Saturday, October 27, 2007

Romney and the Christian Vote

In the ongoing Presidential race I find it astonishing that Evangelical Christians would even consider Mitt Romney as someone they would possibly vote for. Christianity and Mormonism are at complete odds with one another and I know that personally since I grew up Mormon. In fact, I would boldly say that Mormonism is an extremely Satanic religion, and here's why:

1)Mormons believe that Satan and Jesus are brothers. No I am not kidding! And this sort of belief is the highest of blasphemies ever uttered by a human being. BTW, this was the original lie that Satan told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer has always wanted to be God-like, and equating himself with God through being brothers certainly elevates him into that position.

2)Mormons believe that they will become Gods. Again, I am not kidding. Of course your wife will always be your Goddess Wife, too, forever. A real bummer if you don't like your husband and want a divorce ;)

3)Mormons belief that the concept of the "Trinity" is Satanic. They utterly and completely deny the Christian concept of the Trinity, thus proving they are a cult and non-Christian.

4)Mormons believe that they are the only true church and every other church is Satanically evil. Only they will inherit the highest Heaven and Earth. This is their (foolish) belief.

5)Mormons hate the cross, they see it as a failure and they do not have crosses in any of their churches, nor do they wear them. Again, they hate the Cross of does Satan.

6)Mormonism was and still is extremely anti-women and anti-black. Although this is now shrouded within the church, it is still the truth and widely taught in Mormonism. They also secretly endorse polygamy and I am absolutely sure Romney will legalize it if he ever became President of the United States.

I plead with the Christian community to not endorse Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. He recently won the Values Voters caucus but he should not even be considered by anyone who is a Christian. Mormonism is as Satanic cult, period. And I would know.....I am an ex-Mormon and now a born-again Evangelical Christian.

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