Monday, September 17, 2007

Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

Another Case Of SJS?
Did you hear about Houssein Zorkot? Unless you live in the Detroit area, I suspect not. Zorkot, a medical student at Wayne State University in Michigan, was arrested on September 8th in a Dearborn park wearing camouflage makeup, black clothing and carrying an AK-47 assault rifle. According to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Zorkot had a website with pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and a lot of propaganda from Hezbollah. But on the day of his arrest, Zorkot added a photo of a soldier holding a rifle with this caption underneath the photo, “The Start of My Personal Jihad (in the US).” Fortunately, Mr. Zorkot was captured before he became the latest victim of SJS or “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.” For those not familiar with SJS, there have been several incidents across the country in recent years where violent Islamists have attacked Americans, seemingly at random. We are then told by media or relatives of the accused that the attacker was “mentally ill.” That explanation is accepted, and the story goes away. Sooner or later, I am convinced we will discover the cause of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.” Let’s hope a cure does not elude us.

Pushing Polygamy
Last week, I reported that the California legislature had passed a bill redefining marriage by replacing the words “a man and a woman” with “any two persons” in the state’s marriage laws. But why stop there? The New York Times reported last week that opposition to polygamy in some areas seems to be waning. As the trial of polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs moves forward, the Times wrote “…an intermingling of cultures has begun to bubble up here, opening hearts and minds in greater understanding, if not quite tolerance.” One polygamy advocated noted, “If it’s legal in some states for people of the same sex to get married, why is it not legal to marry more than one wife?” Good question.

You may recall that during Canada’s debate on legalizing homosexual “marriage,” a special commission was asked to explore the ramifications of redefining marriage to include same-sex unions. In its report back to the government, the commission actually recommended that Canada’s polygamy ban be repealed too. Now the issue may be coming to a head. Last month a prosecutor in Canada asked the courts there to issue an advisory ruling on the ban, because he is afraid that if he tried to prosecute a case similar to Jeffs’, he might well lose.

We know polygamy is being practiced in this country by Muslim immigrants, and the imam of the Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn was recently quoted saying, “If a man can have a hundred girlfriends, and it’s legal, I don’t say you can’t have more than one wife.” Militant homosexual activists say we must allow men to “marry” other men, and polygamists and Islamists say, “Why not a man and three wives?” What do you say?

Sally Field, Meet Miriam Farahat
I don’t know how many of you happened to tune in to the Emmy Awards last night. But if you did, you probably heard actress Sally Field doing her best portrayal of Cindy Sheehan, screeching through an anti-war rant, saying, “And, let’s face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no (expletive) wars in the first place.” Poor Sally. Like Sheryl Crow, who told us, “The best way to solve problems is not to have enemies,” Sally just doesn’t “get it.”

Not all mothers weep when their children go off to war and die in battle. Some actually cheer. How else can you explain Miriam Farahat, who raised her six sons to be homicide bombers for Hamas? At least three of them are now dead, and she is an elected member of the Hamas parliament. Known throughout Gaza as Um Nidal, or “the mother of the struggle,” Farahat is featured in a Hamas recruitment video telling one 17 year-old son to attack Israelis and “telling him not to return.”

How do you explain Fatima Zak? The pregnant mother of eight children was arrested along with her niece in May by Israeli intelligence for planning a double homicide bombing.

Yes, it would be nice if America did not have enemies and didn’t have to fight wars. But we were reminded on September 11, 2001, that there are some really bad people out there who want to harm us. We have been reminded about that reality in the years since, with the bombings in London, Madrid, Bali and Beslan. Yes, war is terrible. The sacrifices are hard, and good people get hurt and many die. But, if Sally Field doesn’t want to fight and win this war, she had better fit herself for a burqa and get ready for the next Dark Age. As tragic and terrible as war is, losing Western Civilization to this cruel enemy would be immoral.

By Gary

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