Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The single person to blame for 911 is....

Jamie Gorelick
A massive cover-up of the 911 tragedy continues by hiding the most important document that could have prevented the 911 disaster: a 1995 memo from Clinton administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick that the 9/11 investigation that covered up the now notorious "wall" she erected that prevented intelligence and law enforcement agencies from cooperating in the war on terror. During the Richard Nixon Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency were used to spy on Nixon's domestic political critics and as a result the Democrats hamstrung both the FBI and CIA by insuring this "wall" was enforced by Clinton officials.

In June 1995, U.S. Attorney for New York's Southern District Mary Jo White warned the Justice Department that Gorelick's prohibition against intelligence sharing would hamper U.S. counterterrorism efforts. "It is hard to be totally comfortable with instructions to the FBI prohibiting contact with the United States Attorney's Offices when such prohibitions are not legally required," White wrote on June 13, 1995, in a memo reported Friday by the New York Post's Deborah Orin. "The most effective way to combat terrorism is with as few labels and walls as possible so that wherever permissible, the right and left hands are communicating," advised White, who was then in the midst of prosecuting the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. According to Orin, however, "White was so upset that she bitterly protested with another memo - a scathing one" - blasting Gorelick's wall of separation.

While the former Clinton official and her fellow 9/11 commissioners have so far declined to make the second memo public, the Post reports that White used it to warn that Gorelick's wall "hindered law enforcement and could cost lives." The 9/11 Commission omitted any mention of White's scathing second warning to Gorelick from its final report. "Nor does the report include the transcript of its staff interview with White," the Post said. The revelation that the 9/11 Commission covered up White's full account comes on the heels of news that Gorelick's wall may have prevented the FBI from learning that lead 9/11 hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi had entered the U.S. and had been identified by military intelligence as terrorist threats a year before the attacks. In 2005 Rep. Curt Weldon, who uncovered the Atta-al-Shehhi revelation, complained: "There was no reason not to share this information with the FBI, except that the firewalls that existed back then were so severe that they wouldn't let these agencies talk to one another."

If you don't believe me, here is a copy of that memo.

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Giuliani on 911
One of the main reasons I am voting for Giuliani for President is that he attended nearly every single Fire Department funeral for those that lost their lives on 911 (there were over 300 of them). Hillary (the B*tch) Clinton attended none. A little known fact is that he was almost killed on 911 when the South Tower collapsed. During the first World Trade Center bombing in 1992 (and Bill Clinton's non-response to that event) the City of New York decided to build an emergency command bunker for the Mayor, located in Building #7 in the Towers plaza. Mayor Giuliani was in that bunker when the first tower fell, critically damaging Building #7 (which eventually collapsed several hours later due to increasing fire damage). He and his staff were actually trapped for a time in the building as most of their escape routes were either blocked or destroyed. One of the main reasons Building #7 was chosen was its' independent power system, a number of large diesel generators located in several different sections of the building, being fed by a diesel pipeline which ruptured and caused wides-spread fires within the building. Giuliani barely escaped with his life, just minutes before the North Tower collapsed. In his biography, "Leadership", he personally asked President Bush once bin Laden was captured that he would like to execute him himself. I like this man. After narrowly escaping death on 911, I am sure that Rudy Giuliani will fully prosecute the War on Terror to the fullest of his abilities and his track record as Mayor of New York City speaks for itself:

Murder reduced by 2/3rd
Overall crime down by 57%
Shootings down 75%
Robbery fell from 83,883 to 32,213
Burglary fell from 100,933 to 38,155
Theft fell from 111,611 to 35,673
A 93% reduction in inmate-on-inmate crime in the city's jails
Zero-tolerance for drunk drivers led to seizure of 4,000 cars
90,000 illegal guns taken off the street
Organized crime removed from key industries such as trash carting and food distribution
Businesses saved $600 million a year from this "mob tax".
Over 600,000 people taken off the welfare rolls.

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