Thursday, August 30, 2007

Putting your money where your mouth is

Joining the ACLJ
For 70 years there was no group challenging the ACLU, until the ACLJ was formed in the 1980s. The 1925 "Monkey Trial" argued that evolution should be included as one of several theories that should be taught in school, not just creationism. They didn't say they wanted creationism to be eliminated (at least initially) but that is exactly what has happened over time. Now, no other ideas about how humans developed over time can be taught. Even a sticker, placed in the cover of a biology textbook in Cobb County (Georgia) saying that evolution was a theory and people should keep an open mind when reading the material in the textbook was eliminated because of ACLU efforts. Such totalitarian efforts are unworthy of America and should be fought with every fiber of our being.

The ACLU also defends sex offenders. They fought for convicted pedophiles to have access to parks with children, with no restrictions whatsoever. This case took place in Indiana. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and should be fought against.

I also support the ACLJ because they oppose Planned Parenthood, and here's why: abortion kills twice as many black babies as AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. The initial leader of PP (Margaret Sanger) was a hard-core racist who saw abortion as a way to keep minority groups like blacks under control and today 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. I am against this sort of "black genocide" and will support anti-abortion efforts to my fullest ability.

In typical Nazi style, Sanger believed the theory of evolution provided groups for eliminating the "unfit". In her 1922 book Pivot of Civilization, she advocated the elimination of "weeds...overunning the human garden"; the segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted"; and the sterilization of "genetically inferior races". My younger brother is mentally retarded and this sort of "manifesto" is scary stuff. This is the legacy of abortion, and completely un-American in outlook. These are the reasons why I oppose the ACLU and abortion. Selective targeting of groups should not be allowed to happen and should be opposed by all free peoples and individuals of good conscience.

Joining the ASPCA
I am joining the ASPCA because of Michael Vick. His vile methods of dog fighting and executing dogs using electrocution, drowning, and beating them to death has opened my eyes to the brutality of people vs animals. For just $18 bucks a month you can support your local ASPCA and help animals that are neglected and abused. As a way to fight back against dog-fighting that Vick and his buddies like to engage in, please consider joining your local ASPCA organization today?

Iraq War
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