Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Diversity Here by Gary

America’s college campuses pride themselves on being bastions of diversity. Yet a new survey of academia finds that there is very little diversity of thought in the halls of “higher learning.” Sociology professors from George Mason University and Harvard University recently conducted a study of the ideological beliefs of more than 1,400 full-time instructors at 927 colleges.

According to one report, the study was “arguably the best-designed survey of American faculty beliefs since the early 1970s.” Not surprisingly it found that most college professors were liberals. But the extent to which the Left dominated the “American professoriate” surprised even me. Here are some results:

• Only 9.2% of college instructors identified themselves as “conservatives.”
• Only 20.4% of college instructors voted for George W. Bush in 2004.
• 75% of college faculty members agree that “abortion should be legal if a woman wants it for any reason.”
• 80% agreed that: “President Bush misled the American people about the reasons to go to war with Iraq.”

I wasn’t the only one shocked by the results. Larry Summers, Harvard’s former president and a former Clinton Cabinet member, remarked, “It made me think that there is even less ideological diversity in the American university than I had imagined. There is an overwhelming tilt toward the progressive side. Compared to the underrepresentation of other groups whose underrepresentation is often stressed, the underrepresentation of conservatives appears to be rather substantially more, perhaps.” In other words, conservatives are the “disadvantaged minority” on our college campuses!

Summers, of course, knows a thing or two about the intolerance of university “progressives.” He lost his job for daring to suggest that men and women are different and was denied a speaking engagement at the University of California-Davis. A man who denies the Holocaust can speak at Columbia, but a former Harvard president and cabinet secretary who believes there are real differences between men and women cannot speak at UC-Davis.

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