Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Own Private Idaho

Why I voted for Larry Craig and would do it again
In watching my Livejournal "friends" blog, I ran across some really despicable posts from gay men over the whole "Larry Craig Affair". Now when I was living in my home state of Idaho I voted for Senator Craig many times; I thought he did a good job representing Idaho and he didn't promote anything radical that Idahoans would get pissed off about. As a Western state, Idaho is filled with people who mind their own business and expect others to do the same. The people there could hardly care less if someone is a homosexual, they just don't want to hear about who is boinking whom. However, after seeing some really rabid posts on Livejournal I decided to post my thoughts, especially since I was from Idaho and had actually voted for Senator Craig (apparently none of these other bloggers had voted for the guy, sheesh).

One of the things that these loose-screw bloggers said was that if he was gay, he should be tarred-and-feathered for not voting pro-gay on issues that have come up in the US Senate. I don't believe that opposing gay marriage, gay adoptions and wanting to keep gay folks out of the military if you are gay is being hypocritical. One of the things that sets conservatives apart from their totalitarian opposites (the Democrats) is that we can think one thing and yet do another if the majority wants it. You see, Larry Craig was my senator. I am from Idaho and voted for him numerous times. I am proud of the fact that even though he may be gay, he doesn't impose his beliefs on the vast majority of Idahoans. That's called Democracy. I personally do not support "gay marriage", although I do support civil unions. I also think that a very large majority of gay men do not support gay marriage as well, since they never want to get "married" and have some former lover run away (legally) with all their "stuff". At least that is what I have heard from numerous (and random) gay men in the bars and other social events.

Not support gay rights nation-wide does not make me a "hypocrite", it just means I think differently than the mainstream. I do not support gay adoptions either, nor gays serving openly in the US military; both for very good but lengthy reasons that I will not espouse here. The real hypocrisy is that Larry Craig cannot figure out his own sexuality, even in his latter years...and that is sad. The witch-hunt that the liberal Idaho Statesman has done on his is really terrible too but what more can you expect from Democratic supporters in the media.

Also, I think have sex outside of your bedroom is a little weird, but my mom says I am being a prude, that people have been having sex in their cars for years, and I should get over it, haha. And she doesn't even like gay men!

Finally, physically beating people up for not believing they way you do (like LJ member poetrytoweasels is proposing) is despicable! We need more diversity in this country, more people thinking differently and not less, than everyone thinking and acting the same like some giant Borganism group mind. I think that poetrytoweasels should be really horsewhipped for even thinking that others should be horsewhipped for their beliefs.....nuff said.

PS: I am all for throwing out gays in government as long as the gay Democrats get throw out for being homos too. Kidding, just kidding....;)

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