Monday, September 24, 2007

When Blacks Attack: Jena, Norfolk, and Denver

A year and a half ago this author was attacked by three black teenagers in downtown Denver. I was minding my own business, speaking on a payphone in public, when three black teens began savagely attacking me. I am a gay man and have never been beaten in this manner; an attack that gave me a concussion and damaged my hearing (causing me to loose my sense of balance for a week). I also lost two teeth because of the beating. The police interviewed me later and said that I was the third attack of the night, that a group of black teens (who were found out later to have come from Louisiana and were housed in hotels from the Katrina mess) were randomly attacking whites on the street. I even lost my job because I was in the hospital and unable to come to work. So why do groups of blacks attack whites? I don't know but I do know that my very first boyfriend was black and I wasn't anti-black until this incident. Hopefully people will begin to speak about black racism against whites, Asians, and latinos.

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