Sunday, October 07, 2007

Matthew Shepard: No Hero

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Were Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, the two "homophobic" desperados that killed a helpless gay Wyoming University student (Matthew Shepard) in a fit of "gay panic", actually the brutal calculating killers that the media portrayed them to be? No, they weren't, and here is the evidence that the mainstream media (MSM) continually suppresses:

The best evidence now suggests that McKinney, the actual killer, had previously expressed no homophobic sentiments. One good reason why is that he was an active bisexual himself. Apparently, he and Shepard, who had a known drug problem, had done meth together a number of times.

On the night in question, McKinney went on a meth-fueled rampage. He pistol-whipped the vulnerable Shepard for drug money, drove into town to rob Shepard's apartment, and then pistol whipped a stranger who got in his way, fracturing his skull in the process.

Matthew Shepard died just four weeks before the 1998 mid-term elections. For the next four weeks, much to their own surprise, the killers were presented to America as poster children for the religious right and one more reason not to vote Republican.

Of course, McKinney and Henderson were not products of Christian culture, but of its antithesis: a crude, soulless, fatherless, sexually libertine, drug-addled, pop culture. Those who controlled the narrative, however, could shape it as they saw fit.

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Also, the fact that Matthew Shepard was HIV+ positive is rarely spoken of deeply concerns me, and that fact that if he had unprotected sex with anyone they would eventually die a brutal and agonizing death years later is never discussed. In fact, the female police officer who was first on the scene and tried to help Shepard received cuts on her hands and after mingling with the blood of Matthew she must now have HIV tests for the next few years, possibly the rest of her life, to make sure she doesn't get AIDS. It is these sorts of facts that get conveniently left out by the media which disturb me so much, and why the MSM cannot be trusted anymore.

Finally, the thing that really bothers me is that my aunt was murdered in Rock Springs, Wyoming and the killer only got 5 years in prison for her death. BTW, she was killed in front of her own two minor children! So if you kill a woman and mother you get 5 years, but if you kill a gay person you get life in prison?! This is outrageous! Also, the gay community has ruthlessly and disturbingly used the death of Matthew Shepard to try and pass nation-wide "hate crimes" legislation. I deeply oppose such laws because it takes the concept of "equality under the law" and throws it right out the window. When we as a nation say that when you get the death penalty or more substantial jail time because you kill people of a certain ethnic or social background, then there is no equality. I despise the efforts of the radical left that says somehow the death of a gay man is more important than that of my aunt, a defenseless woman and mother. This is injustice, pure and simple.

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