Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Ideas

On Ames
The recent straw polls in Ames, Iowa do not mean much and the reason why is numbers. You see, the top three contenders for the Republican nomination didn't even attend the event: Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson. Of course Mitt Romney won in Iowa, he practically bought the state; a disgusting display of pandering and throwing your money around to buy votes.

Barry Bonds
It is not hard to break records when you have drug-enhanced performance. Bonds is a loser.

USA vs Iran
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Did you know that carbon dioxide levels are already 20 times lower then it was during the time of the dinosaurs? This is causing the slow death of deciduous and conifer trees which are being replaced by grasses which don't require as much of the gas. We need more CO2, not less to stop the death of most of the plant life on this planet. In fact, some complex life forms (the dinosaurs) were probably wiped out by the drop in C)2 levels, letting the warm-blooded mammals survive over their reptilian competitors.

In threatening to use their US dollar and US Treasury Bond hoard as a weapon against the United States, it is becoming more and more clear that China is an implacable enemy of America. We stupidly send hundreds of billions of dollars to China by buying their (cheap) products, cutting our own manufacturing throats. We should pass a law that any product sold here in America has to be at least 50% assembled or manufactured here.

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On Trade
With China, Canada, and Mexico being our largest trade partners, it is very clear that trade does not bring friendship. All three of these nations are becoming very hostile to the United States.

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Democrats and the "gay debate"
You know, I don't understand why any of the gays and lesbians are supporting Democrats. Hillary's husband created DOMA and DADT and Bill Richardson thinks being gay is a choice. How stupid.

Free Speech Being Destroyed in America
one of the cornerstones of freedom in America is the freedom of speech. The cornerstone of all the other freedoms, speech has come to mean many things to Americans. Burning the US flag and book burning are two that come immediately to mind and although I do not support burning the flag, I do support book burning, and draft card burning, and bra burning, all as types of speech. So the fact that a guy on the east coast is being arrested for a felony in putting a Koran in the toilet is shocking to me. Where are all the free speech people? The ACLU? If there was ever a case of free speech, this is it, but the poor sap is being charged with felony hate crimes for his attempt at rebellion against what he sees as a dangerous religion. I am absolutely sure that if it was a Bible thrown in the toilet the ACLU would be right there, defending the guy. A sad day when we come to this sort of crap....truly the death of a nation at the hands of the PC police.

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Free Trade
I am now totally against "free trade". These policies are gutting the US industrial and manufacturing base and destroying the US middle class. The only people who are profiting off "free trade" are corporations like Walmart and not the average American. We need to wage all-out war against the elites in this country who are only looking out for themselves, especially voting all incumbents out of office!

Parting Thoughts
All opinions should be heard, but not all opinions should be respected. People who are radical leftists, those that despise their country and their neighbors (especially because of their political beliefs) should not be heard or respected. No one listens to Nazis here in America, nor should these looney leftists be listened too today.

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