Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gary on Gay Marriage and Radical Christianity

The Gavel Strikes Again
Late yesterday afternoon news broke that a judge in Polk County, Iowa, declared Iowa’s marriage law unconstitutional and ordered county officials to immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. The Polk County attorney had argued that this wasn’t an issue for a lone judge to decide, but once again the raw political power of judicial activism proved too tempting. Now “gay marriage” has come to the heartland.

What is it about some judges that makes them think they know better than the people’s elected representatives? Do their robes endow them with superhuman intellect? It’s not supposed to be this way, my friends. Judges are not supposed to make law in this country. If they want to make law, they need to be legislators, not judges. The courts have no authority to impose their will on the people. The respect and moral authority of the judiciary rests solely upon the premise that its power is limited and restrained. Judicial activism violates that premise and usurps the authority of the people. There is a solution: Rogue judges who abuse their authority should be impeached!

It’s worth pointing out that six states neighboring Iowa have passed their own marriage protection amendments by an average vote of 66%. Pro-family leaders in Iowa have pushed for years to get a marriage amendment through the state legislature. But last year liberal politicians successfully killed the amendment in the divided state Senate, denying the people of Iowa the opportunity to define and defend traditional marriage for themselves.

As furious as I am about this judge’s abuse of power, I appreciate the timing of his decision coming on the eve of Labor Day, when the campaign season will kick into high gear. Every candidate for president – Democrat and Republican -- will have to address this and related issues head-on. Once again, the American people will debate the proper role of judges in our society, the dangers of liberal judicial activism, the unique roles of a mother and a father in the lives of children and the importance of defending America’s traditional values in public policy. These are worthwhile debates and I look forward to them with great anticipation!

What Is Radical Christianity?
Perhaps you saw “God’s Warriors,” the recent CNN miniseries that purported to investigate what animates the most fervent followers of the world’s three major religions. The documentary is just the latest in a steady stream of books and films promoting the ridiculous theory that conservative Christians and orthodox Jews pose as much of a threat to freedom as fanatical Muslims, who preach hatred and send their children off to become suicide bombers. In my Human Events column today, I ask the question: What is radical Christianity? I argue that far from being a threat to America, it is exactly what our nation needs.

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