Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Orleans and Hate Crimes

On New Orleans
You know, HBO was doing a nasty little hatchet job documentary on President Bush over New Orleans on TV tonight. However, one very telling point was when Ray Nagin spoke about his meeting with Bush immediately after Hurricane Katrina. He said he refused to speak to Democratic Governor Blanco, making Bush talk to her in his sted when they were both on Air Force One. Both Nagin and Blanco are Democrats but it appears that Nagin publically supported her Republican rival during the previous election for Governor and she has never forgiven him for that. So the real problem is that even though President Bush gave the Gulf Coast $100 billion dollars in clean up money, the in-fighting between the Governor of the state of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans is what is really keeping progress back. Interesting....

Loser Nagin
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Blanco, not running for governor again (good riddance!)
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Pastors Blast “Hate-Crimes” Bill
Rep. Steve Cohen got an earful this week at the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association. Rep. Cohen, a freshman Democrat, had been invited to speak to 100 pastors about his support for the so-called “hate crimes” bill. Cohen left the meeting complaining, “I was not treated the way a congressman or an elected official or an invited guest should have been treated. …I never expected anything like this.” What so upset Cohen? Simply this: The 100 pastors were African Americans, and they did not want “hate crimes” legislation.

The pastors are concerned, as they should be, that the legislation will stifle their ability to preach the biblical worldview of human sexuality. Dr. LaSimba Gray, pastor of New Sardis Baptist Church, strongly rejected any connection between homosexual rights and civil rights, saying, “In all my 40 years of civil rights work, I’ve never seen a gay water fountain and I’ve never seen a gay entrance to a building. We have a right to be apprehensive about this bill and say it’s not necessary.”

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