make America the most competitive market for research and development.

7. Develop an all-of-the-above energy policy - Imagine if we invested a fraction of the billion dollar bailout into developing, for example, more nuclear power and coal-to-synthetic natural gas technologies and infrastructure. We should continue to advance clean coal, biofuels, wind, solar, hydrogen, and natural gas technologies. Further, we should increase exploration and development of our own resources offshore and in oil shale, so that we are not defenseless against any energy cartels.

8. We should repeal all congressional money given to ACORN - ACORN is under investigation in a dozen states for voter fraud. We cannot afford to be subsidizing an organization that operates under the façade of providing community development and low-income housing, while it has a record of fraudulent activity. See this CNN report about ACORN voter registration fraud in Indiana, where ACORN provided 5,000 new voter registration cards. Indiana authorities started reviewing them and found that the first 2,100 were all fraudulent.

NATO and U.S. commanders are urging their governments to allow them to go after the drug gangs. The reason is simple; the billions of dollars in cash the heroin trade generates sustains the Taliban violence, and the widespread tribal resistance to government control in southern Afghanistan (where some 90 percent of the heroin production takes place.) This has been resisted by the government, where many officials have been bribed by the drug gangs, or are more actively involved in the drug business. Apparently, the Afghan government is split, with some into clean and efficient administration, and others out to make all they can. The tribes, as they have done for thousands of years, are out for themselves, and see the central government as a bunch of foreigners who have to dealt with carefully. Same with the NATO and U.S. forces.

The drug gangs can be beaten, but only if you deliberately go after them. This means attacking on several levels. First, destroy the poppy growing. This can be done by providing incentives to switching crops, or spraying poppy fields with herbicides to kill the plants. Then raid the drug gang bases to destroy the labs set up to convert opium to heroin. This interrupts the chain of drug production. It goes like this. Farmers can obtain 7-15 pounds of opium per acre (8-17 kg per hectare), or create the opium which is refined into heroin. The farmer is paid about a thousand dollars per acre for the opium. But the value of that opium increases fifty times once it is refined into heroin and sold in the West. Most of that increase goes to middlemen (refiners, smugglers and distributors). Most of the increase in value occurs once the heroin gets out of the country, but that still makes the opium and heroin trade the biggest single segment of the Afghan economy. It's that big, and it's illegal. Western experts have already persuaded the NATO and American forces to assist in stopping the flow of acetic anhydride, the chemical needed to turn opium into heroin. Used in many industrial and medical applications, there is no company in Afghanistan with a legitimate use for acetic anhydride. So it's pretty straightforward to search for, and stop any acetic anhydride coming into the country. This has been done more vigorously of late, causing the drug gangs much grief and expense. Many of the "Taliban" attacks are actually drug gang operations to prevent troops from interfering with acetic anhydride shipments.

Finally, there is the attacks on the drug money. This is done by cracking down on the banks, which the U.S. has developed better skills at in the last decade. It would be nice to interrupt the smuggling, but this involves shutting down corruption in many adjacent countries. This is very difficult.

The Taliban and drug gangs are backing away from using large groups of gunmen, who are too vulnerable to air power, and gone more to death squads sent to kill or intimidate prominent, or simply effective, individuals who oppose the drug trade, or support good government (and things like education for girls and foreign aid). The drug gangs do not want to take on NATO or American troops, and generally stand down when those forces come by. Unlike the Taliban, who want political power, the drug gangs just want to make, and enjoy, money. They will fight anyone, including the Taliban, who try to interfere with this. Western commanders want to take on drug lords before their growing death squad network becomes too powerful.

The drug trade has caused a lot of problems in neighboring Iran and Pakistan. One result of that has been a push to force the remaining 1980s era war refugees to return home. So far this year, over a quarter million Afghan refugees have returned (mostly from Pakistan, where the war with the Taliban there makes Afghanistan appear as a better place to live.) Iran is encountering much resistance from Afghan refugees who do not want to go home, and are doing quite nicely (not just from the drug business.)

While the Taliban has no trouble working with the drug gangs (which often become quite popular with locals by spreading lots of cash around). Al Qaeda is another matter, as their suicide bomb attacks are unpopular because of the large number of civilians killed. There is growing pressure within the Taliban to cut cooperation with al Qaeda, or even to turn on the Islamic terrorist organization.

While some Western military commanders and diplomats feel the situation is hopeless in Afghanistan (because of the anarchy, corruption and drug money), most commanders know that their troops are unbeatable, and that the real enemy is the drug trade. Go after the drug gang assets (cash, crops, smuggling), and the gangs can be beaten. It's been done before in other parts of the world. With more troops, and more political resolve against the corruption in the Afghan government, it can be done.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Atheist Attacks Christian Woman to Convert Her

Atheist's bizarre bid to convert Christian
12 September 2008

AN ATHEIST subjected a devout Christian woman to a “relentless” campaign of harassment in which he smeared dog faeces on her car and urinated on her doorstep.

Timothy Brown, of Edwin Avenue, Woodbridge, may seek medical help after a year-long bid to change Helen Watson's religious beliefs.

Brown, 37, who is married and has a child, pleaded guilty at South East Magistrates' Court in Ipswich yesterday to racially aggravated harassment between September 1, 2007, and September 10 this year.

His lawyer, Neil Saunders told magistrates: “It is utterly bizarre. He ought to see his doctor.”

The ordeal began in September last year after Mrs Watson had placed a religious fish sticker in her car.

After that point, she would regularly find that another sticker had been put on top of it with words such as “myth”, “deceived”, “sucker” and “fiction”, which she said were derogatory to her religious views.

Mrs Watson, of Barton Road, Woodbridge, decided not to do anything about it and hoped the problem would go away, but in August this year, Brown stepped up his campaign.

On several occasions, Mrs Watson came home to find that Brown had either smeared dog excrement on her car, allowed his dog to excrete on her lawn or had himself urinated on her property.

In a statement read out in court, Mrs Watson said she had been forced to lock her doors while in the house and found the experience upsetting.

She said: “I feel I am being victimised for my religious beliefs. I am concerned because my children have to get in and out of the car.

“I also find it embarrassing that when people come to visit there is a strong smell of urine. This harassment is relentless.”

During the latest spate of attacks, police installed secret CCTV at Mrs Watson's home which caught Brown visiting the property a number of times.

Naomi Turner, prosecuting, said Brown was arrested on Wednesday and admitted to police that he was an atheist and wanted Mrs Watson to “reconsider her religious beliefs”.

Mrs Turner added: “Brown became frustrated that he got no reaction. The incident with the dog excrement was done in anger and the urinating was meant to be a dirty protest.”

Brown was granted bail on the condition that he does not contact Mrs Watson or go to Woodbridge. He is due to appear for sentencing at Ipswich Crown Court on a date to be set.

Checkmate On Iran
The UAE (United Arab Emirates) wants to buy $7 billion worth of American THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) anti-missile systems to protect itself against the growing arsenal of Iranian ballistic missiles. The UAE is a confederation of small Arab states at the southern end of the Persian Gulf. With a population of only 5.5 million, and large oil and gas deposits, the emirates have a per-capita income of $43,000. Thus the UAE has a lot to defend, and an increasingly belligerent neighbor just across the Gulf. The UAE controls one side the entrance to the Gulf (the Straits of Hormuz). Iran is on the other end, and both nations dispute ownership of some islands in the middle.

The U.S. has agreed to the sale, even though the U.S. Army just formed the first of four THAD anti-ballistic missile (ABM) batteries earlier this year. This unit will be ready for combat in two years, using the THAAD missile. The other three batteries will be in service within five years. Twenty months ago, there was a successful test of THAAD (a SCUD type target was destroyed in flight) using a crew of soldiers for the first time, and not manufacturer technicians, to operate the system.

Each THAAD battery will have 24 missiles, three launchers and a fire control communications system. This will include an X-Band radar. The gear for each battery will cost $310 million. The 18 foot long THAAD missiles weigh 1,400 pounds. This is about the same size as the Patriot anti-aircraft missile, but twice the weight of the anti-missile version of the Patriot. The range of THAAD is 200 kilometers, max altitude is 150 kilometers, and it is intended for short (like SCUD) or medium range (up to 2,000 kilometer) range ballistic missiles. This is what Iran has a lot of.

THAAD has been in development for two decades. Ultimately, the army would like to buy at least 18 launchers, 1,400 missiles, and 18 radars. The UAE appears to be buying more than that; at least a dozen batteries, which is enough to cover the entire southern end of the Persian Gulf against whatever the Iranians can throw at them. However, it will be at least five years before any of the UAE has any of these THAADs deployed. With an order that size, perhaps the U.S. will throw in some temporary protection via U.S. Navy warships equipped with Aegis anti-missile missiles.

THAAD is a step up from the Patriot PAC-3 anti-missile (which is an anti-aircraft missile adapted to take out incoming missiles). The PAC-3 works, but it has limited (20 kilometers) range. The navy has also modified its Standard anti-aircraft missile system to operate like the PAC-3. This system, the RIM-161A, also known as the Standard Missile 3 (or SM-3), has a longer range than THAAD (over 500 kilometers) and max altitude of 160 kilometers. missiles. The Standard 3 is based on the failed anti-missile version of the Standard 2, and costs over three million dollars each. The Standard 3 has four stages. The first two stages boost the interceptor out of the atmosphere. The third stage fires twice to boost the interceptor farther beyond the earth's atmosphere. Prior to each motor firing it takes a GPS reading to correct course for approaching the target. The fourth stage is the 20 pound LEAP kill vehicle, which uses infrared sensors to close on the target and ram it.

The UAE has already bought Patriot anti-missile and anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as dozens of new fighter interceptors, and tens of billions of dollars of new gear for their army and navy. The UAE armed forces has 60,000 troops, and they are armed to the teeth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concentration Camp Janeane

Another example of liberal hate: actress Janeane Garofalo, who claimed "Democrats as people are fundamentally more decent" and preaches here own brand of liberal "tolerance", suggests that all Republicans should be jailed. She might have also said "all Christians" as well since that's who most Republicans are.....what an evil witch! I say let's reverse that and jail all Democrats. See how ridiculous that sounds?! Let's call her......"Concentration Camp Janeane"

Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean
CARACAS (Reuters) - Several Russian ships and 1,000 soldiers will take part in joint naval maneuvers with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea later this year, exercises likely to increase diplomatic tensions with Washington, a pro-government newspaper reported on Saturday.

Quoting Venezuela's naval intelligence director, Salbarore Cammarata, the newspaper Vea said four Russian boats would visit Venezuelan waters from November 10 to 14.

Plans for the naval operations come at a time of heightened diplomatic tension and Cold War-style rhetoric between Moscow and the United States over the recent war in Georgia and plans for a U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Cammarata said it would be the first time Russia's navy carried out such exercises in Latin America. He said the Venezuelan air force would also take part.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an outspoken critic of Washington, has said in recent weeks that Russian ships and planes are welcome to visit the South American country.

"If the Russian long-distance planes that fly around the world need to land at some Venezuelan landing strip, they are welcome, we have no problems," he said on his weekly television show last week.

Chavez, who buys billions of dollars of weapons from Russia, has criticized this year's reactivation of the U.S. Navy's Fourth Fleet, which will patrol Latin America for the first time in over 50 years.

The socialist Chavez says he fears the United States will invade oil-rich Venezuela and he supports Russia's growing geopolitical presence as a counterbalance to U.S. power.

Chavez has bought fighter jets and submarines from Russia to retool Venezuela's aging weapons and says he is also interested in a missile defense system.

(Reporting by Frank Jack Daniel; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Russian bombers conduct patrols along South American coast

(NSI News Source Info) MOSCOW - September 17, 2008: The two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers that landed in Venezuela last week have successfully carried out a patrol mission along the South American coast, a Russian Air Force spokesman said on Tuesday.

"The aircraft took off from the Libertador airbase in Venezuela on Monday and flew along the South American coast toward Brazil," Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik said.

The bombers landed back at the Latin American base after a six-hour flight.

"The flight was performed in strict accordance with international rules on the use of airspace over neutral waters, without violating the borders of other states," the spokesman said.

The Tu-160 Blackjack is a supersonic, variable-geometry heavy bomber, designed to strike strategic targets with nuclear and conventional weapons deep in continental theaters of operation.

According to the spokesman, the bombers are carrying dummy missiles without warheads and their primary mission is to practice patrol sorties in a tropical climate.

Drik earlier said that following the training mission, the Tu-160 crews would meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The bombers are set to leave Venezuela on Thursday and head back to their base in southern Russia.

"The aircraft will take off from an airfield near Caracas on September 18 and conduct a 15-hour return flight to Russia. Their landing at a base in Engels [Saratov Region] is scheduled for September 19," Drik said.

Russia resumed strategic bomber patrol flights over the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans last August, following an order signed by then-President Vladimir Putin. Russian bombers have since carried out more than 90 strategic patrol flights and have often been escorted by NATO planes.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in mid-August that the Bush administration was unhappy with flights by Russian strategic bombers near U.S. borders and accused Moscow of playing a "dangerous game."

ME: Venezuela has kicked out our ambassador this week and virtually declared war upon the United States. How long before we go in and kick the shit out of them with a "strategic raid"? Do we have to wait before he attacks the USA or our allies in the region?

Stupid Russians.....
The Sunday Times reports that in response to U.S. plans for a missile defense shield in Europe, Russia may arm its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads. Russia could supply nuclear warheads to the submarines, cruisers and fighter bombers of the Baltic fleet, which a senior Russian military source said has been under-funded since communism’s collapse. “That will change now,” said the source. “In view of America’s determination to set up a missile defense shield in Europe, the military is reviewing all its plans to give Washington an adequate response.” U.S. ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker said he knew Russia was considering rearming the Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads and said such a move would be “really unfortunate.”

Monday, September 15, 2008

About Muslims

Speaking on 9/11, Senator John McCain said he felt it was important for the USA to allow foreigners into our nation (mainly for education purposes) so that they can see how "extraordinary" our nation really is. Maybe he thinks that if people who hate our nation come and live here for awhile, they will get to know and like us because we are a likable people. I am sure that McCain thinks that since Americans are the least judgmental and most helpful people in the world, these radical religious fanatics will have no choice than to see US citizens for what they really are; just a nice bunch of folks.

However, this sort of think is foolish since 16 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 had been educated in the West (both Germany and the United States) and already had an up close view on what Americans are really like. Take for example Aafia Siddiqui.

A Pakistani-born woman suspected of links to al-Qaeda was charged in a New York federal court with trying to kill American officials and soldiers in Afghanistan. Aafia Siddiqui, a neuroscientist educated in America, was extradited from Pakistan to face trial.

Here is a highly educated woman who, even though she was brought to America to see how great we treat our women (especially in comparison to her home country or neighboring Afghanistan), she still sought to kill Americans regardless of how kind they had been to her while in the USA. I am sure that the US government also paid for part of her tuition as well. Sadly, she hates this country enough to try and kill its citizens. The problem is in the religion of these people, and in their minds.

And its not as if the USA has tried to keep muslims down or defeat them time and again, that isn't true. Take for example Pakistan; we have given tens of billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan and stood by that muslim nation during its wars with neighboring India. This was very foolish since India is a true democracy while Pakistan has been mostly a dictatorship since its inception. Also, the United States rushed o aid muslim Kuwait during the First Gulf War and also protected muslim Bosnians during the Serbian-backed genocide in former Yugoslavia. So no one can say that he United States has been so biased against muslim countries that it deserves to have muslims attacks its citizens, soldiers, and armed forces.

I think Dinesh D'souza hit it right on the head when he said that the cultural left in the USA is responsible for 9/11 in two ways: by fostering a decadent and depraved American culture that angers and repulses other societies--especially traditional and religious ones--and by promoting at home and abroad, an anti-American attitude that blames America for all the problems of the world. This last part feeds directly into the muslim psyche, where locals in the Middle East blame the CIA for not having running water instead of their own leaders.

In the end, I believe that they was Islam has been written and the way most muslims believe seriously hinders the ability of any nation, group, or religion from being able to co-exist side by side with muslims because they are truly the most intolerant people on the planet. They cannot get along with the Buddhists in Thailand (they are hacking those peaceful people to death with machetes), they cannot get along with the Hindus (just look at India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan), nor the Jews in the Middle East (who existed in that region FAR longer than the muslims ever have), nor even Christians (take a look at the Philippeans or Indonesia, where the muslims forcibly convert Christians, and circumcise them without benefit of anesthesia (using household scissors). They tell afterwards to go wash in the sea to prevent infection.

No one will be able to get along with a people who's religion is so vile and evil, and hopefully the world will one day wake up and see the truth for what it really is: in Islam it's convert or die....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today is...

September 11th, 2001
Never forget.....

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Government Bans Traditional Marriage

As the radical homosexual rights movement makes more and more demands on public policy, men and women of faith are increasingly losing the rights and culture we once took for granted. Nowhere is this more evident than in the battle over the definition of marriage. While the militant homosexual rights lobby says that it is interested only in seeking “equality” and “tolerance,” nothing could be further from the truth. “Tolerance” is a weapon that the Left uses to bludgeon its political opponents into silence and submission. And, as a result of the silence and submission of too many Americans, the Left is changing the laws and our culture through the brute force of Big Government to undermine the values of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

For example, in Massachusetts, where judicial activists redefined marriage by fiat, school officials have argued in court that public educational bureaucrats have a “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle to students now that men can “marry” other men. Is that really what you want your kids learning about?

The latest example comes from California, where a heterosexual couple who were recently married wanted their marriage license to read “Bride” and “Groom.” But when they wrote those words next to the new politically correct terms “Party A” and “Party B,” guess what happened? Their marriage license was rejected by the Placer County clerk. As WorldNetDaily put it, “‘Brides’ and ‘grooms’ are no longer allowed to marry in the State of California.” Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute commented that unless the people of California constitutionally protect the traditional meaning of marriage, “heterosexual couples will be forced to wed out of state if they wish to be officially identified as bride and groom or husband and wife.”

My friends, the culture war is real, and the outcome of these battles will impact you, your place of business, your religious liberty, your kids and their future. This is your country too. Fight for it! Make sure your voice heard in the public policy debates by voting. Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching in most states, so please make sure you, your friends and family members are all registered to vote

What's in a Name? (Greece gets pissy)
The UN is once again getting involved in the Greece-Macedonia Name War. However, there has been no progress in reaching a solution. The Name War has been going on for 17 years, since Macedonia left Yugoslavia. Greece insists on calling Macedonia the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Greece fears Macedonia will lay claim to Greek Macedonia (the northern Greek province of Macedonia). The Macedonian government assures Greece, Europe, and the rest of the world it won't. Greece, being a member of NATO, has more influence than Macedonia, though many of Greece's allies are tired of the conflict and see Greece as the "bully."

How To Make Palestine Go Away
Hamas is in a downward spiral. Opinion polls show that Hamas would receive only 29 percent of the vote if elections were held today, versus 43 percent for Fatah. The problem is that the economic problems in Gaza (largely the result of Hamas insisting that its main goal is the destruction of Israel) have changed attitudes towards Hamas (but not towards Israel, which most Palestinians still want destroyed, or at least hurt in a big way.) The hatred of Israel by Palestinians appears to be implacable, and unlikely to change any time soon. There is growing armed opposition to Hamas in Gaza, largely from al Qaeda affiliated groups. But this opposition is not strong enough to really threaten Hamas control. The Hamas reaction solution to its problems has been to build a police state in Gaza. This is not popular, but Hamas has sufficient popular support (at least a third of the 1.5 million population) to make this work. Egypt is concerned that Hamas will provide a base for Islamic terrorists, and their attacks into Egypt. A solution being talked up in Egypt is the takeover and annexation of Gaza. Israel would have to agree to this, and is apparently giving serious consideration to the idea. That has resurrected the old proposal that the West Bank be given back to Jordan (which used to control it, but give up its claims after the Palestinians decided they were a separate people four decades ago). Jordan already has many Palestinians, who comprise over half their population. Jordan has never been keen on acquiring more Palestinian citizens (the royal family that rules Jordan is Bedouin, and relies on the Bedouin minority to stay in power.)

Meanwhile, Israel has made it very difficult for Palestinians to travel between the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli counter-terror operations in the West Bank are as active as ever, keeping the terrorists neutralized (as they have been for several years.)

Israel has supplied Fatah with several thousand assault rifles and pistols, as well as vehicles (armored and unarmored.) Israel has also released about a thousand West Bank residents from jail. Most of these were being held for low level offenses, but the gesture has made Fatah more popular.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Thoughts on Governor Sarah Palin

The choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice President again shows that Senator McCain can think outside the box. Conventional thinking was for McCain to choose another man, someone from the Congress or a former member but he clearly moved beyond this sort of traditional thinking by picking Palin. I personally have been following Governor Palin's career for more than a year since she is a true-blue conservative from an important Western state. Also, this decision makes Sarah Palin most likely the first female President in the United States (in 2012). McCain showed so much courage and character in reaching outside Washington in picking Palin, it was an incredible choice.

As governor of Alaska, she vetoed over 300 special interest bills in the budget.

She cancelled the $300 million dollar "Bridge to Nowhere" that Congress wanted to waste money on. She has been in office for 13 years as mayor and governor of Alaska.

She is a pro-life woman who, when faced with a terrible choice (knowing she would have a Downs syndrome baby), she stuck by her principles.

Her oldest son signed up for the US Army after 9/11 and Palin's family fully support their son in this effort.

She is a life-time member of the NRA, hunts, and loves moose-burgers (no vegetarian tree-hugger here). Her husband is an Alaskan Inuit. She has done more in the last 20 months than her predecessors have done in the previous 12 years! She also brought down in ethics investigations she governor of Alaska, the state attorney general, and the head of the GOP party in Alaska. She is in favor of oil drilling and has taken on the Alaskan oil companies in that northern state.

She is 44 years old and has had 5 kids and looks THIS GOOD!


Friday, August 29, 2008

The DNC in Denver

You know, after watching the DNC convention in Denver this week, a city I recently moved from, the more I question why should Barack Obama be President of the United States? From disgusting shady deals for his home to such a lack of poor judgment by associating with America-hating Jeremiah Wright and terrorist William Ayres. Don't you know, Mr. Obama, that you are known by the company you keep? Hanging out with such despicable people like Wright and Ayres only shows your extremely poor judgment. The worst decision Obama has made is the fact that he said he would speak to the most anti-American hating leaders around the world (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Il Sung) but refuse to speak to fellow Americans on the Right. Obama refuses to speak to Focus on the Family and Fox News because they are "right wing" but he will talk to Ahmadinejad and Il Sung because they are leftists. Too bad Obama has such poor judgment.

Here we are, in the middle of the most important wars in our history, and we are about to hand over the leadership of this country to a single term black senator from Illinois? Are people insane?

Obama is also against progress. He, like his left-wing brethren, are wedded to the new religion: gaiaism. This form of planet worship (instead of God-worship) is shown in the form of "saving the planet" (instead of peoples) and in "renewable energy". Instead of tapping the vast oil reserves here in the United States (more than 3 times what Saudi Arabia has, in the Rocky Mountains alone) they want to gut economic progress by forcing everyone to use wind and solar power. They are waging an all-out war against nuclear, oil, hydroelectric, and coal power. Oh the Democrats will fight all right, not the War on Terror but the War Against Gaia.

Jill Biden: beautiful, gracious, stunningly kind, and a good wife and mother. I was deeply impressed by her behavior in public and I wish her well, whatever happens in the future.


Michelle Obama: you’d think that someone who earns $360,000 a year from a hospital could get good dental care, but apparently not. Her most infamous quote: “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country” See the video here if you don’t believe the quote.

Bill Clinton: has the nerve to complain about the US military’s capability when he was the one who gutted it in the 1990s. He slashed the US Army from 18 divisions to 10, from 15 aircraft carriers to 10, from 36 combat airwings to nearly 20. Bill Clinton was the single most responsible person for the weakening of thee US armed forces, putting now in a very dangerous global position.

And he has the nerve to discuss the financial situation in the USA when he sold this country out by signing (illegally) NAFTA. That economic treaty destroyed the industrial base of this country. Clinton's foolish signing of this law cost the US over 5 million high-paying jobs, then blame the Bush administration for it. It's absurd.

Madeline Albright: the most despicable human being in the former Clinton administration was given center stage to speak at the Obama convention. She was most directly responsible for the mass murders and all-out genocide in black Rwanda in 1994. This woman, this fiend, was singularly responsible for the mass deaths in Rwanda and she deserved no spotlight like she had at the convention. Again, Democrats show the worst judgment in picking leaders; mass murder accomplices, hard-core radical leftists, and America-hating "pastors". This is the real Democratic Party, the Party of Death. They are the party of the gays, the blacks, the unions, and other hard-core leftist groups. The are anti-Christian and anti-life ("pro-choice") and anyone voting for him should keep this in mind and judge wisely.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Russia, the West, and Killing Michelle Malkin

West tells Russia to keep out of Ukraine
by the Financial Times

Britain led a chorus of support for Ukraine on Wednesday as western fears rose of possible Russian attempts to build on its victory in Georgia by threatening neighbouring states.

Speaking during a visit to Kiev, David Miliband, the UK foreign secretary, called on the European Union and Nato to prepare for “hard-headed engagement” with Moscow following its military action in Georgia.

“Russia must not learn the wrong lessons from the Georgia crisis. There can be no going back on fundamental principles of territorial integrity, democratic governance and international law,” he said.

Mr. Miliband’s remarks coincided with warnings from Bernard Kouchner, French foreign minister, and Carl Bildt, Swedish foreign minister.

In an unprecedented step, the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized countries also issued a joint statement on Wednesday to condemn “Russia’s excessive use of military force in Georgia and its continued occupation of parts” of the country.

The warnings came after Moscow recognised the independence of the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia on Tuesday in the first effort to redraw international borders in the former Soviet Union since its 1991 collapse.

Mr. Kouchner warned that the situation was “very dangerous” because Russia might now be considering other targets such as the divided state of Moldova and Ukraine, with its strategically important Crimean peninsula.


More here.

NATO Not Ready For Prime Time
One reason many European nations are reluctant to let their troops engage the enemy in Iraq, or Afghanistan, is that they fear the outcome will not be up to the task. Over a decade of shrinking budgets has meant less money for realistic training. There are also equipment shortages. The net result is several layers of leadership that are really not well prepared for a shooting war. The leaders of these nations have also been warned about this by their own special operations troops, who have seen combat in Afghanistan. Most of these operations have been kept secret, as is normal for this sort of thing. But the commandos from these different nations had opportunities to exchange notes, and it was generally agreed that most post Cold War European nations had let most of their combat troops down. The special operations forces were hardly cut at all, as they were considered vital for counter-terrorism, or any kind of military emergency that might come up. The spec ops guys were dismayed at what was happening to the levels of training and equipment in the rest of the armed forces, and knew it could mean disaster if these guys were sent into combat.

Now that's starting to happen, and the results are not pretty. For example, several Czech helicopter pilots, when told they were going to Afghanistan, basically said no. Not unless they got more training, and helicopters that could handle that kind of tricky flying. The crew of an Italian helicopter gunship was recently sent home because they refused to fire in combat. No one will say exactly what happened there, but that sort of thing is usually the result of poor preparation, and leadership. And then there's the recent ambush of a French patrol, which resulted in ten French paratroopers killed. Most of the casualties occurred because the troops had not practiced dealing with ambushes, and the way the Taliban operate. Worse, the French troops were trapped under fire for many hours, long past the time when air cover or ground reinforcements should have arrived. Again, this has all the marks of bad leadership and poor training.

The well trained and equipped volunteer troops (particularly the American, British, Canadian, Australian and commandos of all nations) make it look easy. But it isn't. Lots of training, lots of practice, and decades developing combat leadership, is what it takes. Some nations are now faced with the need to repair some of the damage cause by that post Cold War euphoria and budget cutting.


Killing Michelle Malkin
This week a shocking and vile video of a thug/talk show host (Alex Jones) trying to incite a crowd to murder a small Asian woman (Michelle Malkin). This sort of despicable behavior shows clearly why millions of people are abandoning the Democratic Party (and the political left in this country). Jones is a well-known lefty Denverite and his disgusting behavior shows how demon-possessed the man really is. He is the the thug, the monster, and the evil man that he claims Malkin is. It is this kind of awful speach and behavior that makes people ignore the fanatics on the Left. I am glad I left the Left 20 years ago....

Here is the video, make your own decision.