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Apparently We're All Nazis

Localities Struggle With Illegal Immigration
The federal government’s failure to address illegal immigration in a serious, meaningful way has forced many states and localities to take up the issue. Last night, there was a very contentious meeting in Prince William County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., as supervisors debated a resolution to limit taxpayer-funded services to illegal aliens. As many as 2,000 people turned up to protest the resolution outside the county building. At a hearing a couple of weeks ago, many demonstrators showed up with Mexican flags. This time there were more American flags, but the protestors were chanting in Spanish. A local newspaper report noted that one of the protestors, “Janice,” had set up a table with “Malcolm X and Che Guevara biographies, the Communist Manifesto, and a newspaper entitled The Militant.”

The meeting began at 2:30 in the afternoon and went on for 12 hours as hundreds of county residents spoke for and against the resolution. Twelve hours later, at 2:30 a.m., the supervisors voted 7-to-0 to pass the resolution, leaving the remaining demonstrators stunned by the bi-partisan, unanimous vote.

While this is only one county in one state, this scene is being repeated all over the country, and I am certain it expresses the heartfelt concerns of most Americans. Although a few cities are moving in the opposite direction, the momentum at the local level is in favor of enforcing the law, and the reason is simple and obvious. The American people are not anti-immigrant or anti-Mexican or anti-Hispanic. The American people do, however, expect our laws to be obeyed and upheld, and they do expect legal immigrants to assimilate and “Americanize.” The American people oppose illegal immigration, and they oppose folks protesting under foreign flags and in foreign languages.

I wish those who favor lax immigration policies would stop accusing their fellow countrymen of racism. It is not only a weak defense of their position, but it is grossly insulting to the common sense of hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens, many of whom, in the post-9/11 world, see illegal immigration as a national security threat.

“Bush Is Hitler” Theme Revisited
The Left is revisiting an old theme in disparaging President Bush, our troops and the war in Iraq. The “Bush is Hitler” theme reached a crescendo during the 2004 elections when aired two online ads comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler. In November of 2003, George Soros compared America to Nazi Germany in an interview with the Washington Post. I could go on, but I don’t have enough space here. But just when you think that obscenity has passed, the Left comes out with another broadside that assaults our intellect.

Sunday, New York Times columnist Frank Rich reprised the “Bush is Hitler” theme with a new twist: We’re all Nazis. In a column entitled “The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us,” Rich begins by noting, “It’s time to confront the darker reality that we are lying to ourselves.” Then he goes on to denounce the “Gestapo tactics in our war” and concluded his rant with a plea to Congress to “challenge administration policy every day” because, “The longer we stand idly by … the more we resemble those ‘good Germans’ who professed ignorance of their own Gestapo.” So, once again, the Left repeats its mantra that we are the “bad guys” in this war and that by allowing it to continue the American people are “good Germans” turning a blind eye to Bush’s fascism.

Needless to say, I completely disagree with Rich’s analysis. There is lying, but it is by the likes of Rich. Those on the Left who believe America is the problem are lying to themselves and to the rest of us about the nature of this war.

Those who believe our troops are the “bad guys” are lying to themselves about the enemy we are fighting. Those who rail against an “American empire” are strangely silent about the Muslim caliphate bin Laden aims to create. Those who denounce Bush as Hitler demonstrate more disdain for their own government than they do the Islamofascists who demand we “convert or die.” Those who lose sleep fretting about U.S. torture at Guantanamo Bay were blissfully ignorant about the torture manuals of Al Qaeda in Iraq or the enslavement of women under the Taliban. It’s time we confront political correctness and muster the courage to defend Western Civilization!

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Limbaugh Laughs Last
As you know, Rush Limbaugh has been battling outrageous charges lobbed by congressional liberals that he recently demeaned the patriotism and service of American soldiers. The Left tried mightily to distort comments Limbaugh made about “phony soldiers,” and 41 Democrat senators sent a letter to Mark Mays, CEO of the company that syndicates Rush’s talk show, demanding Mays denounce Limbaugh’s comments. Mays understood this was a politically contrived controversy and refused to condemn Limbaugh, citing his long history of staunch support for our troops. He also turned the letter over to Rush, who has brilliantly turned the tables on his critics.

Limbaugh posted the letter on e-bay and promised to donate the proceeds of the winning bid to charity. The charity he chose is The Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation, an outstanding organization that provides financial assistance to the children of America’s fallen heroes. Since 1995, it has distributed nearly $30,000,000 in aid. (By the way, Limbaugh is a proud member of the Foundation’s board of directors.) But Limbaugh upped the ante, challenging his critics in Congress to “put up or shut up.” In addition to donating the entire winning bid to The Marine Corp – Law Enforcement Foundation, Rush challenged the 41 senators who signed the letter condemning him for insulting our troops to match the bid, which currently stands at $51,100, with their own donation to the Foundation. If these senators “put their money where their mouth is,” Limbaugh could raise in excess of $2 million for this great charity!

Since liberals are far more generous with other people’s money, I doubt the kids will ever see a dime from Rush’s detractors, but I would love to be proven wrong.

In the meantime, there is something you can do. The Left is determined to silence conservative talk radio by bringing back the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” Conservatives in the House, led by Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, who was once the host of a talk radio show, have introduced legislation to protect the free market of ideas with the Broadcaster Freedom Act. Not surprisingly, liberals who control the House are refusing to give the bill a vote. Please call Capitol Hill and urge your representative to sign the discharge petition for the Broadcaster Freedom Act. If 218 representatives sign this petition, the bill will get a vote on the House floor.

Ticket to Anywhere
Every American soldier going to Iraq or Afghanistan gets 15 days leave in the middle of a 12 month tour (18 days if it’s a 15 month tour). The army provides free round trip travel from Iraq (Kuwait, actually) to anywhere in the world.

Recently, as troops are in a second or third tour, they realize that they would relax more if they didn’t go home. Now, between ten and twenty percent of those taking the leave, are going somewhere else. Australia and Europe are favorite destinations. Sometimes the troops arrange to meet the family, or a girlfriend, at the alternate destination. The problem with going home, as many discover, is that the family is often not on vacation with them, and the “vacation” turns into a grind, as domestic matters are tended to, and visits to, or from, many kin, eliminate a lot of opportunity for relaxation.

What troops really want to do on these R&R (rest and recreation) trips is, well, just rest, and maybe recreate a bit. More are doing just that, as the percentage of those going somewhere besides home heads for 20 percent, mainly among the half of the troops that are not married.

Singapore Seeks India
Singapore has made a deal with India that will enable Singaporean military units to train in India. Earlier this year, a similar deal was made with Indonesia, although that one recently fell apart.

Singapore has a population of only 4.5 million, crammed onto only 704 square kilometers. There's no space for military training areas, and Singaporean forces travel as far as North America to train. While Indonesia is a neighbor, India is the regional superpower. It’s not called the Indian Ocean for nothing. But for India, Singapore is the regional financial superpower, with an enormous concentration of banks and financial institutions. Singapore, along with Malaysia and Indonesia, also sit astride the vital Straits of Malacca, through which most of the world’s oil exports pass. India has an interest in seeing the Malacca Straits remaining in friendly hands. Malaysia and Indonesia are both predominantly Moslem, and predominantly Hindu India is the target for many Islamic radical groups. So Singapore (largely Buddhist, Taoist and Christian) is seen as a natural ally. Singapore also is a democracy with a thriving economy, a combination that India shares.

Singapore is also becoming more defense conscious. It recently increased its defense budget from $6.5 billion, to $6.8 billion a year. That’s for an armed forces of 60,000 troops. On a per-capita basis, Singapore spends more on the military, and has more people in uniform, than the United States. The Singapore military is one of the best equipped, trained and led in the region. Singapore has the best educated and most affluent population in the region. With so much worth defending, Singapore is ready to take on any hostile neighbors (mainly Malaysia, which Singapore used to be part of.)

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