Friday, December 28, 2007

Why I don't believe in Manmade Global Warming

*Al Gore is not a scientist

*I am not interested in "global Salvationism".

*Environmentalism is usually an excuse for more government control over your life. Has it ever been an excuse for less?

*Leading "greens" oppose affordable energy.

*Environmentalists want to prosecute those who disagree with them.

*Climate is always changing.

*The sun's activity correllates more closely to global temperatures than CO2 levels do.

*Global warming likely will be a net past warmings have always been.

*Many climate experts doubt the media-proclaimed global warming alarmism.

*It is the greens who seek to censor science and intimidate dissent and debate.

*The South Pole is getting colder.

*Most polar bear populations are thriving even if Al Gore falsely says they cannot swim).

*Not a single hurricane hit the USA in 2006.

*Enron lobbied Gore and worked with green groups in support of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

*Those "responsible" businesses happen to stand to profit from otherwise ineffective environmental laws.

*Green groups get millions from major corporations.

*Many journalists proclaim a duty to present only one side in climate debates

*The media have alternated between global cooling scares and global warming for a century.

*Gore warns of 20-foot sea level rises, but the UN says sea level will continue its slow and steady rise, anywhere from 4 inches to under three feet in the next century.

*Carbon dioxide taxes and rationing schemes are regressive: they disproportionately affect poor people and seniors.

*Renewable fuels cannot meet today's demands, let alone the world's growing needs.

*Global sea levels have been rising for centuries.

The modern environmentalist movement is generally "anti" something, and that something is typically related to growth: economic growth, population growth, physical development, or simply the individual property rights necessary for growth. It is also extremely anticapitalist (communism anyone?) as well as anti-human and anti-American. Sadly, their motivation is not a love of biological diversity or horticulture, nor a desire to expand animal habitats and so on. We have been taught by the government to be very, very afraid, successively, of AIDS, Saddam Hussein, BSE, terrorists, SARS, bird flu, and now global warming, and I just ain't buying it, folks.....

And then there are their own quotes:

"Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned." George Monbiot

"We should have war crimes for these bastards--some sort of climate Nuremberg." David Roberts

"Scientists who want to attract attention to themselves, who want to attract great funding to themselves, have to find a way to scare the public....and this you can achieve only by making things bigger and more dangerous than they are." Petr Chylek

So, finally, the "settled" theory of catastrophic Manmade global warming is that it is not catastrophic, Manmade, nor global. The entire Southern Hemisphere as a whole is not experiencing any statistically significant warming and Al Gore utterly ignores the real reasons for increases in various weather-related damages--more people and more wealth situated in more flood-prone or storm-prone areas. The sea levels around the globe have been rising, for the last 8,000 years and will continue to do so at varying rates until the next ice age. CO2 levels have nothing to do with temperature levels across the planet but it will increase the biodiversity of the planet by extending animal and plant ranges. In fact, according to the fossil record, over 450 million years ago CO2 levels were over ten times higher than they are today, but the planet was in the depths of the absolute coldest period in the last half billion years.

So there you have it....


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